Why Gordon Personally Coaches Entrepreneurs

Gordon Bizar is a very successful entrepreneur. So, a question Gordon is often asked is… why does he mentor aspiring entrepreneurs for a fraction of the value of his time? And here is the answer that he says resonates in his soul.

When Gordon was 23 years of age, two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world were John Paul Getty and Howard Hughes. He wrote each of them a letter asking if they would be willing to be his mentor and from time-to-time provide him guidance and advice. Needless to say, he never heard from either one of them. In his disappointment, Gordon resolved that if he ever became a business mogul himself, he would find a way to share his know-how with budding entrepreneurs looking to build their own business empires. In 1980, after he had masterfully bought and sold his first several companies for millions in profit, he founded Bizar Financing and has been an acclaimed business guru ever since. In some quarters, he is even known as Mr. Leveraged Buyout or Mr. LBO for short.

In fact, since then, he has become a personal guru to more than 300,000 up and coming entrepreneurs throughout the United States and in 22 foreign countries. Since entrepreneurs are the leading source of job creation and the development of new products and services, through his graduates, Gordon has touched the lives of millions more.

Over the years, as consultant and coach, Gordon has contributed to the growth and expansion of more than 2,800 companies whose combined profits range into the hundreds of millions. While Gordon has made most of his fortune in other business ventures of his own, Bizar Financing remains the most emotionally gratifying business of all his enterprises. He actually looks forward to sharing his knowledge, his insights and his high-level contacts with those entrepreneurs who seek him out. He then encourages each of them to absorb all they can and use it for the betterment of not only themselves, but for all of those whose lives they touch.

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