Who is your customer? What is their income level? Age? Gender? Family status? Race? National origin? Industry & Occupation? How many and where do they live? Trends over time? These are just some of the elements that form the basis of evaluating the marketplace you intend to master. When starting, buying or expanding any business, knowing the demographics of your market is essential to success.

I mean, come on... How are you going to target them if you don't know who they are and why they buy?

In researching a project for one of our members, I came across a website that I believe is an invaluable resource. It is I get excited anytime I find a resource that can make an arduous analytical or investigative process easier. provides free unlimited access to US Census Data. Use of this site will enable you to perform quick accurate market analysis in an easy-to-use web environment. You will be asked to sign up but there are no charges for their services. They appear to make their money from banner ads and providing links to other demographic resources that do charge for more advanced services. In most cases, the free services are all you need.

You will be able to access summary, comparison and ranking demographic reports for all available US geographies (by state, county, city or town, right down to specific zip codes), view reports that break down the various demographic elements you are looking for and convert them to Excel spreadsheets or Word documents. This feature alone is worth its weight in gold because once you have the data captured in these two formats, you can then repackage it for your own analysis and needs.

The site contains one all-inclusive dataset with the most useful subset of variables from 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010 censuses. You can create custom reports for almost any US geographical location in seconds right down to the zip code.

Check it out for yourself and then bookmark it for future use.

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Gordon Bizar

Gordon Bizar - Expert Business Buyer and Finance Coach Gordon simplifies business purchasing and financing. He makes understandable the use of financial leverage to start, buy or build any business with little or none of your own cash. His unique expertise and success track record has led to his appearances on NBC's Today Show, PBS's Late Night America along with segments on more than 120 other radio and TV news and talk shows. He has been featured in articles in more than 25 of the nation’s leading newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. Gordon personally bought and built companies in fields as diverse as manufacturing, financial services and business education. He also served as Chairman of the California Task Force on Taxation and Regulation of Small Business during the Brown administration and is sought after as a consultant by businesses large and small and government agencies such as NASA for their technology transfer program.

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