Crippled Buyers Means Desperate Sellers

I recently received the "Financial Meltdown" related question below from a Bizar Financing graduate. It is followed by my answer.

Q. With the massive changes in the banking and credit industry, will it be possible to get bank financing with no cash out of pocket?

A. It's a good bet that it will be more difficult to bank finance any type of transaction. Fortunately most of the no cash financings in Bizar Financing do not use bank financing. The current economic realities means sellers have no choice but to be extremely flexible if they want to sell their business. As a Bizar Financing grad, you are well equipped to make a creative offer that the seller can expect. This is a time to review Bizar Financing Pro Sections A3, G, H and M.

Section A3 will reacquaint you with the four personality styles and how to best communicate with them. Section H will then reacquaint you with the how to negotiate for the result you want.

Section G will reacquaint you with all 114 sources and methods of funding a business acquisition so that you do not have to rely on bank financing. Any loan that a bank would make, a private investor will make if the return is strong enough and if the risk is low or none existent. For example, you can structure the swing loan from a private investor to be just as risk free as the swing loan was for the bank.

Section M will reacquaint you through case study examples with the myriad of ways businesses have been purchased without bank financing.

Tough times only screen out the meek and unknowledgeable. Those with courage and the kind of know-how embodied in Bizar Financing use the uncertainty to gain advantage while others are paralyzed. It is the seller who is most disadvantaged because the current market cripples most buyers while the need to sell grows unabated.

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