Is your business venture in a good position to qualify for venture capital?

Like the rest of the economy,  Venture Capital firms have been relatively lethargic since the bubble burst in late 2007. If you weren't the next Google or Facebook, VC money has been hard to come by.

The good news is Venture Capitalists have finally become optimistic about growth in the general economy and highly optimistic about growth in the Retailing/Distribution sector. The bad news is lackluster investment growth in the Financial Services and Medical Devices & Equipment sectors; not to mention a significant pullback on investment in the Networking & Equipment sector.  Nationwide, VC’s invested $29.5 billion in all sectors in 2013.  In the first quarter of 2014, VC’s invested $9.5 billion up $3.5 billion (57%) from the $6 billion first quarter of 2013.

Why does it matter? Venture capitalists tend to make their decisions with one eye on the road ahead and the other eye on the rear view mirror. If you know the industries where they have achieved the most success, you have some insight as to where they are open to make new investments. If you’re looking to start or acquire a business, this is also an indicator for where to aim your guns.

.                          TOTAL VC INVESTMENT*  USD $ (000,000)
.                                                                                                         Qtr 1
INDUSTRY                              YEAR 2013    Qtr 1 2013    Qtr 1 2014      % Delta

Biotechnology                            4,655             871            1,062           22%
Business Products & Services         218               27                 86         222%
Computers & Peripherals               517               68              188           176%
Consumer Products/Services      1,259              366              525            44%
Electronics/Instrumentation         326                73                78              7%
Financial Services                        566                71               269           278%
Healthcare Services                     193                22                 77           245%
Industrial Energy                       1,491              218               518           138%
IT Services                                1,965              258               816           215%
Media & Entertainment              2,963             534               743             39%
Medical Devices/Equipment       2,102              562               588              5%
Networking & Equipment              673              376                 21           -95%
Other                                            98                11                   3           -75%
Retailing/Distribution                  237                17                251        1,338%
Semiconductors                           601              142                172             21%
Software                                11,074            2,333             4,009            72%
Telecommunications.                  644                 63                 63              0%
Grand Total                            29,508           6,014             9,469            57%

*Represents only the value of deals where the purchase price was disclosed.

Business sectors which should be hot for 2014:
Retailing/Distribution                up 1,338%
Financial Services                      up   278%
Healthcare Services                   up   245%
Business Products & Services      up   222%
IT Services                                 up   215%

The Software sector while up only 72% is still more than a safe bet. The reason? It’s huge. It represents 42% of all the 1st quarter 2014 capital investment by VC firms.

Business sectors experiencing a pullback in VC investment:
Networking & Equipment        down 95%
Other                                     down 75%

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Gordon Bizar

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