The Ultimate Addition to Bizar Financing Pro Course and Success System

How to Start, Buy or Build Your Business with Little or No Cash

PIBA is designed to add the highest level of support possible for qualifying members of Bizar Financing Pro

Prior to the Closing of the Acquisition:

  • Gordon Bizar as your business success mentor
  • One-on-one personal guidance
  • 30 minutes per week personal planning and progress meeting
  • Daily access at key points when needed
  • Gordon Bizar as a partner in your company providing you Instant credibility with
    • Sellers,  Investors, Lenders, Stakeholders, Dream Team Partners,  Attorneys, CPA’s
  • Gordon and his team will provide negotiating assistance with
    • Brokers, Sellers, Investors, Lenders, Stakeholders,  Dream Team Partners,  Attorneys, CPA’s
  • Access to Gordon’s Network of Investors
  • Gordon as someone who can step into any part of the acquisition process and just get it done

After the Close of the Acquisition:

  • Connection to the right financing sources
  • Help structuring your company for sale at premium value to a strategic buyer or an IPO
  • Operational know-how to minimize costs, accelerate sales and optimize profits
  • Opportunity to strategically aggregate with Gordon’s other business interests
  • The ability to repeat the acquisition process over and over again

The practical knowledge and tools you need to:

  • Start, Buy or Expand Your Business using Financial Leverage
  • Get financing even if you have no credit or bad credit
  • Quickly overcome lack of experience
  • Eliminate personal risk
  • Make the current economy work for you
  • Create more tax advantaged spendable income
  • Create multigenerational wealth you can enjoy now and then pass on to your children
  • Put yourself above company politics
  • Build your own kingdom, where you’re the boss
  • Get other people working for you
  • Build your own vision instead of someone else’s
  • Start or buy rapid growth, high profit, high cash flow internet businesses
  • Find the easy to finance businesses
  • Save time and money over trying to do this all yourself
  • Have a place to turn when you have questions or face challenges
  • Reduce costly mistakes that put you in conflict with the needs and support of your family
  • Network with other entrepreneurs who have already solved your challenges
  • Gain self-confidence and courage that only comes when you know you know
  • Hone your entrepreneurial skills right on the firing line
  • Expamd your knowledge... expand your options
  • Shorten your timeline to success
  • Avoid hard to see pitfalls
  • Make it happen now

Get this life changing knowledge and support… GET IT ALL for less than the cost of 1 year of college tuition!