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Strategic Aggregation is a disruptive business model with a system that enables participating businesses to dominate then eliminate the competition in their marketspace. It is a child of 21st Century technology which automates a level of complexity that would have been impossible just half a decade ago. It allows you to weaponize a strategic advantage over your competition equivalent to a faceoff between your modern day Nimitz Class aircraft carrier and your competitors’ fleet of vintage Revolutionary War top-of-the-line frigates. No matter how many frigates, no matter how well equipped with the most powerful armaments of their time, they simply have no chance. The surrender would be quick and your domination of the sea would be established within moments after your arrival... probably without the loss of a single life on either side.

What Does Strategic Aggregation Do

  • Brings together already successful companies that serve an alike clientele
  • Organizes them around a common mission and marketing theme
  • Orchestrates the cross-marketing of each business’s clientele one to the others
  • Creates a new very highly paid category of human capital to manage the orchestration and the relationships that make orchestration possible
  • Provides the structure, systems, technology, marketing methods and selling tool sets to implement and manage the cross-marketing
  • Disrupts the traditional marketplace producing revenues and profits 5 to 10 times greater for the participating companies than their traditional competition, and
  • Does it with minimal if any implementation capital or behavior changes by the aggregated companies.

How Does Strategic Aggregation Work

  • New Customers
    • When a strategically aggregated business is the recipient of a cross-marketed customer, it shares some of its revenue from that customer with the business that was the source of that cross-marketed customer
    • Over a relatively short period of time, the clientele of each business gradually become the clientele of many if not most of the other businesses
    • Each business multiplies its clientele by some factor of the total number of customers of all the other businesses
  • New Customer Revenues
    • Each business adds as many potential new revenue streams derived from its original customers as there are other participating companies. Revenue from these new streams occur each time its customers are cross-marketed to the products and services of the other participating companies
  • Frontend and Backend Income
    • This creates for each participating business both
      • Earned (frontend) income from new customers buying that business’s core products or services, and
      • Passive (backend) income from existing customers buying the products and services of the other participating businesses
  • Lifetime Value of a Customer
    • The lifetime value of a customer can triple or even quadruple. This enables each participating company to increase its marketing budget significantly higher than its non-aggregated competitors. Every new customer they attract where they become the source of the customer to the strategic aggregation pays for the increased marketing many times over… another source of enhanced market presence and new customers their competition cannot match
  • Not a Competitive Edge… a Competitive Avalanche
    • Backend revenue is passive pure profit that drops right to the participating company’s bottom line
    • Reinvesting that profit back into the company can yield
      • Better customer service
      • Higher quality products
      • Ability to carry more inventory
      • Reduced costs of borrowing
      • Higher paid, better trained, higher competency staff
      • Raving fan customers who generate more viral marketing
      • Reduced costs from economies of scale
      • A growth spiral which accelerates as each addition stimulates the others
  • New Human Capital
    • None of the participating companies want to change the way they traditionally interact with their clientele. So the cross-marketing has to be virtually invisible to their current staff and seamless in its operation
    • This led to the creation of New Class of Human Capital technically referred to as an Integrated Solutions Orchestrator (ISO) and a new set of technologies to support and automate the functions performed by the ISO
    • The ISO and the supporting technologies are paid for from a share of the additional revenues created by Strategic Aggregation
    • Another function of the ISO is the use of proprietary tools embedded in the system. These tools enable the ISO to create and implement the cross-marketing methods and processes with little if any changes in the way participating companies conduct their business
  • New Web Based Technology
    • Web Based Automation Software creates a plug and play platform enabling a transparent system where every participating business
      • Knows which of their clients have been cross-marketed to which product or service provider
      • What the status is of every transaction occurring with their cross-marketed customers
      • What money will be owed to them when the transaction completes
      • The estimated date for the completion of the transaction
      • What date payment will be wire transferred to or from their bank account
      • Conformation that the transaction has completed and the amount and date of the actual bank wire
    • The same Software system enables in real time every customer to
      • Know the status of their transaction
      • When payment is due and how much
      • Register any issues or complaints
      • Know the status and resolution of those issues or complaints
    • The same Software system enables the ISO to
      • Remain apprised of each businesses activities, each cross-marketed customer’s activities and the status of all transactions
      • Create and monitor their interactivity with the client base of each participating company to optimize cross-marketing and the integration of their product and service offerings.
      • Know exactly what revenues are flowing through the system, how much of that revenue will be paid to them and when
    • The same Software system enables system managers to
      • Continually monitor the entire process and produce the enhancements and refinement needed to turn both participating businesses and their customers into raving fans

