Here's some advice I gave to a young entrepreneur who clearly wanted into my Bizar Financing Pro business success training program. He felt the cost was beyond his resources and even the payment plan appeared out of reach. As you read it think about the personal traits and characteristics that produce the most successful among us.

When faced with a challenge of acquiring something desirable and of high value, the ordinary person says to himself; “That’s too much.”  Or, “I can’t afford it.” The successful entrepreneur asks himself; “What can I do to produce the resources to acquire it?”

If you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur, you might consider this shift in thinking. It has served me well over my many years as it has tens of thousands of the entrepreneurs I’ve trained.

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Gordon Bizar

Gordon Bizar - Expert Business Buyer and Finance Coach Gordon simplifies business purchasing and financing. He makes understandable the use of financial leverage to start, buy or build any business with little or none of your own cash. His unique expertise and success track record has led to his appearances on NBC's Today Show, PBS's Late Night America along with segments on more than 120 other radio and TV news and talk shows. He has been featured in articles in more than 25 of the nation’s leading newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. Gordon personally bought and built companies in fields as diverse as manufacturing, financial services and business education. He also served as Chairman of the California Task Force on Taxation and Regulation of Small Business during the Brown administration and is sought after as a consultant by businesses large and small and government agencies such as NASA for their technology transfer program.

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