optimize your post-COVID19 business acquisition strategy

Candid Conversation with Gordon Bizar, plus Q&A

Some of What You Will Learn:

  • Effects of The Presidential Election on Business Acquisition
    • Why who wins the Presidential Election may not matter
    • Strategies for success no mater who wins, no matter what
    • Likely trends if Trump wins
    • Likely trends if Biden wins
  • How Government Policy Is Affecting Business Acquisition
    • Government flooding the economy with liquidity – CASH
    • How to get that cash given to others into your business
    • How Fed quantitative easing is an ally to the leveraged buyout buyer
    • Why heavy borrowing now can be smart money management
  • How To Invest Your Time Between Now and the November 3rd Election
  • Prospering During Periods of Uncertainty
    • Planning during uncertainty
    • How uncertainty is the friend of the creative entrepreneur
    • Why it’s easier now to find deals
  • Trends and Your Ability to Prosper as an Entrepreneur
    • Trends accelerated by the pandemic
    • Remote Working and Technology
  • The Current COVID19 Environment
    • What companies are benefiting
    • What companies are being hurt
    • What companies are dying
  • New Disruptive Business Models (DBM’s) Required for Future Success
    • Use of DBM’s to annihilate competition and make paying for your acquisition easier
    • For example – Strategic Aggregation.
    • Using ScaleForce™ as a savvy business buyer
  • Effects on Employment of $600/Week from Feds
    • Small Busines could not hire qualified employees
  • Case Study of Cinderblock Manufacturing Company Acquisition Which Had Obsolete Production Equipment
  • Opportunities in “Zombie” Companies
  • Building Your Dream Team for Credibility with Sellers, Lenders, & Investors
  • Using Non-Circumvention Agreements (NCO’s) to Bring Countervailing Loser Companies Together as a Winner for You
  • Offshoring to Save Taxes – Puerto Rico Is Still US, But Federal Income Tax Rate Is Only 4%




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