How to Get All the Cash You Need to Start, Buy or Expand any Business

The training, tools and support system that has enabled more entrepreneurs to fund the startup, acquisition, or expansion or their own business than any other course, tool set and support system anywhere else… ever!

Big businesses know how to package their funding requests to overcome lender and investor fears of business and economic uncertainty. Now you can too! Apply for funding like a professional. GET RESULTS!

What You Get!

All the knowledge, tools & support you need to fund the startup, acquisition, or expansion of your own thriving business contained in our Complete Jumpstart Learning and Implementations System

  • Professional Loan & Investment Packaging that you can easily complete yourself
  • Expert guidance to low-cost liberal-terms funding sources who like your industry
  • Comprehensive Power-Packed “Get the Cash” three eManual System – keyword searchable – featuring online VIDEO training guiding you every step of the way
    • Loan/Investment Packaging Manual gives you the complete step-by-step instructions that are getting quick surefire results for thousands of entrepreneurs just like you
      • Determine the best type of financing for your need
      • Identify and use our links to the best sources for each type of funding
      • Use best methods for approaching each source to maximize their interest in your deal
      • What to do to create your loan/investment package
        • How to do it… What to include… What not to include
      • Essential timing of when to submit what
      • How to frame and position your presentation for more favorable consideration
      • How to absolutely overcome the most common reason lenders and investors say NO
      • Understanding the lender’s or investor’s rule book and how to finesse it
      • How to negotiate the best terms and conditions
      • How to limit or eliminate personal guarantees
      • How to limit or eliminate cash out-of-pocket for attorney, CPA and appraiser fees
      • Much, much more…
    • Sample Loan/Investment Package shows you what a results getting Funding Package should look like before you present it to your lender or investor – a model for your success.
    • Loan/Investment Packaging Forms is a funding package template that lets you simply type in the blanks with the information that tailors your funding package specifically for your business and your lender or investor. These forms are in Microsoft Word and Excel so your PC will do the heavy lifting. You just roundup the facts and figures.
  • Excel Fully Automated Financial Projection and Business Valuation Tools
    • 11 Year Sales and Profit Forecast that can excite lenders and investors and impresses them with your professionalism
    • Cash Flow Analysis that shows lenders exactly how and when the debt gets repaid
    • Business Valuation for projecting Return on Investment (ROI) for investors
    • Critical Financial Ratio tracking and comparing your operating performance ratios to the benchmark ratios of your industry. If you don’t do this, your banker will on their own. Now you have the opportunity to frame the results in a manner more favorable to you
  • Easy delivery of the entire package to lenders or investors by email attachment or upload to dropbox or their website
  • Monthly LIVE Interactive Brainstorming, Question Answering, Information Updating Webinars personally conducted by Gordon Bizar featuring the latest strategies & techniques
  • Hours of skill enhancing, mind expanding, advantage creating online video Webinar Library
  • Networking & masterminding via the Bizar Financing Loan/Investment Packaging Members Facebook group
  • AdvisorLine™ answers to any course related question via email, phone or online meeting
  • All delivered online at your convenience to your PC, Smartphone or tablet
  • Risk eliminating 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Plus Bonuses!

  • Thirty Minute Private Consultation with Gordon Bizar to help you:
    • Get started quickly on the right path for you
    • Clear any critical blocks to your success
    • Get answers to confidential questions

Where else can you get this level of a comprehensive proven results-getting system? Nowhere else! It only exists here. So get your business properly financed right now.

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Summary of Benefits of our Complete System…

  • Get your business funded in 30 days or less with the full amount of financing you deserve
    • Even from sources that have already turned you down
  • Professional Loan & Investment Packaging that you can easily complete yourself
  • Easy to use, no math skills required, just enter info, your PC does the heavy lifting
  • Quickly identify the best type of funding with the lowest possible cost & most favorable terms
  • Applicable for financings from $100,000 to $10,000,000 & more
  • Learn the secrets for gaining lender’s and investor’s preferential treatment
  • Get your funding request to the top-of-the-pile for priority consideration
  • Present yourself & your company in the best possible light
  • Get authoritative answers to all of your financing questions
  • Eliminates consulting, loan packaging & other expensive professional fees
  • Nothing falls between the cracks
  • The entire package is deliverable by email attachment directly to your lender or investor
  • Risk-free 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee
  • Get expert knowhow & support to get business loans & equity financing… right now

Steve Vito started a graphics design company in Los Angeles, California.

“Gordon’s loan package… when I first started out, I followed it and that package helped me get a line of credit for a company that had no history.”

Jim Mason bought a chemical laboratory business with virtually no cash or assets of his own.

“Gordon’s loan package enabled me to get both an investor and a bank loan. The lender reviewed the package while I was still in his office… reached out his right hand saying, he’d be please to fund my loan."

Isn't it time to get all the money you need to start, buy or expand your own successful business? Will there ever be a better time? So get your business properly funded right now.

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