Businesses Currently Being Strategically Aggregated

  • Business to Business
    • Accountant Partnering System – Products & Services used by businesses to cut costs, increase revenues, reduce taxes, hire better personnel, finance survival or growth, improve efficiency and effectiveness, downsize, scale their business, manage their growth, acquire facilities, etc.
  • Business to Consumer
    • Billionaire Lifestyles – Products and Service Used by High Net Worth, High Income Individuals and Families to protect their assets, increase their income, reduce their taxes, multiply their wealth, facilitate their philanthropy, acquire and manage their lifestyle assets and services, provide for family governance, etc.
    • Relight America Prosperity Centers – Products and Services that Enhance Community Prosperity and Lifestyle used by a diverse cross section of people living within a ten mile radius of each other to elevate their incomes, improve their health and fitness, improve their employment and business opportunities, increase and improve their social network, upgrade their lifestyle, improve community appearance and governance, take charge of own future, etc.

What You Get!

Training and Support for Your New CareerAll the knowledge & support you need to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as an ISO


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Training and Support for Your New Career

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    • 18 hour online VIDEO training
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  • Automated template agreements, forms and research links to speedup negotiations and reduce costs of closing your deal
  • Professional Loan & Investment Packaging Kit to help obtain funding
  • 1 full year of monthly LIVE Interactive Brainstorming, Question Answering, Information Updating Webinars personally conducted by Gordon Bizar featuring the latest strategies & techniques
  • 250+ hour skill enhancing, mind expanding, advantage creating online video Webinar Library
  • Networking & masterminding via the Bizar Financing Members Facebook group
  • AdvisorLine™ Answers to Any Course Related Question via Email, Phone or Online Meeting
  • Everything Wholesale Manual to save $1,000’s every year on business & personal expenses
  • Knowhow & Support to Start, Buy or Expand Your Own Successful Business using Financial Leverage
  • All delivered online at your convenience to your PC, Smartphone or tablet
  • Certificate of Completion (suitable for framing)
  • 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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  • 2 Full Admission Tickets to our next 3-Day LIVE Brainstorming, Barrier Clearing, Question Answering, Results Accelerating, Resource Networking Conference in Los Angeles
  • 1 Hour Private Consultation with Gordon Bizar to help you:
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    • Clear any critical blocks to your success

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APS aggregates business and professional entities that provide products and services to businesses that solve their operational challenges and enhance their growth and profit capabilities. These aggregated business and professional entities are each referred to herein as a Provider. Each Provider is an independent business or professional entity that executes a memorandum of understanding with APS essentially similar to this MOU. Each Provider has agreed according to the terms of its memorandum of understanding to collaborate with Accountant Partnering System in the development and use of an organized system to better serve its Clients while developing additional sales and new revenue streams for its own entity. This collaborative effort along with its business model is referred to herein as a Strategic Aggregation.

