With the right Bizar Financing source, it is more likely that you will get it than not.


Imagine you have a hot new product on your hands. And, you know if you take it to Walmart, you can sell 3 million of them in the next 5 months. In order to produce that huge quantity and meet the price Walmart will pay for them, you know you will have to get it manufactured in China. But you’re a savvy business person. You’ve been here before. You were at the front of the last big craze. But you missed the boat because when you went to Beijing, every manufacturer you spoke to (even the ones who could understand you) would not bite because they did not have sufficient operating capital to support that large of an order.


Well not this time. Enter Surge Capital. They will provide the operating capital direct to the foreign manufacturer and collect their money from the retailer’s payment in 90 to 120 days.


Bizar Financing members can go to the Research Center page on this website and scroll down to the heading “Purchase Order Finance” where you will find a link to the company’s website.


Interestingly, it is not your credit rating that matters. What matters is the credit worthiness of the foreign manufacturer and your retailer. Choose well grasshopper. Then turn your umbrella upside down and let it fill with pennies (or C-notes) from heaven.

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