Internet based companies are achieving unprecedented growth and profitability literally eating the lunch of their traditional brick & mortar counterparts.

You can jump to the front of this unstoppable wave and share their good fortune by investing in the best of these Rapid Growth, High Cash Flow, High Profit eCommerce Companies.

Learn how others are CASHING IN on the eCommerce business boom… and How YOU CAN TOO!

There are 29 factors that determine the performance of eCommerce companies. Knowledge of these 29 factors permit a reliable prediction of the company’s growth rate, profitability and cash flow over the next twelve to twenty four months. Month-by-month monitoring of these factors permit the timing for investing, reaping and exiting with exceptional accuracy. The right investment strategy and tools minimize any downside risk while optimizing upside gain.

What You Get!

All the knowledge, tools & support you need to create massive cash flow and capital gain from thriving eCommerce companies… all condensed into any easy-to-use reliable system

Complete Jumpstart Learning System & Web Based Automated Tool Kit for Optimizing High Cash Flow Profits

  • Five hours of online VIDEO training
    • Detailed explanation of each of the 29 factors and how to apply them to accurately predict future performance of eCommerce companies
    • Case studies demonstrating the application of the 29 factors using examples of actual companies from start to finish, from how to get in… profit… and get out with more profit
  • Three months of one hour LIVE Interactive Brainstorming, Question Answering, Information Updating Webinars personally conducted by world renowned entrepreneur Gordon Bizar featuring the latest strategies & techniques
  • A skill enhancing, mind expanding, advantage creating online video Library of past webinars
  • Comprehensive eighteen page eWorkbook – keyword searchable
  • Automated Excel spreadsheets for quick & accurate company evaluation, mapping both past and likely future performance with tutorials for easy use
  • Research links to speed up finding and evaluating investment opportunities
  • Connections to other likeminded investors to pool resources and make better buys for even better outcomes
  • Networking, resource sharing & masterminding via a 3-month introductory membership in the eCommerce Investment Club
  • AdvisorLine™ Answers to Any Course Related Question via Email, Phone or Online Meeting
  • The Knowhow & Support to cash in on the eCommerce business boom
    • All delivered online at your convenience to your PC, Smartphone or tablet
  • No Risk 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Plus Bonus!

  • Two Full Admission Tickets to our next 2-Day LIVE Brainstorming, Barrier Clearing, Question Answering, Results Accelerating, Resource Networking Conference in Los Angeles


Did you miss the early days of Microsoft, Apple, Google or Facebook? Don’t miss out again!

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