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Education Training And Support Cost Comparison

SchoolTotal MBA CostTwo-Year Tuition
1. Columbia$168.307$106,416
2. Pennsylvania (Wharton)$168,000$108,018
3. Stanford$166,812$106,236
4. Chicago (Booth)$165,190$101,800
5. Dartmouth (Tuck)$162,750$101,400
6. MIT (Sloan)$160,378$100,706
7. Harvard$158,800$ 97,200
8. New York (Stern)$157,622$ 94,572
9. Northwestern (Kellogg)$156,990$102,990
10. Yale School of Mgt.$151,982$ 99,800
11. Carnegie Mellon$149,400$105,000
12. UCLA (Anderson)$147,278$ 97,854
13. Berkeley (Haas)$144,746$ 95,274
14. Cornell (Johnson)$142,404$ 98,544
15. Virginia (Darden)$142,000$ 99,000
16. Michigan (Ross)$141,210$107,600
17. Duke (Fuqua)$137,744$ 95,920
18. UNC (Kenan-Flagler)$136,860$ 93,176
19. Emory (Goizueta)$130,280$ 84,800
20. Texas-Austin (McCombs)$127,144$ 90,256

Bizar Financing is Disrupting
Traditional Colleges

Total Cost
Bizar Finance Pro Training and Support System    $    7,500


  Time to CompleteSupport While LearningSupport After LearningSupport While DoingKnowledge Updating Afterwards
Bizar Financing Pro Online6 MonthsYesYesYesYes
MBA by Attending2 YearsYesNoNoNo
MBA by Online Education5 YearsYesNoNoNo
Bizar Financing is Better If You Want to:
  An MBA is Better If You Want to:
Bizar Financing is Better If You Want to:
  • Acquire your own company
  • Reap huge profits and capital gains
  • Cash out wealthy
  • Be an opportunity creator for others
  • Have prestige and power
  • Control your own destiny
  • Have an impressive wall winding around your estate
  • Sit above the company politics as CEO or Chairman of the Board
  • Own the broom that sweeps out others as you make the acquisitions
  • Decide who gets promoted, demoted or replaced among all of the company’s bosses
  • Ride with the changes in technology by acquiring the up trending companies
  • Build your vision
  • Set your own schedule and the schedule of others
  • Invest six months learning and doing the very things that acquire your own business by then or soon thereafter
  An MBA is Better If You Want to:
  • Qualify for a job
  • Earn a good salary, bonus, & fringe benefits
  • Get a pension & a watch
  • Open up great opportunities to work in corporate America
  • Add to your prestige
  • Rely on others… hoping for security
  • Have an impressive certificate hanging on your wall
  • Deal endlessly with company politics and infighting
  • Get swept out with a broom when your company is acquired
  • Get relegated to a do-nothing department when your boss is replaced
  • Lose your job to a change in technology when you’re in your 50’s and too old to easily get a new position of equal stature
  • Build someone elses dream
  • Have others set your work time
  • Invest two years of your life before you see a return