No Green Card? No Problem!

Just because the cards are all stacked against you doesn’t mean you can’t prosper.


In the US on a student visa from Ghana, Zak Senanu could not be legally employed. Zak found himself in dire need of more money for college and living expenses, but didn’t want to do anything illegal.


Zak tripped over a Bizar Financing home study course that had been purchased a year prior by his American sponsor. He learned how to form a corporation for which no green card or ID of any kind is required.


Taking other strategies and techniques from the course, he then pooled about $1,100 with four other exchange students and divided up the shares of stock in the new corporation two-sixths to himself and one sixth to each of the other four contributors.


Zak then attended a trade school class on estimating and bidding house painting jobs. Each week he would teach the others what he had learned. Each of the five exchange students knocked on doors in their neighborhoods, soliciting painting work on behalf of their corporation. Acting for the corporation, Zak would then hire experienced (US citizen) painters to actually do the work.


Customer deposits and down payments were used to purchase paint and supplies. Painters were paid after the work was done and the balance due collected from the customer. The profits were split between the exchange students based upon their percentage ownership in the corporation and fully paid for their education and a style of living better than most US college students.


This would be a great story if it ended here. But, some of the best is yet to come. Zak’s four co-owners were anxious to return to their own countries after graduation. Zak used our Internally Generated Buyout strategy, where the corporation purchased the co-owners’ shares for little more then the cost of their airfare home in cash, and a note for one year’s profit share, payable over three years. Zak, now the only owner, overstayed his student visa, but never heard from the government so he just kept on building his corporation.


He went on to build a national company, hiring and training college students to paint houses as a means of earning a good income while in college. Last year the company painted more than 20,000 homes earning gross revenue in excess of $60 million and net after-tax profits exceeding $4 million.


Zak’s immigration status is still “illegal alien” otherwise we would have shared more of the details including his real name. No Federal or state law prohibits an “illegal alien” from forming and owning all or a portion of a US corporation or buying all or a portion of an existing one.

Gordon Bizar

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