School Total MBA Cost Two-Year Tuition
1. Columbia$168.307$106,416
2. Pennsylvania (Wharton)$168,000$108,018
3. Stanford$166,812$106,236
4. Chicago (Booth)$165,190$101,800
5. Dartmouth (Tuck)$162,750$101,400
6. MIT (Sloan)$160,378$100,706
7. Harvard$158,800$ 97,200
8. New York (Stern)$157,622$ 94,572
9. Northwestern (Kellogg)$156,990$102,990
10. Yale School of Mgt.$151,982$ 99,800
11. Carnegie Mellon$149,400$105,000
12. UCLA (Anderson)$147,278$ 97,854
13. Berkeley (Haas)$144,746$ 95,274
14. Cornell (Johnson)$142,404$ 98,544
15. Virginia (Darden)$142,000$ 99,000
16. Michigan (Ross)$141,210$107,600
17. Duke (Fuqua)$137,744$ 95,920
18. UNC (Kenan-Flagler)$136,860$ 93,176
19. Emory (Goizueta)$130,280$ 84,800
20. Texas-Austin (McCombs)$127,144$ 90,256

Bizar Financing is Disrupting
Traditional Colleges

Total Cost
Bizar Finance Pro Training and Support System    $    7,500


   Time to Complete Support While Learning Support After Learning Support While Doing Knowledge Updating Afterwards
Bizar Financing Pro Online6 MonthsYesYesYesYes
MBA by Attending2 YearsYesNoNoNo
MBA by Online Education5 YearsYesNoNoNo
  • Acquire your own company
  • Reap huge profits and capital gains
  • Cash out wealthy
  • Be an opportunity creator for others
  • Have prestige and power
  • Control your own destiny
  • Have an impressive wall winding around your estate
  • Sit above the company politics as CEO or Chairman of the Board
  • Own the broom that sweeps out others as you make the acquisitions
  • Decide who gets promoted, demoted or replaced among all of the company’s bosses
  • Ride with the changes in technology by acquiring the up trending companies
  • Build your vision
  • Set your own schedule and the schedule of others
  • Invest six months learning and doing the very things that acquire your own business by then or soon thereafter
  • Qualify for a job
  • Earn a good salary, bonus, & fringe benefits
  • Get a pension & a watch
  • Open up great opportunities to work in corporate America
  • Add to your prestige
  • Rely on others… hoping for security
  • Have an impressive certificate hanging on your wall
  • Deal endlessly with company politics and infighting
  • Get swept out with a broom when your company is acquired
  • Get relegated to a do-nothing department when your boss is replaced
  • Lose your job to a change in technology when you’re in your 50’s and too old to easily get a new position of equal stature
  • Build someone elses dream
  • Have others set your work time
  • Invest two years of your life before you see a return