The Parties have agreed to collaborate in developing opportunities to enhance the revenue of [PN] and APS using cross-marketing and an operational support program (Program) to increase the sales of [PN]’s products and/or services to Clients outside [PN]’s current Client list and by offering other business’s products and/or services to [PN]’s Client list using APS’s Strategic Aggregation business model. Other types of professional and business entities participating in APS’s Strategic Aggregation include: 1) CPA firms; 2) HR firms; 3) Sales & Marketing firms; 4) Commercial Banks; 5) Private Equity Companies; 6) suppliers of IT products and services; 7) suppliers of investment banking services; 8) suppliers of insurance products and services; and 9) suppliers of a vast array of other products and services helpful for business success. The shared mission of APS and its product and service Providers is to facilitate the Clients of each product and service Provider to become the Client of other product and service Providers.

This agreement between APS and [PN] shall commence on the effective date of this MOU and shall continue unless terminated pursuant to the section headed Termination.


[PN] agrees to apply its “Most Favored Client Pricing” to all Clients introduced to it by APS. Most Favored Client Pricing is defined as the pricing for a product or service calculated on the same basis as the Provider gives to its highest volume or best Clients including any discounts or allowances.


The Parties agree to test the marketing of the Program first to determine various aspects of the Program including responses, client conversion, pricing, use of any payment plans, content and nature of any upsell, down-sell or cross-sell program offered, etc. The Parties intend to use such initial test marketing as a means of refining the model before rollout and accelerated marketing of the Project.


[PN] shall earn, as compensation for its efforts, a percentage of the Contribution Margin generated by the Provider of the product or service as sold pursuant to the MOU. “Contribution Margin” is defined as gross sales price less all variable expenses incurred solely and directly due to the sale of the specific product sold or service performed. Such variable expenses would include actual cost of goods sold or cost of services provided, discounts taken by the Client, allowances given to the Client, merchant account credit card expense applied to the transaction, royalties, compensation or sales commissions paid to a broker or agent, direct costs of collection of delinquent moneys owed, shipping charges, wire transfer charges and other identifiable out of pocket expenses paid to directly facilitate the transaction. Not included would be any general expense whether or not allocated to the transaction such as advertising & marketing costs, costs of product or service research and development, accounting or record keeping costs. Any expense item not permitted by this paragraph as a variable expense is prohibited as a deduction from the gross sales price in calculating Contribution Margin.


[PN] shall use its own billing and collection methods for revenues generated pursuant to the Project. Accountant Partnering System shall have the right to conduct, at its expense and no more than once in any six month period, an audit of Provider’s books and records by an independent accounting firm in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards during regular business hours upon at least five (5) business days’ advance notice. Audits shall be for the purpose of determining whether amounts payable to Accountant Partnering System have been properly calculated and paid. In the event that such an audit reveals any underpayment, [PN] shall reimburse Accountant Partnering System for all underpaid amounts plus a penalty of three percent (3%) of the underpayment. If it reveals an overpayment, then Accountant Partnering System shall either return all overpaid amounts or [PN] at its option can subtract such overpaid amounts from future Contribution Margin share distributions due Accountant Partnering System. If the underpayment is greater than three percent (3%) of the amount payable, [PN] shall also pay the reasonable costs of that audit.

[PN] shall have the right to conduct, at its expense and no more than once in any six month period, an audit of Accountant Partnering System books and records by an independent accounting firm in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards during regular business hours upon at least five (5) business days’ advance notice. Audits shall be for the purpose of determining whether amounts payable to [PN] have been properly calculated and paid. In the event that such an audit reveals any underpayment, Accountant Partnering System shall reimburse [PN] for all underpaid amounts plus a penalty of 3% of the underpayment. If it reveals an overpayment, then [PN] shall either return all overpaid amounts or Accountant Partnering System at its option can subtract such overpaid amounts from future Contribution Margin share distributions due [PN]. If the underpayment is greater than three percent (3%) of the amount payable, Accountant Partnering System shall also pay the reasonable costs of that audit.

Payments due from Accountant Partnering System to [PN] or from [PN] to Accountant Partnering System are based solely on collected funds from the transactions made pursuant to the MOU.

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