Above is an eight minute video blog that I believe can elevate forever the way you see yourself. Equally important, it provides you with a pathway to an unimaginable level of business success. Below is the text of a key portion of the video blog. It's the set of instructions that can propel you from ordinary to the extraordinary.

FIRST: Discover the master theme of your life for which you and you alone are uniquely qualified, for which you alone are the keeper and guardian of the vision.

SECOND: Fully incorporate into your every thought and action the First Law of Mutual Exchange.

First Law of Mutual Exchange:

"PEOPLE have EVERYTHING YOU WANT and they will GIVE YOU what you want if you GIVE THEM what THEY WANT."

This law applies to everything…money, power possessions, sex, friendship, loyalty, honor, glory…everything.

Such is the Law of Mutual Exchange. It is a natural law. It operates 24/7. There are short-term aberrations. But, there are no long-term exceptions.

The world progresses on the basis of mutual exchange and is perverted by the paradigm of criminal behavior which simply stated is: "I WANT. YOU HAVE. I TAKE." If you try to build a business based on this paradigm, you are building a criminal enterprise doomed to failure. To reach your HIGHEST level of LONG-TERM success, you must expunge any aspect of this paradigm from your business enterprise. Giving your customers, suppliers, employees, partners and investors fair exchange is essential to developing the long-term relationships that success requires.

THIRD: Learn the strategies, techniques, methods and secretes of entrepreneurial success available to you as my apprentice. Equip yourself with the contacts, tools, and other resources available to you through this website.

FOURTH: JUST DO IT! Take action. Don’t take "NO" for an answer. Persist towards your vision no matter the obstacle, no matter what others may think or say, and no matter the setback.

If your vision is small or modest, it will be slow in coming, for who will be motivated to help you if the win for them is modest or small? But, if your vision is grand and inspiring, the world will speed its resources to your aid as people of power seek to participate in your win.

- Gordon Bizar -

Gordon Bizar

Gordon Bizar - Expert Business Buyer and Finance Coach Gordon simplifies business purchasing and financing. He makes understandable the use of financial leverage to start, buy or build any business with little or none of your own cash. His unique expertise and success track record has led to his appearances on NBC's Today Show, PBS's Late Night America along with segments on more than 120 other radio and TV news and talk shows. He has been featured in articles in more than 25 of the nation’s leading newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. Gordon personally bought and built companies in fields as diverse as manufacturing, financial services and business education. He also served as Chairman of the California Task Force on Taxation and Regulation of Small Business during the Brown administration and is sought after as a consultant by businesses large and small and government agencies such as NASA for their technology transfer program.

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