What great opportunities and possible disasters does 2018 hold in store for us? Conflicting predictions by the world's leading experts abound. Confusion and misdirection reign. Read on and in the next 5 minutes I will debunk most of what you fear and some of you hope may be true.

What the Experts Predict for 2018

  •   The stock market will surge…
  •   The stock market will collapse…
  •   Home sales will double…
  •   Home sales will slump…
  •   The US economy will soar…
  •   The US economy will decline…
  •   A major US city will be attacked with biological or nuclear terrorism…
  •   Fear of terrorism will subside as US finishes year with no major terror events…

Choose your forecaster and you can look forward to an array of multiple contradictory combinations of outcomes. Your choice is apt to be colored by whether you tend to be optimistic or pessimistic. If you are like the majority of people, you tend to be optimistic about your own future and pessimistic about the future of society, the nation and the rest of the world.

What's more, a forecaster is only noticed when they go to an extreme. If the expert wants to sell their ideas (to a constituency for money), by definition they cannot be realistic or middle of the road. The more fear they strike, the more they sell. The rosier they color the road ahead, the more special interests they serve.

A Dose of Reality

The things that really change our individual lives for better or worse tend to have little to do with somethings over which we have little or no personal control. Rather it’s about how we interpret change (while it’s occurring) and how adept we are at seeing and seizing opportunities which usually abound as a byproduct of the change. Some people prospered substantially during the First World War, the Great Depression, the Second World War, the Malaise, and the relatively recent Great Recession. While some people were making fortunes during the double digit growth period of the real estate and eCommerce bubbles, filings for bankruptcy also remained prolific.

While anything is possible, neither doom nor nirvana is likely in 2018. What’s more is even in the unlikely event that either occurs, you are still in control of you.

The message here is do not get caught up in the numerous predictions of doom and gloom or those that herald the coming of nirvana.

Instead, just ask yourself these 15 key questions:
  1.   What (of the things I have an interest in) is trending up?
  2.   How long has it been trending up?
  3.   Why?
  4.   What is driving the uptrend?
  5.   How much longer will it be likely to uptrend?
  6.   What will benefit from the uptrend?
  7.   How can I capitalize on what will benefit from the uptrend?
  8.   What’s my plan?
  9.   Who should I line up as supporters, partners and stakeholders?
  10.   Who can I get to back my play?
  11.   Can I get in quickly enough and cost effectively enough to capitalize on the uptrend?
  12.   What signals do I look for that the uptrend may be subsiding or reversing?
  13.   What is my exit (escape) plan when the trend subsides or reverses?
  14.   How do I measure success?
  15.   When I reach my measure of success am I willing to get out leaving some of the uptrend profit on the table? (The wrong answer here is what causes most winners to end up losers.)

Gordon Bizar’s Advice for 2018…

  •   Don’t buy into the purveyors of predictions
  •   Trust in your own judgement about things that you know
  •   Rely on your own vision to find the opportunities which abound in the ever changing world around us
  •   Answer the questions set forth above to make change work for you
  •   Utilize the strategies, methods and techniques you have already learned in Bizar Financing to implement the outcome you seek

Do this and 2018 will be a prosperous year for you.

PS It is worthwhile to note that an uptrend in the failure rate of a formally successful business type or model is in itself an opportunity. At this moment, there is a uptrend in the number of shopping malls and big box stores that are becoming vacant and abandoned. At National Diversified Funding Corporation we see this as an opportunity for re-purposing those vacant and abandoned buildings using strategic aggregation.

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