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The practical knowledge you need to:

  • Start, Buy or Expand Your Business using Financial Leverage
  • Get financing even if you have no credit or even bad credit
  • Quickly overcome lack of experience
  • Eliminate personal risk
  • Make the current economy work for you
  • Make it happen now.


  • 42-Hours online Video Training – 24/7 Access from any device
    • 2-hour compact training course
    • 40-hour expansive webinar library
  • Step-by-step case study examples
  • Graphic illustrations to jumpstart learning
  • 2- Hour Downloadable Audio Training
    • Listen, learn & reinforce while commuting or relaxing
  • Detailed Downloadable Study Guide
  • Monthly Live Webinar Support to answer your questions
  • 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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What other members say:

  • "Crisp. Clear. Organized. Colorful. Motivating."
    • Randal Henzlik, Real Estate Sales Director, Chicago
  • "Provides a plan and proves it can be done by anyone."
    • Robert Michard, Software Company Owner, St. Louis
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Regulation and Red Tape

Getting Government Regulators Off Your Back

Nothing frustrates a business owner more than an inspection by a government regulator, especially where the written report finds significant violations of hard to understand...
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Every week I receive more than a dozen requests for a personal meeting. Despite my current work week of about 70 hours, it is no...