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Use Your Bizar Financing Tools to Find Financing... Especially the Research Center

Finance by Type & Source - Contents

  1. Purchase Order & Accounts Receivable Funding
  2. Credit Card Sales
  3. Credit Insurers
  4. Crowd Funding
  5. Government Loans & Grants
  6. Investment Bankers
  7. Mezzanine and PIK Lenders
  8. Private Equity Companies
  9. Real Estate Mortgages
  10. Unsecured Business Loans
  11. Unsecured Start-up Loans
  12. Venture Capital
  13. Banks
  14. Credit Unions
  15. Family Offices
    1. Top 61 Larges Family Offices
  16. Managed Funds

What is a Good Deal?

  1. How to Find Them
    1. Strong EBITDA
    2. Financeable Assets
    3. Growth Potential
  2. How to Make Them
  3. Vertical Integration
  4. Horizontal Consolidation
  5. Financeable Assets
  6. Growth Potential

Raising Your Sights

  1. Bigger is better
  2. Bigger is easier
  3. Bigger is more fun
  4. Bigger is more rewarding

You are an Entrepreneur

  1. Leverage yourself through other people
  2. The only limit is your own vision
  3. Be confident that you can do it – Bizar Financing is here to help

Sources of Companies to Acquire

  1. Retiring Boomers
  2. Spinoffs
  3. Unique Ops

Key Strategy

Buy, Consolidate, Shed Overhead, Retain Customers… Repeat

July 14, 2021 - No Acquisition is Too Big with a "Top Tier" Dream Team


Build Your "Top Tier Acquisition "DREAM TEAM" with NO CASH – Get the "STAR POWER" You Need to RAISE CAPITAL and CLOSE YOUR DEAL

In this Webinar, You Will Learn in Detail:

How to build your "Top Tier" Dream Team from start to finish

  1. How and were to find star power candidates for each position...
    • CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO... Directors, Chairman, and more
  2. How to contact them
  3. What to communicate to them that excites them to join with you
  4. What to ask them for
  5. When to say what
  6. What not to say... ever
  7. How to organize and set up your recruiting interviews
  8. How to screen and rate each candidate
  9. How to keep control of the process
  10. How to build up your confidence and command respect
  11. How to get your yes

With This Webinar, You Get:

Templates and Samples

  1. Attention grabbing, motivating emails for initial contact and follow-up
  2. Telephone scripts that put you in control of each phone conversation
  3. Powerful questions to ask during interviews that reveal the truth about each candidate
  4. Neurolinguistic phrases and sentences that precondition your candidates thinking and decision making
  5. A rating system that helps quickly identify your best candidates
  6. Conversation enders and candidate sign-on closes

Result You Will be Able to Achieve:

  1. A winning team of top executives and board members
  2. Nominal out of pocket cost until after your acquisition is done any your company is funded
  3. Credibility and respect from investors, lenders, sellers and brokers
  4. A faster route to getting funding and close your acquisitions
  5. High powered advisors anxious to help you get your deals done

DOWNLOAD - Complete "Build Your Dream Team" Instructions, Scripts, Templates, and Samples

June 9, 2021 - Avoiding the Latest Business Broker GOTCHA


Complete Review of the Sinister New Business Broker's "You Can't Sue Me" Agreement

Follow along with Gordon as he takes apart this new "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose" business broker's agreement that is literally a license to defraud you... and make you pay them for it.

Perhaps more importantly, you will learn how to analyze these agreements for yourself, so that others can not take advantage of you.

Eight Fatal Provisions to Change or Delete 

  1. Definitions that create a one-sided agreement in favor of the broker & Seller and stack the deck against you
  2. Non-circumvention for you but not for them
  3. Term & Auto Renewal that becomes a forever agreement
  4. No liability by broker even if they deceive you
  5. You guarantee and pay broker's fees if seller does not
  6. You promise not to sue broker or their "in-cahoots to get you" affiliate
  7. You pay to defend broker and hold them harmless, no matter the claim against them by your lenders, investors or your other stakeholders
  8. Waiver & indemnification for them but not for you

How broker aligns with "Packaging" company that hypes financials to deceive buyers.

Street-savvy way to beat the business broker's draconian NDA -  You Can't Sue Me Agreement

Handout download will be inserted here when ready.





The Bing Crosby Case Study has been updated and expanded. Gordon dives into the details with a step-by-step illustration of exactly how Crosby used his celebrity voice to take control of Minute Maid without paying a dime from his own pocket in investment or taxes.

Learn how you can leverage this knowhow into ownership of major companies for yourself and your family. Learn about Basil F. Grillo, the genius who made it happen for Bing Crosby, and how you can duplicate his role for other celebrity icons who NEED YOU to make them super wealthy.

You can leverage the need of the rich and famous to be richer and more famous. You will literally hold the key to the greatest wealth creating strategy they need to achieve icon status.

Gordon will lead you through each step, explain in detail how to do them, and energize you with the will to be unstoppable.

Be prepared to think bigger, do bigger, and live bigger.

Handout download will be inserted here when ready.



The Magic and Power of Thinking Big

Gordon constructs before your very eyes your personal pathway to limitless business success. Packed with the key information you need to succeed at the highest level, you are sure to leave this session enlightened and hyper motivated. This is a must experience Bizar Financing Pro webinar. Be prepared to envision your destiny and achieve it.

Learn how history's business icons parleyed their uniqueness into greatness. And, most importantly... how you can too!

Your Six Most Important Early Steps:

  1. Envision your outcome
  2. Reverse engineer
  3. Structure your beginning
  4. Define your process
  5. Build your tools
  6. Launch

Gordon will lead you through each step, explain in detail how to do them, and energize you with the will to be unstoppable.

Be prepared to think bigger, do bigger, and live bigger.

PLUS Download Handout

March 10, 2021 - Learning from Today's Deal Closers – EDITED –

How to Find & Close your business acquisition... NOW


Brian Lewis, Fledgling Business Empire Builder

Gordon interviews Brian Lewis after closing his second successful acquisition in less than 6 months. This is a must see Bizar Financing Pro webinar. It dives deep into the “How to’s” that enabled Brian to accomplish this without using his own cash.

Brian generously reveals exactly how he did it and how you can too. He discusses the Bizar Financing techniques and methods he used plus a few nuanced techniques of his own.

Learn how Brian:

  1. Finds his opportunities
  2. Finds his investors and lenders
  3. Sells the sellers on selling to him
  4. Makes the acquired company more profitable
  5. Manages his young but growing enterprise

Brian also discusses his next acquisition target, a trucking company with 12 trucks and 49 trailers.

Gordon shares with Brian, for all to hear, the masterful “no cash” strategies, techniques and methods used by another Bizar Financing trucking company buyer. Included in the conversation, Gordon reveals how the structure of the purchase insured that the trucking company would run much more profitably than when it was owned by the seller.

Brian was especially grateful for this valuable mind-expanding knowledge. He believes he is now empowered to close this acquisition with a superior method to anything he has yet contemplated.

During the session, Brian asks Gordon whether he should continue buying business opportunities that just show up, or should he focus on a particular field or industry. Gordon’s answer set him on new path. It is an answer you must hear for yourself.

Brian also shares how he is building an organization to manage the growth of his fledgling business empire. During the discussion, Gordon reveals secrets of his own that enabled him to drive the growth and management of his own businesses.

February 10, 2021 - Mastering 2021 Business Opportunities – EDITED –


Optimize Your Opportunites


Business Acquisition

  1. Finding good companies
  2. Minimizing cash expenses
  3. Valuation
  4. Negotiation

Economic Outlook Post COVID

  1. What and where are the opportunities
  2. Timing
  3. What business to avoid
  4. Finance for acquisitions & growth

Special Questions and Answers

  • What are the 3 Best Sources of Great Companies for Sale?
    • How to Use Them Effectively?
  • What is the best end-to-end post COVID business growth strategy?

PLUS Links to Top 400 CPA Firms

January 13, 2021 - Mastering 2021 Business Opportunities – EDITED –

Pitfalls and Sand Traps to Avoid


Factors that Can Make or Break Your Business Acquisition or Operations

  1. Government Policies
  2. National Movements
  3. Economic Trends
  4. Demographic Trends

Sorting Out the Applicable

  1. Facts
  2. Opinions
  3. Uncertainties
  4. Policies
  5. Movements
  6. Trends

Agenda - Questions Answered

  1. Should I buy or start a business now?
  2. Can I get financing? From whom?
  3. What businesses will be winners?
  4. Which will be losers?
  5. How to keep big tech friendly to your business?
  6. How to grow sales in the current environment?
  7. Where are the opportunities?
  8. How to take action… today!

Plus Q&A

Plus Downloadable Handout

December 9, 2020 - Essentials Success Story – Millionaire in 30-Days – EDITED –

Learn how Brian Lewis did it…. and how YOU CAN TOO!


First Purchase – $3,000,000 Real Estate Acquisition Company

Second Purchase – $3,500,000 Oil Company

Brian Lewis tell how he bought the $3,000,000 Real Estate Acquisition Company using the techniques he learned from Bizar Financing Essentials.

Brian describes the purchase from beginning to end highlighting each of the techniques he used… including 100% funding for both deals.

For both acquisitions, Brian reveals:

  1. His humble beginnings
  2. How he prepared himself for success
  3. How he found both businesses
  4. How he built his cosmic bond with the sellers
  5. How he valued the companies
  6. How he negotiated with the sellers
  7. Where and how he got his 100% funding
  8. How he structured the transactions
  9. How he closed the first deal and is about to close the second
  10. What he learned from Essentials that gives him confidence going forward
  11. How he expects Bizar Financing Pro to expand his horizons

Plus Q&A

November 11, 2020 - How to Buy and Sell Companies for Big Wins – EDITED –

The Power of Partnering


In this webinar:

  1. You are introduced to a new and powerful resource for business buyers
  2. Meet Brig Burton, a successful entrepreneur who has started, bought and sold over a dozen companies
  3. Learn about National Diversified Capital, co-founded by Gordon and Brig to actively engage you in the buying experience
  4. See how you can hone your skills, access capital and mastermind with other entrepreneurs
  5. Connect to vetted sources of cash funding
  6. Hear Brig explain several of his business successes and reveal how he pulled them off
  7. Listen to Gordon crystalize from Brig's experiences the essence of major business principles valuable to us all

Plus Q&A

October 14, 2020 - Six Places Business Buyers Get Stopped and How to Persevere Through Them – EDITED –

Become the Unstoppable Business Buyer

Arming yourself to get even the biggest of acquisitions done


In this webinar you will learn the six places business buyers get stopped...

  1. Identifying the right business
  2. Finding a worthwhile business for sale from a motivated seller
  3. Meeting directly with the seller (includes getting past the broker)
  4. Negotiating the purchase (including evaluating the company)
  5. Getting cash funding (if needed)
  6. Closing the deal

And, how to overcome each and every obstacle.

Plus Q&A

September 9, 2020 - Your Competitive Edge for Business Acquisition – EDITED –

A new resource to help acquire and build your business.



  1. Framing and Positioning
    • Embedding in current issues
  2. Video as a communication medium
    • Putting a face and voice on your product or service
  3. Unique Selling Proposition - USP
  4. Call to Action - CTN
  5. Compelling Reason to Act Now - CRA
    • Event Deadline
  6. Plus Marketing Outline Download

ScaleForceOn Steroids

  1. Relight America™ Hosts ScaleForce™
  2. A New Resource
    • To help acquire and build your business
    • Your competitive edge in acquisition
    • To provide income while your finding your deal

August 12, 2020 - SMARIC Factors and Features – EDITED –

A Deep Dive into the Details

Simultaneous Marketing And Raising Investor Capital


  1. Formation of the Buying Entity
  2. Purchase of Shares or Percentages
  3. Acquisition and Related Agreements
  4. Funding Agreements
  5. Escrow Instructions

Plus PDF Download

July 8, 2020 - How to Find a Great Buildup Buy-in Business – EDITED –

What to Look for… What to Watch Out for

Separate Wheat from Chaff


  1. Damage due to Pandemic
  2. Survival on its own
  3. What you can add
    • Your skill sets
    • ScaleForce™
  4. Owner hungry to rebuild
    • Frustrated by lack of cash capital
  5. What's wrong with the company is some combination of:
    • Sales down due to lock downs and other government Pandemic policies
    • Temporary interruptions in the company’s supply chain
    • Built up high fixed overhead during good economy
    • Company needs what you and the ScaleForce™ team can supply
  6. More of what to look for
  7. Avoid businesses that suffer from wavering government policies
  8. Q & A

June 24, 2020 - Coronavirus Crisis and Opportunity -8th Session – UNEDITED –

Building Income & Equity as an Entrepreneur

Tapping Crisis Business Success Team Resources

Capitalizing on the Power of ScaleForce™

  1. Transcending the Crisis
  2. Pivoting for the New Wave of Opportunity
  3. Capitalizing on the Power of ScaleForce™
  4. Optimizing through Consolidation and Streamlining

This is the eighth webinar in a series that will take you step-by-step through everything your need to know and do to prosper through the crisis and the aftermath.

June 10, 2020 - Coronavirus Crisis and Opportunity -7th Session – EDITED –

Building Income & Equity as an Entrepreneur

Tapping Crisis Business Success Team Resources

 Uncertainty – Adding Civil Unrest to the Pandemic

Upcoming Experts and What You Will Learn From Them

Capitalizing on the Power of ScaleForce™

  1. Time for Reassessment given current state of
    • Pandemic
    • Civil Unrest
    • Election Year Politics
  2. Status Updates
    • CBST and 7 Sub-Teams
    • ScaleForce™
    • Expert Guests Speakers for future meetings
  3. Benefits of Active versus Passive Team Membership
  4. Confidentiality and Non-Circumvention Protection for Active Members
  5. Q & A

This is the seventh webinar in a series that will take you step-by-step through everything your need to know and do to prosper through the crisis and the aftermath.

May 27, 2020 - Coronavirus Crisis and Opportunity -6th Session – UNEDITED –

Key Role of the Crisis Business Success Team

Earning income & equity from CBST activities

Expanding your opportunities for wealth creation

  1. Sweat Capital... The entrepreneurs key to fame and fortune
  2. Buildup Buy-in... The entrepreneurs vehicle to fame and fortune
  3. Play a powerful role
  4. Choose your team
  5. Similarities with the Guild System... benefiting from a master
  6. Team missions and methods

This is the sixth webinar in a series that will take you step-by-step through everything your need to know and do to prosper through the crisis and the aftermath.

May 13, 2020 - Coronavirus Crisis and Opportunity -5th Session – UNEDITED –

Getting Acquisitions Done During & After COVID-19

How to create funding when none is available

How we put it all together:

  1. Best use of EIDL & PPP Government Loans & Grants
  2. Sweat Equity, still the key to entrepreneurial success
  3. The Business Environment During & After COVID-10
  4. Major Business Success Strategies & Tools
  5. Retirement Plans as a Source of Cash Capital
  6. Sweat Equity to Build Income and Wealth
  7. Types of Business Presenting the Best Opportunities
  8. Business Strategies That Turn Crisis into Opportunity
  9. Buildup Buy-in Business Success Strategy
  10. CBST Goals and Objectives
  11. Finding Businesses to Apply Buildup Buy-in
  12. What are the CBST Teams and How to Join Them
  13. Access to Top Business Experts and Thought Leaders
  14. What is an Ecosystem and How Does ScaleForce™ Make It So Powerful
  15. How to Get Friends and Associates on the Team

This is the fifth webinar in a series that will take you step-by-step through everything your need to know and do to prosper through the crisis.

April 22, 2020 - Coronavirus Crisis and Opportunity -4th Session – EDITED –

Coronavirus Crisis and Opportunity - 4th Session

Emergency Relief Money and More Crisis Financing

Crisis Funding for Your Business:

  1. Getting Your Funding Despite Government and Bank Bureaucracy
  2. EIDL - Economic Injury Disaster Loan
  3. PPP - Payroll Protection Plan
  4. Getting help filing for the Government Programs
  5. Non-Government Backed Financing
  6. Private Sector Financing
  7. Retirement Plan Conversions for Direct Investment in Your Business
  8. Opportunities and Strategies Leading to Successful Business Outcomes

This is the fourth webinar in a series that will take you step-by-step through everything your need to know and do to prosper through the crisis.

April 8, 2020 - Coronavirus Crisis and Opportunity -3rd Session – EDITED –

Crisis - Opportunity Success Management

What you need to know and do in business to prosper through COVID-19 Pandemic

Building the Crisis Business Success Team including how we will:

  1. Organize an army of entrepreneurs
  2. Find opportunities hidden within the challenges
  3. Master each opportunity solving the challenge
  4. Create massive wins for communities and team
  5. Unleash collaborative Socially Conscious Capitalism as the new paradigm for societal and personal enrichment
  6. Align and harmonize a divided populace
  7. Create massive new wealth, better than if the crisis never happened

This is the third webinar in a series that will take you step-by-step through everything your need to know and do to prosper though the crisis.

March 25, 2020 - Coronavirus Crisis and Opportunity -2nd Session – EDITED –

How to become part of the Crisis Business Opportunity Success Team

Survive and Thrive through the Crisis:

  1. How to be a Crisis Business Success Team partner
  2. How the Team links you to extraordinary opportunities generated by the current crisis
  3. Separating fact from hype
  4. Identifying the best strategies and methods
  5. What to do and what not to do now
  6. Predict the timing for what to do when
  7. Where are the opportunities and..
  8. How to take advantage of  them
  9. How to be part of the global solution

This is the second webinar in a series that will take you step-by-step through everything your need to know and do to prosper through the crisis.

March 11, 2020 - Coronavirus Crisis and Opportunity – EDITED –

Where are the opportunities and how to take advantage of them?

Survive and Thrive through the Crisis:

  1. Separating fact from hype
  2. Identifying the best strategies and methods
  3. How to be part of the Crisis Business Success Team
  4. What to do and what not to do now
  5. Predict the timing for what to do when
  6. Where are the opportunities and..
  7. How to take advantage of  them
  8. How to be part of the global solution

This is the first webinar in a series that will take you step-by-step through everything your need to know and do to prosper though the crisis.

February 12, 2020 - How to Get Personal Acquisition Assistance– EDITED –

Get All the Help You Need at Every Stage of the Acquisition Process.

Getting Your Personal Acquisition Assistance:

  1. Instructions
  2. Organizing your information
  3. Contacting Gordon and National Diversified Funding Corporation
  4. Filling out Acquisition Assistance Request Form
  5. Understanding the acquisition timeline, milestones
  6. Working through the milestones and related task
  7. Achievement of a successful closing

Step-by-step, everything your need to do.

January 8, 2020 - Building Your Dream Acquisition Team – EDITED –

Creating the Credibility Required to Get Your Acquisition Financed .

Everything You Need to Know to Recruit and Lead a Top Management Team

  1. What qualities to look for
  2. What qualities to avoid
  3. Where to find them
  4. How to approach them
  5. How to attract them
  6. How to mold them into a harmonious results-getting team
  7. How to leverage their resumes into your acquisition funding
  8. How to lead your team for top level performance

Step-by-step instructions, everything your need to do.

December 11, 2019 - Shopping for Bargain Acquisitions – EDITED –

Important Do's and Don'ts

Here’s what you will learn:

  1. Why some businesses are for sale for a bargain price and/or bargain terms
  2. A criteria delineating what to look for and what to avoid
  3. How to spot and correct the most common flaws and deficiencies prevalent in businesses for sale
  4. How to use structure and strategy to capture only the high value assets and leave behind the liabilities and deficiencies
  5. How to use sweat capital instead of cash to turn problem businesses into winners
  6. The best strategies and how to use them to make sure your acquisition will be highly profitable
  7. The insights you need to make wise choices for which business opportunities to pursue and which ones to bypass

Graphics help you visualize each step, enabling you to easily replicate the process.

November 13, 2019 - Scale Your Business for Rapid Growth – EDITED –

Be one of less than 1/4 of a percent of all business owners to ever grow above $2 million per year in sales.

Here’s what you will learn in this webinar:

  1. How to scale your business for rapid growth
  2. How to build your business into a platform for multiple rapid acquisitions
  3. How to make your business acquisitions worth many time what you paid for them within a few relative short months
  4. How to fully automate your business for massive new profits
  5. How to massively increase the number of new customers for your business
  6. How to massively increase the number of new revenue streams feeding profits into your business
  7. How to get all of the above done for you for less than the cost of Caribbean cruise
  8. How to do all of the above letting technology propel you into a preeminent leadership role in your field

Graphics help you visualize each step.

October 9, 2019 - How to Take the Plunge – EDITED –

Make Ownership of a highly profitable business real for you...right now!

Experience one of Gordon most inspirational presentations.

Here’s what you will learn in this webinar:

  1. What fears may be holding you back and HOW TO EXPUNGE THEM FROM YOUR VERY BEING!
  2. What are the greatest obstacles to an entrepreneur's success and HOW TO CONQUER THEM!
  3. How to undertake a 90-day Mental Makeover for a NEW MORE POWERFUL YOU.
  4. Key step-by-step actions you can take that assure ownership of the business of your dreams before the new year is over.
  5. What resources do you need to assemble to acquire a successful company and HOW TO ASSEMBLE THEM!
  6. In short, how to take the plunge, experience extraordinary success, never looking back, having perfect vision for your perfect financial future.

September 11, 2019 - The Business Builder's Super Strategy – EDITED –

AKA The Empire Builder's Super Strategy

In this webinar:

  1. The secret growth compounding strategy of John D. Rockefeller
  2. The secret to unlimited resources to build your company
  3. The Buildup Buy-in as your ticket to business ownership
  4. The Buildup Buy-in as your ticket to capturing the best and the brightest talent to help build your business
  5. The combined strategies and examples to catapult your business to preeminence in its field

August 14, 2019 - Getting Back to Essentials – EDITED

Unleash the Power in the Basics

In this webinar:

  1. What's in Essentials - Why and how it's so powerful
  2. How to get the most out of the Essentials Training and Tools
  3. More on how to determine what type and size business is right for your
  4. More Case Study Examples of No Cash Business Acquisitions
  5. Questions and Answers



In this webinar:

  1. How to assure your new acquisition will be substantially more profitable
  2. How Partners in Business Acquisition (PIBA) can put your new acquisition on growth hormones
  3. Getting Gordon's help buying your company and making it immediately more valuable
  4. Examples of great types of companies to buy

Questions and Answers

June 12, 2019 - Finding Your Ideal Business to Acquire – EDITED –

Zeroing in on your target company:

  1. Using the latest research tools
  2. Getting quicker, more robust cost efficient search results
  3. Getting to know the power of the NAICS Association website

May 8, 2019 - Buying Vs Starting Your New Business – EDITED –

In this webinar:

  1. Bizar Financing in taking a quantum leap into the future of business…
  2. Nothing is going away.
  3. Tremendous new value is coming.
  4. How to make your company more valuable at the instant you close your deal.
  5. It will rapidly increase its cash flow, profit and resale value.
  6. Paying off acquisition debt will become faster and easier and more certain
  7. New entrepreneurial opportunities will explode in quantity and quality
  8. Guidance and support for your entrepreneurial ventures will become more personalized and relevant
  9. Access to more and even more powerful resources will become easier and more cost efficient
  10. Much, much more...

April 10, 2019 - Buying Vs Starting Your New Business – EDITED –

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. The virtues of buying an existing business versus starting your new business from scratch… even when there is no business in existence to buy like the one you envision
  2. A state-of-the-art acquisition strategy for acquiring a service business that produces more cash than is necessary for the purchase
  3. Using Strategic Aggregation as your 21st Century business model to multiply the cash flow and profit that makes repayment of acquisition debt relatively easy
  4. How to architect your acquisition to minimize risk and optimize the profit for all parties…
    • You the buyer,
    • The seller
    • Lenders
    • Investors (which you many not even need)

February 13, 2019 - Website Tour- Research Facilities – EDITED –

January 9, 2019 - Beyond On Time & Under Budget – EDITED – Setting Goals That Advance Your Stage Along the Entrepreneurial Continuum

December 12, 2018 - Update of Strategies, Tactics & Methods – EDITED –

  1. Broker NDA No-No's
    • Dangerous provisions most business brokers bury in their non-disclosure agreements
    • Provisions that a buyer should add
    • When to sign and when not
  2. Entity Acquisition IRC § 338 Write-off Rules
    • How to deduct the full purchase price of your acquisition from future taxable income
  3. Acquisition vs Restructure
    • Eliminating the lender's 10% or more cash "skin in the game" requirement
  4. Acquisition vs Management Buyout
    • Another way to eliminate the lender's cash "skin in the game" requirement
  5. Found Money by Steve Wilkinghoff
    • Making your new acquisition more profitable... quickly
    • Making your existing business more profitable... quickly as well
  6. Adding Value to Acquisitions (or Existing Businesses)

October 10, 2018 - Advanced Acquisition Structure – EDITED – Give the Seller More... That Will Cost You Less... That Will Make it Easier to Finance, That Will Cause the Seller to Pay Less Taxes... That Makes Otherwise Impossible Deals Possible! It's Mathematical Magic!

August 8, 2018 - Facilities Acquisition & Capital Creation Transaction – EDITED – FACCT Model with Massive Cash Flow.

July 11, 2018 - How to Use the Business Price Calculator (BPC) – EDITED – Know in 25 to 30 minutes the fair market purchase price for any business.

June 13, 2018 - Scale Your Business for Rapid Growth - EDITED

Search Words & Phrases: scale, standardize, process, forms, procedures, accountability, task, action step, template, milestone, goal, baseline, project, core competency, skill set, automation, remote, driver, referrer, solution partner, certified business strategist, orchestrator, client.

May 9, 2018 - Post-Acquisition Challenges, Solutions, Challenge Preemption – NOT EDITED – Merger Integration

April 11, 2018 - Trends in Business through 2025, Part 2 – NOT EDITED – eCommerce vs Bricks & Mortar

March 14, 2018 - Trends in Business through 2025, Part 1 – NOT EDITED – Mega Trends, Micro Trends, Counter Trend Strategies

February 14, 2018 - Getting Professional Help without Draining Your Bank Account – NOT EDITED – Attorneys, CPA’s, Consultants, Appraisers

January 10, 2018 - New Year Goal Setting for Assured Results: EDITED

November 8, 2017 - Acquisition Timeline Crisis Points: EDITED

October 11, 2017 - Strategic Aggregation Update: EDITED

September 13, 2017 - Acquisition Transaction Inventory, Timelines and Status: MINIMAL EDITS

August 12, 2017 - 22 Key Factors for Buying High Cash Flow eCommerce Businesses: EDITED

July 12, 2017 - FACCT Model Flow Chart – Combining the Acquisition of a High Cash Flow Company with the Unrealized Market Value of Under-performing Real Estate: EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: FACCT; Facilities Acquisition and Capital Creation Transaction; Facility; Business Ally; Business Allies; Marketing Ally; Marketing Allies; Increase Sales; Reduced Costs; Underperforming Space; Premium Space; Partnering with the Real Estate Owner; High GP Acquisition; Partnering; Leveraging; Brainstorming; Win-Win; Daily Routine; Mindfulness; 8 Essential Elements; FACCT Model; 1. Underperforming Real Estate, negative Cash Flowing, is Everywhere; 2. Real Estate Owner; 3. High Cash Flow Business; 4. Business Seller – Business Owner wants to Retire or Start Something New; 5. Innovative Buyer – like You?; 6. Buyer forms BuyCo, LLC; 7. Profit Motivated Lender – who doesn’t mind a No-asset Acquisition; High-asset Value Property; No-asset Value Company; Negative Cash Flow company; High Cash Flow company; 8. Any Escrow Holder that is Trusted by the Transaction Parties; Purchase Agreement; Master Lease Agreement; Buy Real Estate; BuyCo Investor; Equity Share; Bank leverage Equity Share; Escrow Release; Closing Cost; Escrow Closing; no cash; 9. Entity (post-close) DevelopCo strategically Leases Premium Space; Net Lease of Real Estate; Real Estate Owner gains Lease Payments and Profit from BuyCo; High Cash Flow Business; Retire Loan; DevelopCo; Building Owner; Retire Shares; Summary: Everyone Wins; Q – Yes, there is a Buy It Yourself Model; it’ll split your attention!; Q – Building Owner $6M equity share creates a Finance Loan; ~ Let everyone Win and Make Money through the Business!; Look to the Future – eCommerce, AI, Robots, they are here; Q – the Real Estate Owner buys shares in BuyCo.

July 12, 2017 - Scaling Your Business for Growth - Automation - Creating a Flow Chart from Decision Points through Action Steps, Task Sets, Milestones & Goal Achievement: EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Scaling; Process; System; People; Plateau; Ceiling; Automation Flow Chart; Reverse Engineering; Achieve Goal; Conditions; Decide How to Decide; Yes - What For Sure; Possibly - What Maybe; No - What Not to Do; Path – Decision ¬– Milestone – Goal; Successful Owner; Document Daily Work; Train Others; Training; Stopping; Make Decision; Move On Immediately; Not Yes; Not No; But What; Clarify and Nail Down; Train People; Working Process; Work Flow; Fully Documented; Flow Chart Symbol; Simplify Process; the System the People the Process the Status Report; the NO Process; Close File; Reverse Engineer; Inception Task; Action Step; Why do it; Motivation; Motive; Hard Work; More Money; Easier Workflow; Better Result; Faster Result; Every Role Process; Priority; Prioritize; Which One(s) need to Be Better or Faster or Cheaper or More Productive; Self-Test; Specific Processes; Key Performance Indicators; KPI; Timely Review; Automation; Automate Success; Dashboard; Green Indicator; Amber Indicator; Red Indicator; Manager Attention; Owner Attention; System Thread; Update; Improve; Obsolete; Identify Steps; Process Owner Review; Scaling is Built In; Integrated Subset; Flow Chart; Fulfill Your Business Goal; Q – Time Limits are part of Action Steps, they Drive Status Light color; Q – Send Gordon emails regarding Specific Questions or Needs; Q – Industry Specific Flow Charts will All Avoid Cost Centers; Amazon Business Model replaces Cost Centers with Profit Centers; Structure Your Company to provide Resources to Others in the Future.

June 14, 2017 - Strategic Aggregation - Preeminent Business Model for the 21st Century - Example using Billionaire Lifestyles and Accountant Partnering System: EDITED

May 10, 2017 - Financing Purchase of Business with Real Estate and using Seller Rollback Investment into Buying Company. EDITED

December 14, 2016 - Creating Major Business Cash in 90 Days…up to 7% of Sales or More. EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Get Back Cash; Recent Acquisition Cash; Working Capital; Cash-flow Breathing Room; Cash is critical; Get Cash Any Place; 90 Day Goal; In 90 Days – the goal is to get 3-7% of the Annual Sales in Cash; Acquisition Planning Stage; Pricing; Raise Price; Collect Larger Deposit; Tighten Terms; Tighten Credit Requirements; Sell Benefits; Sell Advantages; Dead Asset; Furniture & Fixtures; Old Equipment; Outsourcing; Leasing vs. Owning; Scrap or Recapture Inventory; Loss Locations; Outdated Inventory; Surplus Inventory; Uncollected Accounts Receivable; Sublease Extra Space; Sub-tenant; Retail Inventory; Internal Bonded Warehouse; Inventory Financing; Survey past Payables; Recapture double payments; Restructure Payments; Lease Cost; Property Taxes; Payroll Taxes; Income Taxes; Insurance; Utilities; Freight Expenses; Shipping Expenses; Bank Fees; Bank Charges, Loan Interest; Discounted Accounts Receivable; Write-off; Written-off Accounts Receivable; Written-down Account Receivable; Overdue Loan; Employee Loan; Employee Credit Card; Cleanse auto-billing; Automatic Payment; Credit Card; Bank Draw; Routine Payable Check; Better Purchasing; Volume Price; Just-in-time Delivery; Rebid; Re-shop; Renegotiate; Tighten processes; Purchase Approval; Purchase Supervision; Refinance; Sale-leaseback; Equipment Purchase; Vehicle Purchase; Real Estate Purchase; Convert loan to lease; Convert amortization to Balloon Payments; Amortized Loan; Transfer Real Estate Financing; Insurance Company Financing; Pension Fund Financing; Summary – this knowledge applies to your New Acquisition or Existing Business; How to Generate Cash during the First Year

November 9, 2016 - Strategic Aggregation - Billionaire Lifestyles Example and Presentation. EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Introduction to Billionaire Lifestyles ™ Aggregation; Billionaire Lifestyle Aggregation; Billionaire’s Lifestyle Aggregation; Trade Show; Increase Reach; Target Market; Target Presentation; Aggregated Partner; On-going Business; Vision; Leverage Benefits; Pain Point; They Want; You Want; Aggregation Overview; Services; How to; Fractional Ownership; Niche Market; No Market is a General Market Today; Create Niche Market; Research; Verify; Provide Benefit Value; IPO; Initial Public Offering vs. Private Ownership; It’s The Experience; Global Wealth; Individual Wealth; Wealth Demographic; Global Economic Pyramid; Scarcity; Number of Billionaires; Aggregation Target Audience; Market Multiple; Done for You; Top-end buyers; Financing Included; Concierge; Privileged Buyer; Clients Now; Client Multiple; Revenue Stream Multiple; Trial close; Aggregation Power = 4x the Market-12x the Clients-20x Revenue Stream=960x; Cross Market; Cross Marketing; Concierge; Family Office; Family Office – Exclusive Organization for Intergenerational Wealth; Concierge = Certified Professional Facilitator Expeditor; CPFE; Example –Buy a Yacht; Expert Advisor; Collectibles; Fractional Ownership; Luxuries; Buy a Home; Buy a Private Jet; Buy a Helicopter; Buy an Exotic Car; Buy Toys; Swap Experiences; Exchange; Niche; Athlete Wealth Preservation Program; get Rich Once; Pro Athletes End Careers Flat Broke at 40; Rookies; Agent; Tenured Athlete; Yearly Contract Value; Off Season; Home Share; Refurbishing Assets; Recycling Assets; Contain Costs; Cost Containment; Aggregation Partner; Cross-marketed Revenue Sharing; Contribution Margin; Profit Sharing Schedule; Profit Sharing Mix; Profit Sharing Ratio; definition Contribution Margin = Revenue minus Real Out-of-pocket Expense per Unit; Provider Share 50%; Source Share 25%; CPFE Share 10%; NDFC Share 15%; Yacht Sale Example; Yacht Client buys a Home; Partner Agreement; a. to make the Concierge Service a Premium Service; b. to Use the Concierge for Servicing the Client; c. to Revenue Share with other Partnering Providers; Additional Growth; Acquisition Assistance; Roll-up; Micro Aggregation; Aggregation Hub; Net Result = Strongest Competitor and Lowest Cost; Disruptive Business Model; Competitive Edge; Aggregation with Independent Partners; Future IPO; Initial Public Offering; Earnings Multiple; Q – Any Industry can be Optimized through Aggregation; Q – Minimum Net Worth is probably $2M for an individual; Q – Micro Aggregation can be built up in any Service Industry; NDFC, Sistered Aggregations; Accountant Partnering System; APS and Billionaire Lifestyles ™; Call Gordon to Brainstorm about Aggregating Your Industry

September 14, 2016 - The Leveraging Power of Strategic Aggregation and How to Enroll Your Product and Service Providers into an Industry Model You Will Love. EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Bizar Pro Leadership; Business Acquisition; Accountant Partnering System; APS; Webinar Library; Browser Search or Find; How is APS Presented; How to Present APS; Irresistible Appeal; Identify Pain Points of; Identify Massive Benefits; Target Benefits; Major Accounting Firm; $500M Revenue; Your Industry; Your Aggregation; Your Presentation; Get A Yes; Getting to Yes; Set the Agenda – Creates an Expectation of What is to Come (Attention); Target Drive; Target Goal; Keep Interest; Hold Interest; Target Benefit; Reinforce Attention; Establish Credibility; Hard Numbers; Hard Data; People Convince Themselves; Strategic Plan; Business Model; Growth Partner; Disruption; Innovation; Big Checkbook; Ordinary Company; Disrupters Win Big; Giant Disrupter; Rapid Growth; the Winner; Trial Close; Framing; Frame; Your Proposition; Today’s Environment; Environment Today; Growth; Helping Others Grow; Accounting Firm; Visionaries; Future Success; Giving not Getting; Solutions Attract Client; Frame to be Bigger; Need a Partner; Partner Required; Superior Partner; Superior Strategy; Superior Model; Superior Structure; Superior Financing; Disrupter; Goal; Research Pain Points; Research Challenges; Disrupter; APS Done For You; Key Concept definitions; Strategic Aggregation; Provide example; Financial Service Push Model; Model Disrupted; Serve Client via Education; Certified Financial Planner (CFP); Information; Client Plan; Products & Services; Translate Example; Small Business; Midsize Business; Integrated Service; Survive; Survival; Expertise; Nightmare; Thrive; Permanent Relationship to the Firm; Integrated; Credential; Differentiation; Servant Firm; Distinction; Build American Business; Client Magnet; Partner Magnet; Staff Magnet; Provider Magnet; APS Structure; APS IPO Strategy; Aggregation; Solution; Solve Pain-points; Pull Deal Flow; Profit Sharing; Hub Firm; Superior Business Structure; Investment Flow; Legal Requirement; Asset Holding ; Go Public; Multiple of Earnings; Earnings Multiple; Hub Owner; Guarantee; Buyout; Buyout Value; Owner income; Death Spiral; Acquisition Funding; Acquisition Finance; Cash & Stock & Short-term Notes; Capitalized against Organic Profit+ Aggregation Profit + Acquisition Profit; Meet Challenge; Aggregation Model; Holding Company; leverage Cash Flow; Possible Outcome; Industry Standard Ratio; Cash Distribution; Partner Cash; Working Capital; Growth Cash; Pro Forma Projection; Private Firm Distribution; Growth Driven; IPO Valuation; Outline Next Steps; Cash Source; PIK leverage 2.5-3.5 x EBITDA; Flexible Cash Source; Vision; Solution; Aggregation of Services; client pool; Competition; Inclusive Service; Strategic Aggregation is THE Business Model of the 21st Century; Aggregation Advantages; Aggregation Method; Everybody Wins; Superior Methodology of Business; Business Structure; Presentation Element; Insight and Vision; Real Estate Housing Market; Aggregation Example; Hub Company; Core Company; Your Vision; Research Pain-points for Core & Service Providers; Aggregation System; Solve Pain-points; Incredible Benefit; Higher Margin; Competitor; Attract new Staff; Attract Acquisition; Lead Source; Lead Flow; Presentation Package; Guaranteed Solution; Sales Problem; Capital Problem; Growth Problem; Invaluable Partner; Business Concept; Money; Bizar Financing; 21st Century Model; Future IPO; Exit Strategy; Liquid Stock; Liquidity Event; Joining Model; Sign up; Close Deal; Strategic Aggregation; Your Vision.

August 10, 2016 - Special Purpose Entity (SPE), Advanced Training - What is an SPE? How to use an SPE to meet the needs of multiple owners and creditors in an acquisition. EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Deal Structure; Deal Objective; Deal Objectives; Special Purpose Entity (SPE); SPE: Single Purpose Entity; Bankruptcy Remote Entity; Temporary Entity; SPE - provides Isolation of Value from any Adversity after Deal Closing; Multiple Parties; Homework – lookup SPE etc. onGoogle, Wiki, Investopedia, etc. for 1-2 Hours; Multiple Owners; Different Goals; Milestones; Timing; Security; NDFC SPE expertise; attracts Deal Maker; Sophisticated Needs; Payment Waterfall; Arraigning Payment; Payment Priority; Payment Priorities; Secure Obligation; Bankrupt Protection; Counterparty for: Swap; Acquisition; Merger; SPE Recommendation - Do not do your first SPE without Experienced Help; Example: APS SPE ; manage Income Flow; protect Valuations; HoldCo; SellCo; mployed Owner; Active Owner; Retired Owner; Different Owner needs; Competing Owner needs; SPE protection; Owner Income Rights; Owner Equity Rights; APS SPE Steps; APS SPE Process; give Sellers Cash; create Working Capital; Don’t worry about cash it’s not yours; Deal Structure - enables meeting everyone’s needs; Working Capital; Initial SPE Funds; SPE or Active Owner Income Guarantee Fund; holds new income; APS SPE uses Five Payment Waterfalls; First Example - Pond 1. Reserve for all Income tax; keeps government outside SPE; Pond 2. Payments to Active Owners to maintain Compensation Levels; Pond 3. Payments to Active Owners to keep pace with Inflation; Pond 4. Reinvestment to provide needed Future Funds; Normal Profit; Non-aggregation Profit; Aggregation Net Income;
HoldCo Dividends; Payment Structure; Structurally Prioritize Payment vs. Goodwill dependent payment; Income Segregation; Bankruptcy Remote income; Purchase Challenge; Sophisticated Purchase; Q – Even a Seller might do SPE to protect payments in Leveraged Deal; Q – SPE requires a Can Do Attorney on both sides of $15M+ Deal; Q – This is not a MERIT tool and would not be done without a fee; Q – Parties can always unravel a deal if they all want to; Q – NDFC structures deals and provides tools to make deals happen; Art of the Deal; Future Webinar; Very Sophisticated Deals

July 13, 2016 - Updating of Do-Able Deal Analyzer for Using PIK's (Payment In Kind). How to Find the Cash to buy a business – even a Service Business. How to make sure your Acquired Company will have a Positive Profit and Cash Flow from day one. EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: DDA Update; How to Get Cash; Buy A Business; Payment in Kind; PIK; Do-Able Deal Analyzer; Section G; Tool Reminder – ALWAYS use a Fresh Version from the Website; Service Business DDA; Few Assets; Low Assets; Valuation; Produce Profit; Produce Cash Flow; Software Business; Healthcare Business; IT Business; Low Asset:Sales Ratio; Service Net Profit; Net Profit Before Tax; Effective Tax Rate; Employee vs. Sub-contractor; Owner Salary; Owner Perks; Buyer Salary; Executive Salary; Assets include Cash, Accounts Receivable, Office Items, Vehicles; Loan Value on Assets; Indebtedness includes Accounts Payable, Two Cars, and Other; EBITDA; 5x EBITDA is at the high-end of the Service Business spectrum; Short Term Note; Owner Debt; BPC; Available Techniques for Service Business; Payment In Kind; PIK; Short-term Note; Swing Loan; Seller’s Business; No Cash Buyer; Broker Commission; Partner; Investor; Notes; Techniques Used; PIK Problem; Balloon Payment & PIK Tab (see June 8); PIK Type; No Collateral; Profit Production; Warrants; Liquidity Event; Buy Back the Warrant Value; Administration Fee; Finance Fee; Cash Interest Payment; Accrued Interest Payment; Balloon; Retire the Debt; Debt Retirement; PIK Cost; PIK Amount; Available Techniques Purchasing Power; Cash Flow; Low Cost Financing; Lower Cost Financing Methods; Cash Flow Tab; PIK Yearly Interest; Business Plan; add Value; Profit Growth; Compound Growth; PIK Payoff; 5x EBITDA is too High; Reprice; Restructured Deal; Cash for the Seller; Lower Price; lower Cash Down; lower PIK amount; check Cash Flow; DDA Process; Live Negotiation; Q – Buying a Division needs to show a Consolidated Cash Flow; Q – Open the Conversation with the Corporate Development staff; Q – Contact Investment Bankers handling Spinoffs…even Larger Ones; Find these Bankers & Brokers by looking through our Research Library; Q – PIKs leverage the EBITDA… an Asset Alone has no Cash Flow; Q – keep a Flush Cash Flow in DDA as Forecasts are never met Exactly; Q – SBICs and PIKs are not necessarily connected, a list of PIK Sources is Forthcoming; Q – A Division is a Company in a (Holding) Company, an Entity in an Entity; Q – An Asset may be just a Building and Computers and Staff…for what? do what?; Acquisition Centerpoint; Fill Financing Void; Financing Shortfall; Financing Gap; Accelerate Closing; Adjust Levers (the Blue); Balanced Deals Work for Everyone and Close; Close Deal; PIK Provider team.

June 8, 2016 - PIK Loans - Payment In Kind. Introduction to a powerful new type of additional financial leverage for business acquisitions. EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Ideal Financing Method; PIK; Payment In Kind Loan; No Interest Payment Loan; No Principal Payment Loan; Keep Cash Flow; High Risk Loan; Expensive Loan; Entrepreneurs Get the Company; PIK Unsecured; PIK Subordinated Debt; PIK Terms are Five Years and a Warrant for Future Share Purchase; Lenders Equity; Lender Partner; Company Success; Wiki “PIK Loan”; Google “PIK Sources” “PIK Deals”; PIK Leveraged Buyouts; Mezzanine Debt; PIK Cash; Owner Freedom; Lender Return; Swing Loan; PIK Example; Administration Fee; Finance Fee; Varying PIK Payment Schedule; 1. Higher Front – Lower Back Interest: Modest Monthly Payment; 2. Lower Front – Higher Back Interest: Avoid some Monthly Payment; Reduced Interest Payment; 3. No Front – All Back Interest: No Monthly Payment, Largest Balloon; Real World Example; Higher Interest % as Risk Increases; Blended Borrowing Rate; Blended Interest Rate; Net Interest Rate; DDA; Front-end Money; Acquisition Problem Solving; Combine Companies; Unleash Big Value; Typical PIK Lender: $3-10M Loan to $8-100M Company w/ $2M EBITDA; Search Google for Companies which want Your Deal; Ask About Others; Q – A Business Plan, a Deal Sheet, Experience help Lenders say Yes; Be Prepared; No Personal Guarantees; Knowledge Attracts Teammate; Project Credibility; Q – Build Sources of Funds for the DDA and to Make the Dream Viable; PIK Example: Assets aren’t high enough…a PIK could make the difference; AR Loan; A/R Loan; Inventory Loan; Evergreen Loan; Interest Only Payment; Seller Financing; Monthly Payment & Balloon Payment; PIK Variable Terms; DDA; PIK Common Factor; Great Cash Flow; Q – PIKs are not from banks, Risk Factor % replaces Personal Guarantee; Management Buyout; Consulting; Q – Review Section F & G, take the Video Tutorial w/ Excel DDA Open; Webinar Library; Do-able Deal Examples; Personal Webinar; Q - Excel DDA entry items are in Blue, hover over cell for Data Sources; Q – Call for help and to learn charges for specialized help that you need; Q – Management Buyout candidates may respond to ads for Backing; Find Company For Sale; Finding Companies For Sale; Q – PIKs are an unknown tool to most and are very useful.

May 18, 2016 - EDITED - Death Spiral worksheet for CPA Firms is an Excel Tool for APS Business Strategists. Shows power of using Excel worksheets to demonstrate business principles and concepts…that even CPA’s may not otherwise take the time to understand.

Search Word & Phrases: Excel Worksheet; Death Spiral Worksheet; Input Worksheet; Result Worksheet; Red Result; Company Collapse; Inputs; Historical Billing; Active Partner Count; Average Inflation Rate; Partner Retirement Age; Billing Available for Partner; Billing Available for Retirement; Current Retiree Payout; Revenue Loss; Income Shrinkage; Partners Quit; Partner Exits; Partner Retirement Year, Retirement Payout Years of Income; Firm Collapse; 9th Year; Year Nine; ; Year Nine; Year 9; Death Spiral Results in Red; Red Result; Red Cell; Red Field; Profit Available for Active Partner; Death Spiral Process; Partners start to Exit the Firm…Reducing Billing…Causing More Exits; Net Effect; Retiree Payouts; Payout Missed; Worksheet Enhancements; Cumulative Unkept Promises; Per Partner Unkept Promises; Stress Testing Data Extremes; Test Formula; Partners will Leave; Concentrated Retirement; Q – Baby Boomer Partners are starting to retire now in concentration; Q – Firms in APS fit this model, the model may even be conservative; APS; Real Solution; Real Answer; Restructuring Partnership; Three Entities; Valuation Multiple; New Information for Analyticals; Inflation matching Growth causes a Death Spiral at 8 Years; Excel; Flexible; Powerful; Automating; Manual Math

May 4, 2016 - EDITED - Billionaire Lifestyles - A template for Strategic Aggregation; an Outsourced Business Model

Search Word & Phrases: Outsourced Business Model; Share New Income; Aggregation Concept; Start Up; Development; IPO; Billionaire Lifestyle; Wealthy vs. Rich; Target Customers; Target Client; Experience Life; Owner Mindset; Owner Maintenance; Cost of Ownership; Access to Property; Unlimited Freedom; Billionaire; Has it All; Millionaire Limits; Done For Them; Done for Me; Concierge; Traditional Ownership Purchase Price; Traditional Ownership Annual Expense; Time Share; Income Stream Bonus; Investor Return; Vacation; Billionaire Lifestyle; ROI; Sales Commission; Commission Scale; Commission Bonus; Lead Generating; Prospective Client; Lead Source Product & Service Providers; Ideal Marketing Plan; Aggregation Theme; First Provider; First Source; First Supplier; Q – Aggregator gets At Least 10-15% of All Money Changing Hands; Q – This would wok great in Europe too; Q – Investor ROI = The Lifestyle They Want (priceless) + a few percent; Owner Payback; Quickest Payback; Percent Ownership; Share Percent; No Annual Fee; Shower with Benefits; Aggregation Core; Growth; Seller Financing; Insurance Company Financing; Q – We own 67% of this LLC and a Cash Flow share…the Real Goal; Q – Fractional Ownership Time Share Chits give access to big assets; Q – A new Bubble won’t change the deal; originally 2008 stopped it; Q – Posting of this Webinar will be in the next couple of days; Q – Time Conflicts can be Exchanged through the Concierge; Q – Coming up we’ll cover Owning Everything (Stage 7. below); Q – Client Demographics: 45-55, has $10M, wanted to retire while still vibrant; Avatar; Q – Locations like Naples, Florida’s East Coast, Aspen, etc. = Magnets; Money Magnet; Acquisition Conversion Stages = Your Private, Long-term Plan; Stage 1. Outsourced Suppliers; Cross-selling; Cross Selling; Cross Marketing; Infusionsoft; Automated Cross-Marketing Compensation; Stage 2. Marketing Scope; Stage 3. Joint Venture (JV); Stage 4. Convert JV’s by Acquisition; Common Ownership; Aggregation Goal; Aggregation Key: Build Aggregation Sales into Dominant Source of Income for Each Provider; Stage 5. Competitors’ Personnel Attracted; Stage 6. Competition Buyout; Buyout Competitor; Stage 7. Take Aggregation Public; Second Aggregation; Skill Set; Best Practice; Aggregation is Unbeatable; Q – About 20 Presentations were made to get the First Three Clients; Q – Aggregation Clients are likely Candidates for Lifestyles Unlimited; Q – Transaction Profit Margin is between two numbers; a. How much Sales & Marketing Budget does it take to get a Customer; b. The Contribution Margin = Variable Cost of Making One More Sale; Best Margin Possible; Q – Aggregations time frame: ~ Thought Process 3-4 months ~ Reaching Out to First Providers 3 months until Critical Mass of Offers ~ Revenue Starts at 7 Months…effort is self-sustaining after that; Q – Restarting the Lifestyles Aggregation has not been a Current Focus.

April 20, 2016 - EDITED - A Deeper Look into Strategic Aggregation; One Looking to Outsource Everything from Existing Businesses to Serve Common Customers around a Common Theme

Search Word & Phrases: Aggregation Model; Central Hub; Interlinked Companies; APS Aggregation; Accounting Firm Hub; Growth Services; Certified Strategic Advisor; Outsourced Model; Primary Role; Organization Structure; Theme Development; Sales Funnel; Marketing; Common Customer; Customer In-common; Aggregation Theme; Different Products & Services; Wrap-around Products & Services; Example; Residential Real Estate Market; Real Estate Aggregation; Brokerage Firm Hub; Broker Hub; Concierge; Example; High Income Consumer; High Net Worth Consumer; Lifestyle Consumer; Concierge Firm; Saves Time of the Wealthy Consumer; High-end Goods & Services; Develop the Marketing Theme; Standard Model; Automated Model; Concierge Model; In-person Model; Hub Core Service; Universal Core Service; Typical Customer; Affinity to Core Service; Respect for Core Service Provider; In-common Website; Common Website; Develop Aggregation Brand; CRM Automation; Cross-promotion; Back-end Sales; Back-end Process; Automate Sales; Automate Payment; Automate Commissions; Sales & Marketing Role; Outside Sales; Outside Marketing; External Sales; External Marketing; Recruit Product Providers; Recruit Service Providers; Due Diligence; Quality Providers; High Customer Satisfaction; Waive Sign-on fee; Preferred Position Fee; Provider Referral; Provider Relationship; Internal Sales; Internal Marketing; Proactively Move Customer; Standard Model; Automated Model; Common Database; Referring Business; Customer Source Tag; Source of Customer Tag; Aggregator Cross Promotes; Cross Promotion; Drive Sales; Order Directly Online; Website Form; Landing Page; Compensation Split; Net Payment; Send Payment; Provider Payment; Customer Source Payment; Concierge Model; Hub Service; Hub Product; Core Product Provider; Core Service Provider; New Customer; Existing Customer; Conversion, Relationship Management; Revenue Allocation Split; Summary; Action Steps to Create an Aggregation Structure; Q – Compensation Splits use: a) Contribution Margin after Fixed Costs or b) a point between Normal Sales & Marketing Budget & Contribution Margin; Sharing Revenue; Right Mix; Ideal Mix; Ideal Split; Split Model; Well Worth Their While for Everyone; Net Payment; Payment Outsourcing; Bookkeeping Service; Payroll Service; Template Agreement; Templated Agreement; Enroll Company; Ultimate Role; Acquire Partners; Going Public; Take Public; Share Wealth; Become Wealthy; Become Comfortable with Aggregation to Thrive in Future; Be Capable of Creating Back End and Front End Income; Example: Advertising is Very Diluted w/ Rarified Consumer Attention; Q – NDFC & BF are at the Leading Edge of the Aggregation Revolution; Aggregation Leader; Choose to Lead or Follow – Leading has more Freedom and Wealth; First Mover Advantage; Big Land Owner; Single Word Domain Names; Stake a First Mover Claim; Early Developer; Early Adopter.

March 16, 2016 - EDITED - Template Self-report – A Powerful Example from Gordon's meeting with Managing Partner (MP) of CPA Firm – Distilling Reality and Leveraging Knowledge

Search Word & Phrases: Entrepreneur; Leveraging others’ Time, Talent, Resources; Self- Report; Redacted; Organized Clarity; Leverage Others; Team Content; Purpose; People; Function; Information; Conclusion; APS PowerPoint; Ongoing Q&A; Time Constraint; Whole Picture; People’s Expectations & Beliefs may Not Match Yours – Keep Going; Answering proves Listening; Distractions; Report – Reality; Regroup; Keep Going; Prospect’s Shoes; Inform Communications; Expansion vs. Aggregation; Distractions Preclude Reality; Clarity; Road Map; Agreement; Key – Immerse yourself in that Venture. Thoughts. Visions. Steps; Key – Industry Standards are per Historic Belief…but things change; Accounting Firm Value; 1x Gross Billing; Death Spiral; Unfunded liabilities; Unfunded retirement; Analytical Accountant; Pain Point; New Partner; earn less; paid less; lower retirement; Public Company; IPO; Future Payment; Present Value (PV); Retention Basis; Retired Out; Payout caps; Roll–over; Roll-out; Dig Deep; Target Industry; Key - Our Model; No Ordinary Income vs. Capital Gain as Stock is Redeemed; Cash Buyout; LT Capital Gain; Test; Trial; APS Model; Great Outcome; Top 100 CPA Firm; Seed Capital; Share Capital; Key - Knowledge Structures a Solution with a Better Answer for Less; Understanding What People Want; Hoping You Get It; Hope; Solution Set; Merger; Death Spiral Unites & Focusses; Real Benefit; APS Practices; Team; Certified Business Strategist; Formal Merger; Pain Point; Understanding Value; Decision Driver; Model; Model Payout; Accelerate Change; Further Pain; AAA Insurance Company Annuity; New Income Stream; Our Value; Exceed what they can Do Alone; Written Report; Clarifies and Allows for New Discoveries; Team Comment; Buy-in; Team Member; Investor Pool; Cheaper Money; Certified Business Strategist; Rapport; CPA Recruiting; Employee Recruiting; Existing Condition; Multiple Platform Firm; Multiple Hub Firm; Writing Report become Idea & Vetting Machines; Summary: 1. Study this Thinking Process 2. Inclusion causes Buy-in.

March 2, 2016 - EDITED - The Basics – How to Get a Deal Done… Task Sets and Action Steps to Acquire a Profitable Business - Part 3

Search Word & Phrases: Negotiate with Owner; Price & Terms; Review Section A3; Four Personality Types; Owner Personality; Your Personality; Decision Maker Personality; Review Section H; Negotiate Deal; Meet Seller at the Business; Be Open, Warm & Friendly (“I am open, warm & friendly”) Take Appropriate Seat; Sit as a Peer; Ask Question #1; Question 1; 10 Questions; Ten Questions; Take Tour; Facility Tour; Tour Business; Opportunity to Compliment; Asking Price; Do Not Discuss price &/or terms; Financial Information; Financials; Sign NDA; Basic Information; Make No Offer; Build Cosmic Bond; a Feel Good Meeting; Send LOI; Parting Comments; Concepts; Fair Price; LOI Best Effort; Open to Discussion; Successful Transfer; Company Spirit; Complete BPC & DDA; Draft an LOI; Letter of Intent; Anticipate Every Objection; Answer; Objection is Opportunity; Highest Price; Cost of Capital; Return on Investment; ROI; Strategic Walk Away; Templated Agreement; Agreement Template; Signed LOI; Sign LOI; Express Optimism; Actual Funding Source; Bizar Financing Website; Research Center; Contact Specific Financial Source; Deal Structure; Type of Financing; Financing Type; Asset based; Real Estate; Cash Flow; Equipment; Financing Amount; Amount of Financing; Business Industry; Location of Business; Final Terms & Conditions; Definitive Purchase Agreement (Binding); DPA; LOI Deal Points; Final Wording; Hire Attorney; Hiring Attorney; When to Hire Attorney; Conditional on Due Diligence and Financing; Closing Date; Closing Lead Time; Lead Time to Close; Get DPA Signed; Sign it Yourself without concern; Commitment Letter; Financing Negotiation; Financing Commitment Letter; Due Diligence; Hire CPA; CPA Review; Hire Attorney; Attorney Review; Seller Agreement; Funding Agreement; Check Inventory; Inspect Company Assets; Inventory; Equipment; Furniture & Fixtures; Real Property; Test A/R; Undisclosed Liabilities; Ownership Title; Swing Loan; Double Escrow; Bank Trust Department; Close Purchase; Get the help you need by calling or emailing Gordon; Q – Due Diligence professionals paid at Closing for Premium fees, etc. Q – Pay for Appraisals, Inventory Count, Orderly Liquidation Study, etc.

February 17, 2016 - EDITED - The Basics – How to Get a Deal Done… Task Sets and Action Steps to Acquire a Profitable Business - Part 2

Search Word & Phrases: Review of the Basics; BF Review; Viable Business; Business for Sale; Review Section B; Right Business For You; Right Business for Me; Industry; Type of Business; Ideal Target Company; Networking Criteria; Deal Sheet; Business Identification Tool Kit; DBA; dba; Credibility; Business Address; Not Home Office; Phone Answered as DBA; Create Logo; Company Stationary; Sources of Leads; Lead Flow; Sources of Prospective Targets; Targeting Method; Build Cosmic Bond with the Owner; Section B; Smile; Phone Call; Personal Visit; Conversation Tone; Research Business; Research Owner; Intimacy; Open-Ended Question; Ten Questions; Common Experience; Nostalgia; Common Interest; Listening; Great Listener; Pay Attention; What’s Important to Seller; Show Sincere Interest; Seller Accomplishments; Business Highlights; Business Value; Business Profits; Source of Profits; Show Appreciation; Grace; Gracious & Humble; Humility; Own Mistakes; Give Others Credit; Call Often; Visit Often; Schedule Touch-points; Their Child; What the Owner Values Most; What Owner Wants Most; Create Proximity; Regular Calls; Regular Meetings; Set Agendas; Accomplishments; Move Forward; Consistent Progress; Unasked Questions; Be Sensitive; Tone of Voice; Voice Tone; Body Language; Buying Sign; Positioning; Framing; Keep Commitment; Event Host; Younger then Seller; Same Age as Seller; Significantly Older than Seller; Cosmic Bond Building; Most Recent Year Financial Statements; Section B; Company is on the Market For Sale; Company for Sale; Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA); Broker NDA; Asking Price; How Price Determined; Seller Determined Price; 3 Years Financials; Three Years Financials; NAICS or SIC Codes; RMA eStatement Study; RMA Study; Time for Sale; Length of Time For Sale; Time on the Market; Owner is Reluctant to Share Data; Four Basic Financial Numbers; Gross Sales; Pretax Profit include Owner Compensation; Owner Perks; Owner Benefits; Replacement Employee Pay; Total Assets & Total Liabilities; BPC; Approximate Price for the Company; DDA & BPC to Evaluate Company for Acquisition; Section F – Business Price Calculator (BPC); Realistic Value (price) of the Business; Realistic Price; Section G – Do-able Deal Analyzer (DDA); Where the Money Will Come From; Source of Funds; Cash Flow will Payoff the Acquisition Debt; Negotiate with the Owner; Negotiate Price & Negotiate Terms; Action Steps; Call for Help; Get Help if You Get Stopped; Stopping.

February 3, 2016 - EDITED - The Basics – How to Get a Deal Done… Task Sets and Action Steps to Acquire a Profitable Business -Part 1

Search Word & Phrases: BF Basics; Acquisition Process; Action Step; Basic Task; Profitable Business; Good Deal: Makes You Money a Long Time into the Future; Viable Business; Business For Sale; Owner May Sell; Buildup Buyout; Seller Now vs. Someone Willing to Work with You Are Equal; Potential Failure to Buy; Build a Cosmic Bond; People Do Things Because – they like you, they trust you, you get it; What’s Next; Next Step; Most Recent Financial Statements; Evaluate; Business Price Calculator (BPC); Do-able Deal Analyzer (DDA); Negotiate; Business Price; Deal Terms; Value Added; Way More Valuable Business; More Fun; High Price; More Favorable Terms; Great Terms; Price Comes Down; Template Agreement; Agreement Template; Letter of Intent (LOI); Actual Financing Source; Financing Terms; Definitive Purchase Agreement; Conditional on Financing; Deal Conditions; Commitment Letter; Deal Happens Step-by-step; Due Diligence; Swing Loan; Close the Deal; Close the Purchase; How to; Help with Acquisition; Stuck; Viable Business; Cosmic Bond building; Work on Yourself; Personal Skills; Personal Growth; BPC & DDA; Negotiating; Role Play; Template Agreement; Clear Financing; Good Deal; Definitive Purchase Agreement; Getting Stopped; Getting Stuck; Action Steps; Tools Section; Agreement; Q – A Business without Financials drains your time, go look elsewhere; Q – Develop Cosmic Bond with Lenders, Attorneys, actually Everyone; Q – Financing Companies with too many hoops? Find another; Limiting Risk; Q – Acquisition with no risk is by Financing around Assets vs. Hopes; Small Deals – $1 – 2 – 5 Million – may need personal guarantees; Avoid Personal Risk; Get a Partner with Sufficient Background to Mitigate Risk; Q – A Lender wants the Structure, Profitability, and Payoff to be Solid; Q – Buying a Small Company to own a Good Job is a personal choice; Owning a Bar – or an all cash business – has some invisible pitfalls.

January 20, 2016 - EDITED - APS Acquisition Simulation shows the Hub Firm Partners What They Can Expect and the Variables that Influence Profitability Going Forward

Search Word & Phrases: Accountant Partnering System (APS) Spreadsheet; APS Acquisition Simulation; Large City Hub Firm; Hub Company Model; Hub Model; Hub Firm Partner ROI; $45M for a $10M Firm; M&A Model; Show Partner Aggregation Cash Flow; CPA Firm Annual Billing Key Variable; Variable Factors; Deal Variable; Deals Vary; APS Expert Management; Quantify Opportunity; Opportunity Detail; Prospects per Year; Prospective Buyer Introductions per Year; Prospective Seller Introductions per Year; Specify Value per Each on Average; Engagement Fee; Net Profit Share; Success Fee Share; Success Fee Percentage; Success Fee 5-6%; Consulting Fee; Pay Fee Monthly; Other Variables; Model Evolves; Evolve Model; Model Evolution; Update Model; Monetize New Prospect; APS Signup Ratio; M&A Model; Engagement Fee Terms; Time Together; APS Consulting; Success Fee Fully Earned; First Time Acquisition; New Client; Successive Success Fees; Selling Fee; 5% EBITDA; Hub Firm Result; M&A New Profit; Aggregated Services; Other Growth Vehicles; Other Growth Contributors; Client base Growth; Retiring CPA Firm; Aggregation Growth; Fee Income; Entrepreneurial Support; Increased Fees; Business Buyer; Reasonable Deal; Substantial ROI; Q – Each $10M Firm is unique & the Baseline Model Adapts as necessary; CPA Attraction; Existing Hub; Transformational Process; Firm Doubles; Q – Join APS through the Lead Strategist in your Area; Contact her/him; Q – Ron is not getting this letter as he has not Joined In at this Point; New Management from Acquisitions get Earn Outs for Motivation; Milestone Paid; Exceeding Milestone; Lower Level People; Gain via Template; BF Tool Kit Models; Custom Need – Call.

January 6, 2016 - EDITED - Business Structure provides Protection From Creditors, Taxes, and accomplishes myriad Owner Goals – Here is a Primer on Business Structure; APS Update

Search Word & Phrases: Business Structure; Intellectual Property (IP); Single Company; Single Entity; Start Over; Protect IP; Creditor; Children Ownership; Keep Control; Owner Control; No Income Tax; No Estate Tax; No Transfer Tax; No Gift Tax; No Inheritance Tax; No Tax; No Taxes; No Claim on Assets; NewCo Incorporated; NewCo Shares Transferred; FirstCo IP; No Taxable Event; NewCo IP; FirstCo Stock; FirstCo Stock Dividend (NewCo’s); Creditor Claim; Licensing Fee; Children Ownership; ChildCo; Owner Share Transfer; Net Result; Concept – A Series of Share Transfers moved Ownership w/o Taxes; Q – This example took 48% of IP Asset off the table for Estate Taxes; Q – Professional Management, Systems, & Processes allow Owner Exits; Corporation; Paper Creature; Corporate Document; Complete Paper Trail; Corporate Veil; Actions and Documentations Checklist; Corporate Structure like Clay; Q – Offshore Corporations and 100% Exchanges can also occur; Two Classes of Shares; Two Classes of Stock; Split Ownership Rights & Voting Rights Split; Offshore Ownership; Strict Rule; Stock Dividend; Cash Dividend; Tax Trigger; Q – Cayman Company owns Irish Company may not be Advantageous vs. Expense & Effort; Q – Saving Taxes & Restructuring Corporations can earn fees (search MERIT); Q – APS Firms can use this for their Clients and they earn Ongoing Fee; Growth Owner; Template; Legal Expense; Q – APS is going really, really well and Funding is Coming Together; APS Goal = LOI by end of January, even Memoranda of Understanding and After tax season = close the deals so all are closed by end of June; Q – First Aggregated Services will be those from NDFC; Q – Two Firms will focus on Bringing in Entrepreneurial CPA Peers; Q – Two Firms will Augment and then Replace Gordon’s Role in recruiting New CPA firms; Key – To Orchestrate is the top function of an Entrepreneur – Do It Daily.

December 16, 2015 - EDITED - Accountant Partnering System (APS) Letter of Intent (LOI) and Acquisition Cash Flow Worksheet - - Keep the Target Company Execs on Board by Defining the Deal and Simulating Cash Flows to Enhance Transparency

Search Word & Phrases: APS Off the Chart; Do This in Your Business; Quick Growth; Rapid Adaptation; Changing Circumstances; APS LOI and Excel Spreadsheet here will not match exactly now/yet; APS offers vary; 1x Gross Billing; Base Accounting Practice Price; BF Pros Cash Flow EBITDA as Base Factor for Pricing; Price Basis; Price Multiple; LOI forms a Starting Point; Basic Transaction Summary (TS); LOI is a Selling Document; Seller Choice; Deal Clear Definition; Acquisition Method; Minimum After Tax Cash (Sec M-13 Var 3); Variation 3; Variation Three; Example : Our $1 Equity buys 1 NewCo Share = 55% of ABC Shares @ Their Purchase Price; Terms of Purchase; Cash and a Convertible 5 Year Interest Only Note; Convertible Note; Future Choice; Specified Note Value or IPO Stock; Specific Note Value; Conversion Value of Note; Set Expectations for IPO; IPO Expectations; Initial Percentage; Financing; Sale-Leaseback; Intellectual Property; ABC Partner Profit Payout; Cash Payout; Percent Retained Share; Partner Profit = ABC + NewCo Aggregated Profit; Sweet Deal; Fun Detail; Real Wealth; Remaining Percentage; Convert at a Discount to IPO Price; Aggregation Hub Firm; Key Top Personnel; How to Multiply Value in Companies You Acquire; LOI details Timing of Drafts, Agreements, and Final Outcome; Outcome Produced; Management & Accounting Practice Survey Standards (MAPSS); Purchase Price Adjustment; MAPSS Factors; Special Assets; Responsibilities Prior to Close; Zero Surprises; Zero Gotchas; Three Accounting Functions; Fairly Treated Minority Shareholder; Aggregation Mutual Gain; Partners paid twice; Stock Purchase at Close; Recruiting Key Employee; Stock Options; NewCo Management; Liquidity Event; Intent; Exit Deal; Confidentiality; Exclusivity Period; Non-Circumvention; Side Deal; Acquisition Simulation of Cash Flow Spreadsheet (w/o Interest); Stock Payment vs. Convertible Note; Aggregation Income; Partners Convince Themselves; Partner yield; ROI Remaining Equity; Payments = Mezzanine (IP Sale-Leaseback) + Senior Debt (5yr Note); Cash on Hand; Payoff and Final Payment; IP Buyback payment; Pre-tax cost and After-tax cost; Senior Debt; Source of Funds; Organic Growth + Acquisition; Delta (Balance) = Forecast Earnings – Financing – Partner Payout; Earnings Estimates and Projections are Conservative Estimate and Slow Service Expansion; Income; New Service Expansion; Complex Process; Solid Tool; Enable Transparency; Assumptions Model; RMA eStatement Study; Existing Client Expansion; Outcome Be More Likely than Less Likely; CPA Personality; Deal Is The Right Thing To Do; Q – Some NDFC vendor relationships will remain proprietary; Q – IPO is open to any NDFC Rep who brought in a deal; Q – Key CPA firm will be a City’s Core Firm rather than a Hub Firm; Q – Top Superstars in Related Disciplines will be added as discovered; Q – Business Strategist Team, etc. will take Gordon’s day-day jobs; Q – Entrepreneurial CPA firms to Target Range from $5M to $50M now; Q – Below 12 largest CPA firms, the top one does less than $500M ; Q – Likely only 5 or 6 larger firms are Entrepreneurially Managed; Call Gordon to Discuss Your Role; Use this Model for Your Business;
Study & Review Time; Deal Fluency; Spaghetti Brian; Concepts; NDFC Support APS Support; Bridge the Gap; Help Learners

November 18, 2015 - EDITED - Buy a Company and Keep the Management Team Intact and Motivated using our Leveraged Buyout Calculator to Structure and Change a Deal On-the-fly

Search Word & Phrases: November Update; Six BF Deals; Large One in APS Australia; New York City trip; NYC trip; Management Buy Out (MBO) tool; Leveraged Buyout Calculator; LBO Calculator; Distribution Company; Conservative Projection; BF Tool Box; Immediate Feedback; Change Deal on the fly; EBITDA Forecast (approx. Cash Flow); Dividing Annual Total by 12 can Produce Errors via Seasonality; EBITDA Pays For Everything; Capital Stack; Resulting Operational Cash; Typical Capital Stack: 60-70% Collateralized Senior Debt; 20 % Mezzanine Funding; 20% Equity Investment; Very High Return; Infinite ROI; No Cash ROI; Payoff Debt; BF Goal; High Return; No Risk; Limited Risk; Nominal Investment; $5000 Capital for 100% Ownership; Valuation; 5x Forecast Earnings; Mezzanine Funding; Low Cash Investment; Monetizing Intellectual Property; IP; Sale-Leaseback; Capital Gains Taxes; Net Usable Funds; Mezzanine Financing; Stock Kicker; High Interest Rate; No Stock; Interest Only Senior Debt; No Sales Tax; Credit Enhancements; Supplier Credit; Letter of Credit; Letter of Credit allows an unsatisfied Creditor to be Paid Up by the bank; Total Financing vs. Earning; Transaction Fee; Usable Funds; Due Diligence Cost; Accounting Work; Legal Work; Due Diligence is required even if the Deal Does Not Close, i.e. is Cash Risk; No Cash = Expenses Traded; Lawyer Performance Basis; Q – Lack of Industry Knowledge is Mitigated with Tools & Support; Sources of Funds; Do-Able Deal Analyzer; Business Price Calculator; On the Fly; No Personal Liability; on any of the Capital Stack Funding; Cash on Hand; Business Platform needs Cash; More Aggressive Projection; Realistic Projection without Room for Error; Capital Stack; Higher Wealth Shared; Senior Debt Pay Off; Reinvest Capital; Down Side; Big Deal; Big Debt allows Freedom; Secure Future; Q – Café Absentee Management has Inherent Risks, use BPC & DDA; Q – Australian RMA Studies are available, send an email; Q – Finance Leverage and Australian Team is available via Bryan; Q – RMA numbers will expose a Company to its Industry Averages; Acquisition Steps: Pull RMA, Decide Your Sales Size, Build out Your Profile; Detail a Target Company, Visit A Company Knowledgeably Day 1; Business Success; Partnering; Competent People; New York Deal; Phoenix meeting; Preeminent Marketer of CPA Services; Certified Business Strategist Model; Concierge Model; Manage Aggregated CPA Firm; 45% EBITDA, Systems & Processes; Systems and Processes; APS – Marketing, Management, Systems, Strategists; Deal Timing: Deals by Year End, Let Tax Season Happen, Close Final Deal; Heavy Lifting; Financing; CFO Company; Prestige Introduction; Accelerate Implementation; System Improvement; Process Improvement; APS Compensation; APS Helper; APS Partner

November 4, 2015 - EDITED - Bootstrap Your New Business Idea into a Viable, Profitable, Growth Center by Bringing Together Existing Companies that fill the Ideal Target’s Needs

Search Word & Phrases: Rebuilding a Business; Business Rebuild; New Business Model; Reposition a Company; Bootstrap; Jumpstart; Jump Start Vital Signs; Business Idea – the 6 Points to Elevator Pitch, Cure Pain Point; Irresistible Benefit; Target Market; Create Avatar – Ideal Client picture; Sales Model; Maximum Appeal to Avatar; Business Model Elements; Working Model; Who Has Those Elements; Go visit;. Meet target; What do They Want; Their Wants; Monetize Everyone’s Interests; Monetize Interest; Monetize Solution; Identify Stakeholder; Incentivize Stakeholder; Define Stakeholder: People or Businesses that will Win if You Succeed; Create Investment Opportunity benefiting each Stakeholder Class; Investor ROI; Minimize Risk; Eliminate Risk; Double Play; Triple Play; Quadruple Play; Conditional Commitment; Key Players; Customer; Client; Partner; Investor; Service Provider; Product Provider; Use Conditional Commitment to get more Conditional Commitments; Convert Conditional Commitment to Actual Commitment to Close Deal; Summary: Set Deadlines and Take this Track from an Idea to a Business In Months; You Win with Failure Here and You Win with Success; Win-Win; Q – How to Deal With a Seller who Wants Too High a Price?; Business Price Calculator (BPC); Do-able Deal Analyzer (DDA); Buildup Buyout or Buildup Buy In; Offer Higher Price; Strategic Purchase cashes in Their Customers to Your Business/Idea; Q – How do you Minimize Risk in Starting a New Business?; Your Feelings; My Idea; Quick Research; Easy Research; True Interest; Real Buyer; Purchase Price; How Much; Buy How Often; True Volume; Target Market Profile; PPP, Three Ps; Need, Price, Volume, Target, Place make the Business Model; Yeses; Momentum; Gain Commitments; Hot Idea; Worthwhile Idea; Apply These Elements to Make Your Idea a Business in a Few Months; Turn an idea into a Business

October 21, 2015 - EDITED - Bootstrap Your New Business Idea into a Viable, Profitable, Growth Center by Bringing Together Existing Companies that fill the Ideal Target’s Needs

Search Word & Phrases: Rebuilding a Business; Business Rebuild; New Business Model; Reposition a Company; Bootstrap; Jumpstart; Jump Start Vital Signs; Business Idea – the 6 Points to Elevator Pitch, Cure Pain Point; Irresistible Benefit; Target Market; Create Avatar – Ideal Client picture; Sales Model; Maximum Appeal to Avatar; Business Model Elements; Working Model; Who Has Those Elements; Go visit;. Meet target; What do They Want; Their Wants; Monetize Everyone’s Interests; Monetize Interest; Monetize Solution; Identify Stakeholder; Incentivize Stakeholder; Define Stakeholder: People or Businesses that will Win if You Succeed; Create Investment Opportunity benefiting each Stakeholder Class; Investor ROI; Minimize Risk; Eliminate Risk; Double Play; Triple Play; Quadruple Play; Conditional Commitment; Key Players; Customer; Client; Partner; Investor; Service Provider; Product Provider; Use Conditional Commitment to get more Conditional Commitments; Convert Conditional Commitment to Actual Commitment to Close Deal; Summary: Set Deadlines and Take this Track from an Idea to a Business In Months; You Win with Failure Here and You Win with Success; Win-Win; Q – How to Deal With a Seller who Wants Too High a Price?; Business Price Calculator (BPC); Do-able Deal Analyzer (DDA); Buildup Buyout or Buildup Buy In; Offer Higher Price; Strategic Purchase cashes in Their Customers to Your Business/Idea; Q – How do you Minimize Risk in Starting a New Business?; Your Feelings; My Idea; Quick Research; Easy Research; True Interest; Real Buyer; Purchase Price; How Much; Buy How Often; True Volume; Target Market Profile; PPP, Three Ps; Need, Price, Volume, Target, Place make the Business Model; Yeses; Momentum; Gain Commitments; Hot Idea; Worthwhile Idea; Apply These Elements to Make Your Idea a Business in a Few Months; Turn an idea into a Business

October 7, 2015 - EDITED - $350 Million Management Buyout (MBO) Explanation and Example

Search Word & Phrases: Large Transaction; $350 Million Acquisition; LBO (Leveraged Buy Out); Management Buy Out (MBO); Keep Best People; Keep Key People; Acquisition Goal; Purchase Goal; Business Runs Itself; Steps to Ownership; 1. Find a Great Company; Size Matters; $1 Million buys a Job; Start at $5-10 Million; Bigger Company; Easier Financing; Deloitte; Investment Banker; Business List; Business for Sale List; 2. RMA eStatement Studies; RMA Study; Typical Ratio; Email Gordon Target SIC code or NAICS code; 3. Business Price Calculator; Realistic Price; 4. Do-able Deal Analyzer; Financing Detail; Cash-flow Detail; 5. Contact CEO or CFO; Original Owner Promises; Key Executive; Key Exec; Key People; MBO Make Promises Real; Insider Team; Inside Knowledge; Deal Succeed; Successful Deal; 6. Offer Management Buyout; 7. NDFC Finance Package; 8. MBO – Executive Cash; Executive Investment; Executive Investor; Bargain Equity; Gain Commitment; Stock Release; Escrow Achievement; Escrow Benchmark; Escrow Milestone; 9.Equity Split; 10. Split Success Fee; Australian Example; Australian Management Buyout Example; Australian MBO; $350 Million Distribution Company in a Competitive Market; $10M Net Profit; EBITDA; Cash Flow; Purchase Price $55M + $5M Earn Out; Financed By: $40M Account Receivable + $25M Purchase Order Financing; Balance of Lending provides Working Capital and Success Fee; Cost of Financing; 10% on Small Loans, 6% on $65M; Profit Remaining after interest; Evergreen Principal; $350M Sales Acquisition; Good Deal for Everyone; Summary of Opportunity – A Platform to Scale Up or for Roll Up; MBO Executive Win; Taking Company Public; IPO; Other Owner; Equity Owner; Game Changer; Q – Industry Trends are in 5 Year RMAs and in the BF Workbook; Bizar Financing Workbook; Q –Webinar Library; Q – Company For Sale List; Q – Investors not needed; Investor Accelerates Deal; Accelerate Deal; Investors Fill Void; Q –Checks or Drafts Float; Q – $100M Company; $100M Revenue; $2M Company - $3M Company; Splits Differ for Effort; Q – Big Company For Sale; Call Broker; Q – Business Broker 3-6%; Typical 3-4%; Big Deals are exciting, easier, more Professionally done

September 16, 2015 - EDITED - A Look into the Accountant Partnering System (APS), its Components, and How You Can Model Your Business-Growth Process around the APS Milestones

Search Word & Phrases: Webinar Library is very complete; New Opportunity Webinars; Questions are Always Invited; Help To Make a Deal Fit; Two Reasons Webinars Help; 1. Look for Examples to Apply; 2. Look for Opportunities to Carve Off a Piece of a $12 Trillion Market; Business Landscape; Nimble will Overtake Large; Accounting Landscape; 1. Accounting Service Delivery; Business Transformation; Strategic Aggregation; Create Scale via Entrepreneurial Skill Set; First Business; Successful Business will Attract Other Enterprises; Bizar Financing Skill Set; Acquisition Growth; Cross-Promotional Growth; Join APS; Process Benefit; Who is Your Client?; What are Their Pain-Points?; Entrepreneurs Have Pain Points; Accountants Serve Entrepreneurs; Accountants Manage Growth Scenario; Pain Points (PP) Today; Pain Points Now; Current Pain Points; Access to Capital; Complexity; Rules and Regulations; Regulation Risk; Taxes; Tax Penalties; Technology; Technology Risk; Global Competition; Cheap Labor; Production Exported; Currency Manipulation; Stranded Resources; Low Regulatory Burden; Subsidized Jobs; Long-term Cost; Hidden Cost; U.S. Tax Rates… to 3x higher, to 50% of profit; Transportation; Communication; Labor Export; Cheap Labor; Sales & Marketing; Owner Limitation; Owner Limit; Recruit; Recruiting; Hiring; New Hire; Employee Training; Train Employee; Manage Employees; Management; Business Management; Achieve Goal; Retain; Retention; Keeping Good People; BF Client Pain Point; Understand Pain Point; Client Marketing; Successful Marketing; Client Suffering; Cure Pain Point; Client’s Favorite Work; Entrepreneur’s Favorite Work; Favorite Job; Aggregation Partner; Total Solution; $20M Company; 21st Century Solution; Strategic Aggregation (SA); Strategic Acquisition Definition; SA Defined: Businesses Serving a Common Clientele Organized Around a Common Marketing Theme; SA Proposition Statement; Entrepreneurial CPA Firm (E-CPA™); E-CPA™ Firm New Elevator Pitch; Elevator Pitch Development Time; Elevator Pitch Time; A Living Work; 6 Point Elevator Pitch: Who, What, How, For, Why, Where; Elevator Pitch Delivery 30-45 Seconds; Tight Elevator Pitch Wins People Over; Win People; Influence People; Prospects Self-select; Message Clarity; Marketing Clarity; Pitch Clarity; Vision Clarity; Primary Message Clarity; Immediate Interest; 1969 Aggregation Logo; APS Logo; 21st Century Business Model adopts Leading Edge Benchmarks; 21st Century Business Structure: a License-bound Branded Network; Licensing; Licensed Network; Outsourcing; Leveraging Abilities; Leveraging Capital; BDO; Example of Aggregation; Aggregation Example; People Learn; New Information; Prior Knowledge; New Knowledge; Learning is “Like” What I Already Know; Accountants Understand Aggregation It’s Like BDO; New Partner Firm; Immediate Services; Receive Two New Guaranteed Services; Added Services; Services Added; Private Equity; Merger & Acquisition with Integration; M&A; Human Resources Added; Financial Planning Group Added; Internal Process Optimization Added; Marketing Services; Accounting Firm Transformation; E-CPA™ Firm; Concierge Model; Non-concierge Model; Certified Business Strategist (CBS); Strategist Tools; RMA Studies; RMA Study; RMA eStatement Study; NDFC Software; Key Performance Indicator; KPI Dashboard; Client Financials; Taxes; Balance Sheets; P&L; Improvement Plan; Business Plan; Super-Competitive Client; Industry Leader; Client Motivation to Change is Very High; Highly Motivated; Specific Changes; Support to Execute Change; Done-For-You Service; Done-For-Me Service; APS Guaranteed Done-For-You Partner; APS Commercial Bank; Provide Better Loans; Loan Term; Loan Limit; Investment Banking; Employee Training; All Lines Insurance, IT Service; Email Campaign; Order Fulfillment; Order Verification; Quality Verification; Repeat Order; Upsell; Downsell; Fully Automated Order; Automation Avoids Outsourcing; Complications moved to Accounting Firm; Full Satisfaction Guarantee; 100% Guarantee; Aggregation Client Sharing; First Provider to Add Client into Aggregation Shares in Future Profits; Profit Sharing; Everyone Wins; Win-Win; Win-Win-Win; Win Win; Worldwide CPA Firm for Entrepreneurs; Business Structure; Ownership Does not Change; Same Owner; Brand Licensing Agreement; IPO Merger; E-CPA™ Firms’ Net Income Increase; Normal Accounting Firm; E-CPA™ Firm IPO; Increase Value to 20x Net Profit; Income x5 and IPO value x5 = $25 Million Price; Buy Up Retiring Competition; Rollup Competition; No Cash; Apply to Your Business; Join APS; Core Values; Service Decisions are Client Centric; Structure Decisions are Firm Centric; Outcomes are Societally Beneficial; Prime Directive; everyone Wins; Anticipate Prospect Questions; Anticipate Questions; Develop Positive Answers;

August 19, 2015 - EDITED - Accountant Partnering System is designed for 21st Century Pain Points and has Timeless, Client Centric Values

Search Word & Phrases: APS; Accountant Partnering System; Business Focus; NY Trip; Cosmic Bond being built weekly; Rapport Building; Accountant Partnering System Model; Entrepreneurial Management; Entrepreneurs Pain Points; Accountants Serve Entrepreneurs; Complexity; 21st Century Pain Points (PP); 1. Access to Capital; 2. Complexity a) Rules & Regulations; b) Taxes; c) Technology; 3.Global Competition; a) Cheap Labor; b) Currency Manipulation; c) Lower Regulatory Burden; d) Lower Tax Rates; e) Technology enabled export; 4. Sales & Marketing; $20M Company; $50M Company; Entrepreneur; Problem Solver; Solve Problem; Monetize Solutions; 21st Century Solution; Strategic Aggregation (SA); Organizing Business; Common Clientele; Common Marketing Theme; Accelerate Growth; Entrepreneurial CPA Firm (E-CPA™); New Elevator Pitch; 6 Point Elevator Pitch: Who, What, How, For, Why, Where; Who We Are: A Private Equity Firm that Partners with E-CPA™ Firms; What We Do: Rapidly Grow High Profit Business Solution Centers; Targeted Language; Target Audience; Target Accountant; How Do We Do It: Supply Money, Systems, Talent… Enabling Growth; Who We Do It For: E-CPA™ we own, partner with, or join our network; Why We Do It: Help E-CPA™ & Clients Thrive + Income & Wealth; Where Do We Do It: Worldwide; 21st Century Business Model; Leading Edge Profit Model; 21st Century Business Structure; License-bound Branded Network; Transforming Accounting Firm; Transforming to an E-CPA™ Firm; Private Equity Arm; Merger & Acquisition Arm; M&A Arm; Human Resources Arm; Financial Planning Group; Process Optimization Arm; Marketing Services; E-CPA™ Firm is Entrepreneurial; Concierge; Concierge Model; Certified Business Strategist (CBS); Business Dashboard; Investment Banking; Training; Insurance; IT Service; Commercial Lender; Asset-based Lender; Cost Centers; Cost Drains; Profit Center; Drive Change; Drive Adoption; RMA eStatement Study; Growth Planning; NDFC Software; CBS Educates Client; Client Needs; Owner Needs; Target Needs; Client Option; Client Wants; Unconditionally Guaranteed; Raving Fan; Done-For-You Partner; BF history was an Information Provider; Customer Support; Done-For-You is necessary; Email Campaigns; Order Fulfillment; Order Verification; Payment Verification; Fully Automated; Business Complication; Accounting Firm; Automation Required; Compete Globally; Avoid Outsourcing; Commercial Banker Client; Lending Client; Everyone wins; Worldwide CPA Firm for Entrepreneurs; Ownership; Accounting Company Split into Three Firms; Branded License; IPO Merges Companies; Aggregation; Net Income x5; CPA Firm Price; 4x Net Profit or $1M; E-CPA™ Firm IPO Price; 20x Net Profit; E-CPA™ Firm Price = Income x5 and IPO value x5 = $25 Million Price; E-CPA™ Firm Clients’ Industries could also be Aggregated; Aggregate Industries; Acquire Retiring Competition – w/ No Cash; APS Core Values; 1) Service Decisions are Client Centric; 2) Structure Decisions are Partner Centric (w/o interfering with Value 1); 3) Outcomes are Societally Beneficial (even if interfering with 1 or 2); Prime Directive: Add so much value that everyone reached wins big; APS Summary: 21st Century Business Model an Business Structure; Summary E-CPA™ Firm; Q – Three-company structure meets legal needs and profit sharing goals; Q – There’s no need to be an Offshore Business but specialty will exist; Q – APS seems acceptable in all states but is not yet vetted in each; Q – Marketing APS is via one on one presentations for the time being.

August 5, 2015 - EDITED - Accountant Partnering System (APS) and the Aggregation Model as applied to Accounting Firms. BF Pro Business as Usual while Staking Out a Claim in the upcoming $12 Trillion Wealth Transfer

Search Word & Phrases: Strategic Aggregation; Accountant Partnering System (APS); APS Model Relevancy; APS Application; APS Industries; APS USP to Unleash the Power of Entrepreneurs; Business Today; Complicated Business; Business Complications; Owner’s Time; Regulation Compliance; Technologies; Selection; Manage Complexity; Start Your Business off right; USP + answering these 6 Questions; 1. Who We Are – Private Equity Company that Partners with CPA firms; 2. What We Do – Reposition CPA firms as Growth Centers; Reposition Firm; Manage 21st Century Business Complexity; Just Do It For Me; 3. How We Do It – Strategic Aggregation integrated within CPA Firm; APS Growth Service; APS Turnkey Service; 4. Who We Do It For – CPA firms that are part of our Network; 5. Why We Do It – to Help Entrepreneurs Thrive; APS End Consumer; Build Out Their Business; Owner Success; Create Income; Create Wealth; 6. Where We Do It – Worldwide; 6 points = Essential Level of Clarity; Focus Only on What Matters; 21st Century Business Model; Benchmark Model; National Diversified’s: Strategic Aggregation Paradigm; Amazon’s: Cost Centers to Profit Centers Mindset; Walmart’s: Emulate the Best of Your Competitors; APS Business Structure is a Licensed, Managed, Branded Network; APS Office is Owned, Licensed, Strategic Alliance, or Joint Venture; APS Model Complexity; Smaller Company; Smaller Companies must have this capacity to Compete and Grow; Services Delivered; Services Tracked; At Signup Firms get: Private Equity and Merger & Acquisition service; Add Human Resources; Add Financial Planning; Add Process Optimization; Add, Marketing Service; Certified Business Strategist; Custom Strategic Plan; Strategic Plan; RMA study by size & SIC industry; Side-by-side Comparison Map; Wrap Around the Client; Owner Dashboard; Client Dashboard; Strategist Dashboard; Progress; Emphasize; De-emphasize; NDFC Partner; Partners Handle Complexity; Accounting Firm Platform; Client Profit and Client Growth; Owner Nightmare; Profitability; Investment in Quality; Satisfaction Guarantee; Strategist works for Firm; Bank Client; APS Net Result - Worldwide CPA Firm for Entrepreneurs; Guaranteed; APS Model - Aggregated, Profit Centered, Best Practice Network; APS Sum: A Massive Change to How 21st Century Business is Done; Q – Conversations with Accountants & Supporting Firms are Fantastic; Q – We are still in the Merger and Acquisition Business adding CPAs; Big 4; Big Four Accounting Firms are Network Oriented; Q - Certified Audit will be done by Big 4 Firm for “Conflict of Interest”; Review Statement; Certified Audit; BF Pro - Businesses Grow by Strategic Acquisition; APS Firm Profile; APS Profile; Accountant Profile; $15M to $100M in billings, 50 to 300 CPAs, lots of Clients; Prime Mover in the $12 Trillion Wealth Transfer

June 17, 2015 - EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: $12 Trillion Intergenerational Wealth Transfer; Retiring Baby Boomer Owner; Gen X & Gen Y; Family business; Qualified Buyer; Valuation; Retirement; Nest Egg; Alternative to business sale; Liquidation; Acquisition Knowledge; Acquisition Plan; Plan A.: Buy one company a year of the current value of the company; Knowledge: Bizar Financing techniques to buy and grow; Result; Plan B.: Help others expand with your Knowledge as an APS Affiliate; 20% Ownership; Result; Owner Retirement Age 73 in the U.S.; Wealth Transfer years; Peaks 2018-2030; Ends about 2033; Ride the Wave; Who Qualifies; NDFC Financial Muscle; APS Affiliate; Entrepreneurial businesses growth; Business Owner; Acquire Competition; Acquire Channel Member; Entrepreneur; Build an Empire; Business Professional; Underemployed Executive; Savvy Investor; Savvy Banker; Savvy Institution; Your Dream; NDFC; Professional; Merger & Acquisition; M&A; APS Reps; APS Representative; APS Elevator Pitch; Value Proposition; Scarcity; Qualify; Next APS Training; Second APS Training; 2nd APS Training; All Cash Seller; PIBA; Right Deal; Entrepreneur; NDFC as Partner; BF Library; LinkedIn Lead Generating; Owners stuck on All Cash need to be flexible in Price; Goodwill Risk; APS Qualification; APS Test; APS flyer; APS Whitepaper; APS Affiliate Fee.

June 3, 2015 - EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Radio Show Start; Company Positioning; Reposition within every Decade; Crowdfunding; Lines-of-Credit; LOC; Successful Executive; Underemployed Executive; Pension Fund a New Corporation; 100 cents on the Dollar; Tax Free Capital; Rollover Process; 1. Form a New Corporation; 2. New Corp forms a Self-funded IRA with you as the Officers; 3. Rollover all funds into New IRA; 4. Buy 100% of New Corp Stock; Two Great Benefits; Personal Liability Protection; New Salary; New Investment; New Corp Cash Leverage; Small Retirement Account; Find Underemployed Partner; Unequal Investor; Equity-Sharing Milestone; Benefit Tradeoff; Stock Market Volatility; Control your Destiny; Finding Underemployed Executive; Private Equity Satellite Companies by Industry; Industry Segment; Aggregation; Cross-marketing; Private Equity Industry; NDFC combined Industries; NDFC Repositioned; Major Private Equity Company; $12 Trillion transfer; Boomer Owner Wealth; Boomer Owned Wealth; Gen X Buyer; Gen Y Buyer; Facilitate Wealth Transfer; Real Opportunity; Demographic Reality; Capital Flow Stream; Capital Transfer; You Benefit; NDFC Logo; APS Representative; Two New Sources of Cash; IRA Fund; 401k Fund; Pension Fund; Roth IRA Fund; Crowdfunding.

May 20, 2015 -Radio Show Update, Questions & Answers, and a Glimpse into a Strategic Sale & Re-purchase Agreement- EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Q&A Session; June 1st 2015 first Radio Show broadcast; Guest Expert; Deep Debrief; Provide Value; Business Owner; Interview; Showcase; Market-based APS Representative; APS Accountants Elevator Pitch; APS Agreement Signature Page; NDFC Client; Organic Growth vs Selling 70%; Loyalty valued over Competency; NDFC Structure; Internally Funded Repurchase in 2-3 years; Radio Showcase; Special Benefit as a Bizar Financing Member.

May 6, 2015 -Accountant Partnering System (APS) - Special APS Training Webinar Recorded on April 6, 2015- EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Chicago Results; Repeat Successes; Black Rhino Financial (Chicago); Fabian Harris; Cosmic Bond; Black Rhino (BR): 200 Clients, small to $70M Revenue; APS Client Size; Single Income Stream; Grow Internally; Help Client via Acquisition; Analyticals; See Projections; Client Appreciation Dinner; Keynote Speaker created Demand; Ten Clients meet Gordon; Clients’ Business Model; Enhanced Business Model; Acquisition Strategies; Clients Enthusiasm Galvanized APS; APS Turning Point; Tipping Point; Ernest Negotiation; NDFC; Client A – Optometrist $60M business; Double Business via Acquisitions; Client B – Electrical Contractor $15M Revenue; Retire; Succession Plan; Estate Plan; Client C – High End Printer $65M Revenue; Acquire Suppliers; Dominate Supply Chain; Dominate Distributors; Dominate IT; $100M in One Year; Targets Client; Grow via Acquisition; Retiring Baby Boomer; Expand into Dream 100; New $75M Client; Q – Positioning via Gatekeeper; Internal Champion; Help Champion Succeed; Q – New Relationship Formed; Scarcity; Clarity; Complimentary Services; Not Competing Services; Help Accountants become More Expert in M&A; APS M&A Experience; NDFC History; NDFC Infrastructure; Existing Knowledge; Internal Relationship; Gatekeeper Relationship; $1T Wealth Transfer; Bank Loan; Expansion Loan; APS Loan Solution; BR Division Head; APS Evangelist; APS MasterMind Call; Openness to Grow Personally; Gordon Mentor; Strategy balances Tactics; APS Preeminence Strategy; BR Division; BR Affiliate; BR Department; Client pays NDFC as Affiliate; NDFC as Contractor; NDFC Testimonial; NDFC Endorsement; Replace Big Event; NDFC Newsletter; Nurture Interest; APS Service Benefit; Problem Solving; Proof of Concept Client Meeting Succeeds; Client Meetings Succeed; Prospect is Ready; Prospect Not Sure; Closing Idea; Close Deal; New APS Firm “w/o a Solution”; Test Worst Client; Book Client Test prior to the event; Gatekeeper Be Charming; Court Gatekeeper; Visit Timing; Visit Goals; Q - Cold-call; Q - Start Up; New Accounting Firm; BR Evangelist In-place; Go Wide; Approach New Market; Appointment Calendar: Secretary Schedules; Travel by Plane; Cold Call Strong Value Proposition; Make $Millions

April 15, 2015 -Networking at Conferences and Networking with Marketers are Ways to Perfect Sales Processes and Increase Deal Flow- EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Infusionsoft; CRM Automation; Email Automation, Shopping Cart Automation; Nurture Campaign; Newsletter Campaign; Sequential Email; Email Sequence; Networking; Grow Businesses Internally; Internal Growth; Grow Business Externally; External Growth; Acquisition Growth; Professional Network; APS; First hand Observation; Consultant to Accountant; Sports Chalet; Elevator Pitch to each audience; Who, Why, Their Benefits; Conference Goal of Transactions, Insights, Network Development; Conference Elevator Pitch and sorts of questions people ask; Wearing Your Passion; Right Now; Build out your Network & Deal Flow; Put Yourself “in Harm’s Way”; Get in front of people; All Attendees are Open; Increase Value to Client; Push Yourself; Get Out There; Build a Quick Elevator Pitch; What’s in it for Them?; Derek Adam Approach: Network via LinkedIn and Reverse Sell; Marketer Hang Out; Acquiring Practices; Retiring Accountant; Rolling Forward Financing; Double Financing; Sales Funnel; Lead Funnel; Your Funnel; Perfect the Process; Converting Objection.

April 1, 2015 -Accountant Partnering System (APS) - Explosive Growth, how to make it work for you - EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Bizar Financing History; BF History; Deal Flow; Focus of Bizar Financing; Focus of BF; Accountant Partnering System (APS); Sydney vs. Chicago; Wide Reaching Many vs. Dig Deep into One; Target Companies; $2M to $20M Gross Sales; Most Severe Needs; Most Troubled Companies: Turnaround Prospects; Peeling the Onion; Find Clarity; The Real Challenge; The Real Problem; Reconstruct the Business; Business Model; Better Model = More Effective, More Profitable; Profit Flow; Invest Time; Create Growth Cash Internally; Internal Funding; Endorsed Introduction; Prestige Introduction; Banker As Ally; Payables Creditor; Chicago Deal Explosion; Engagement Fee; Success Fee; BF Clients Want to Buy; APS Clients Who Want to Sell; Common Thread is BF Mastery and Build-Up Buy-out; Proper Business Model for Profitability; Rethink Wealth Building System; Leverage Relationship; Your Highest Purpose; Your Greatest Value; Entrepreneur; Your Passion; Your Joy; Your Enjoyment; Sydney Sales Approach; Increase Conversions; Sydney Influences Decision Maker; Scarcity; Negative Sell; NDFC Affiliate Training; Best Practices; Best Sales Practices; Deal Flow as the Holy Grail; Mergers and Acquisitions; M&A; Positioning; Framing; Critical Need; NDFC Positioning; Private Equity Company; Backs Entrepreneurs Growth In Business; After Positioning Statement; Qualify Prospect; Best Practices Documentation; Million Dollar Income; Rethinking Your Goals; Be The Boss or to Be The Dealmaker; APS and Accountants; APS and Bankers; Deal Flow Role; Lead Generating Role; APS and Consultants; APS and Business Coaches; Four Sources of Deal Flow; APS Success; Your Knowledge; Case Studies of Problem Accounts; Client Webinars; 50 Years’ Experience; Client Webinars; Technician; Practitioner; NDFC Leverage; Financial Tools; Business Expertise; Opportunities Available; Meet Your Goals; APS Case Studies; BF Pro Webinars;
Sydney Sales Technique; Chicago Sales Technique; Joining is the Prize; Your Proficiency; Prospects Preoccupied with Acceptance; Sydney Uses LinkedIn for Leads; Strangers Seek the Prize; Don’t Chase Leads; Cream Rises; Power Statement; Help Sell A Business; Most Owners; Built Company around Themselves; Many Owners; All Profit Out; APS Fees; Coaching Fee; Restructure; Success Fee at Sale; Replicate What Works Over and Over; APS Affiliate Webinars start April 2, 2015

March 18, 2015 - Accountant Partnering System (APS) - How to apply to be a National Diversified Funding Corporation APS Affiliate - EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Update APS; Affiliate Application; This Week’s Deals;
Two Part Fee; 35% Equity Share; U.S. Acquisitions; Management Company; Australia Financial Planners (FP); Accountant Client List Valuable; APS Purchase Structure; Reduce Investment 2/3; Increase Profits; FP Cash Leveraged for Acquisition/Merger Growth; APS Model outcompetes existing models; Win-Win-Win; Sydney; $20000 PIBA fee; $30k Success Fee; 35% Equity; $25000 PIBA fee plus $50k Success Fees plus 35% Equity; $25k Success Fee in Shares; Chicago; $16000 APS Fee; Access to Large Clients; 11 Pending Deals; Your Affiliate Application; Reviewing Part B; Completing Part A Basic Personal Data; Interview with Mr. Bizar; Sales and Marketing Experience; Your Goals as an APS Affiliate; Share of Ownership of a Business; Describe Your Responsibilities; Areas of Expertise and Experience; Education, Training, Certifications, Licenses, Awards; Part B Complete after Conditional Acceptance; Potential Conflicts of Interest; Criminal Violation; Regulatory Violation; Certification of Information; Entity Recommendation for APS Affiliate Businesses; Sole Proprietorship can convert to LLC; Applications sent from; Identity Kit; Affiliate Mailbox; Training begin after April 1; Review Course Materials; Best Login is at; Best Email is

March 4, 2015 - Associate Partnering System (APS) What it is...How it works... How to get in on it - EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Associate Partnering System (APS); APS Results Sydney; APS Results Chicago; Prestige Introduction; 80% Close Rate; Affiliate Training; Successful Affiliate; National Diversified Reputation; Specific Affiliate Training; Affiliate Responsibilities; Affiliate Training Program Specifics; Timing to Income Flow; APS Affiliate Program Price; Independent Affiliate License; APS Affiliate Revenue Sharing Plan; Professional Engagement Fee; Accountant Engagement Fee; Milestone Success Fee; Parties Paid to Do Work; Equity Participation; Performance Based Fee; Performance Based Profit Share; Clients From Professionals; Professionals may Decline Fee Revenue; Direct Client; APS Independent Affiliate Revenue Sharing Plan; Pre-Training Enrollment; Affiliate Qualification; Affiliate Deposit; Affiliate Interview; APS and Your Fit; Affiliate Qualification are High; Week 1 Training and Exam; Applicable Bizar Financing Sections; APS Learning Curve; Week 2 APS Overview; APS Features; APS Benefits: APS Beneficiaries; Dedicated APS Website; Week 3 Recruiting and Enrollment of Professionals; Personality Styles & Techniques; Educational Marketing; Week 4 Access NDFC Technology; Email Automation; Infusionsoft; Week 5 APS Case Studies; Week 6 Course Review & Qualification Exam; Presentation Copy Availability; Example Professional Fee; National Marketing; Example Success Fee; Example Performance Fee; Revenue Sharing Long Term; Big League Deals; Bizar Financing; Unique Advantage; 6 Week Training Time Commitment; Revenue Sharing in Perpetuity; Apply to be an APS Affiliate, APS Affiliate Application Process.

February 18, 2015 - Business Valuation - How to Determine a Fair Market Selling Price of a Medical Practice or any other Type of Service Business - EDITED

Search Word & Phrases: Medical Practice Value; Service Business Value; Join Bizar Financing Pro; Take Bizar Financing Pro; Industry Data Sources; Specific Industry Data; Medical Industry Data; Creating Value; Referral Pattern; Tenure of Owner; Mandated Overhead; Net Income; Income Stream Timing; Economic Climate; Service Specialty; Medical Specialty; Single Largest Valuation Factor; Best Value Factor; Real Cash Flow; Net Profit; Owner Payroll; Buyer Point of View; Buyer Look; Fair Market Value; Seller Point of View; Seller Look; Emotional Value of Price; Knowledgeable Buyer; ROI Value; Cash Flow Value; Growth Value; Factors to Value: Tangible Assets; Financial Assets; Goodwill Asset; Intangible Assets; Tangible & Financial: Accounts Receivable, Hard Assets, Cash, Prepaid Expense; Cash Basis Balance Sheet; Receivables Aging; Goodwill; Hospital; Hospital Catchment Area; Accountable Care Organization (ACO); Goodwill Value Added; Buyer’s Expectation vs. General Conditions; Goodwill Registry; Goodwill Values Paid by Specialty; Goodwill Values Paid by Industry; Goodwill Percent of Purchase Price; Wildly High Goodwill Value; Old Valuation Formula; Business Price Calculator (BPC); Access Past Webinar; Online Tools; Service Business Value; When Should You Consider Buying a Business; How to Pay for a Service Business; Liquidate vs. Selling; Flexible Seller; How Long Does It Take; Unrealistic, Emotionally Committed Owner; Price Flexibility; Liquidation Value; Going Concern Value; Price Business with Assets; Price Business Lease Assets; BPC ARM34 deal; High Goodwill Claim; Highly Profitable Business; Business Risk vs. Stock Market Risk; Buying Assets; buying a Consulting Business; Basic Principles; High Multiple Business; Sharktank; Mr. Wonderful; EBITDA; Profit and Cash Flow.

February 4, 2015 - Acquisition Statistics You Need to Know to Enhance Your Credibility with Sellers (Plus an Update on the Associate Partnering System (APS)) - MINOR EDITS

Search Word & Phrases: Business Pricing Fundamentals; Business Valuation Fundamentals; