asset-based lenders

what they finance... where to find them... get the money... close the deal...

Here is what you will learn:

  1. Asset-Based lenders, what they finance and where to find them.
  2. How to properly qualify for your asset-based loan.
  3. How to navigate the lender’s “skin in the game” rule.
  4. How to make the double escrow technique work for you.
  5. How to use Bridge Loans and Transaction Loans to complete your financing.
  6. How to keep shopping for credit from triggering multiple inquiries that lower your credit score.
Regulation and Red Tape

Getting Government Regulators Off Your Back

Nothing frustrates a business owner more than an inspection by a government regulator, especially where the written report finds significant violations of hard to understand...
Close up of business woman drawing question mark


Every week I receive more than a dozen requests for a personal meeting. Despite my current work week of about 70 hours, it is no...