How to Start, Buy or Expand any Business with Little or None of Your Own Cash

The training and support system that has facilitated more entrepreneurs into highly successful business ownership than any other course or support facility anywhere else… ever.

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All the knowledge & support you need to start, buy and expand your own thriving business:

Six Months of Intensive Training and a Full Year of Hands-on Support

  • Complete Jumpstart Learning System & PC Automated Tool Kit
    • 18 hour online VIDEO training
    • 16 hour downloadable AUDIO training
    • Comprehensive 322 page eWorkbook – keyword searchable
    • Automated Excel spreadsheets for quick & accurate business valuation, mapping cash financing sources, deal evaluation, negotiation & closing
  • Automated template agreements, forms and research links to speed up negotiations and reduce costs of closing your deal
  • Professional Loan & Investment Packaging Kit to help obtain funding
  • 1 full year of monthly LIVE Interactive Brainstorming, Question Answering, Information Updating Webinars personally conducted by Gordon Bizar featuring the latest strategies & techniques
  • 250+ hour skill enhancing, mind expanding, advantage creating online video Webinar Library
  • Networking & masterminding via the Bizar Financing Members Facebook group
  • AdvisorLine™ Answers to Any Course Related Question via Email, Phone or Online Meeting
  • Everything Wholesale Manual to save $1,000’s every year on business & personal expenses
  • Knowhow & Support to Start, Buy or Expand Your Own Successful Business using Financial Leverage
  • All delivered online at your convenience to your PC, Smartphone or tablet
  • Certificate of Completion (suitable for framing)
  • 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Plus Bonuses!

  • 2 Full Admission Tickets to our next 3-Day LIVE Brainstorming, Barrier Clearing, Question Answering, Results Accelerating, Resource Networking Conference in Los Angeles
  • 1 Hour Private Consultation with Gordon Bizar to help you:
    • Get started quickly on the right path for you
    • Clear any critical blocks to your success

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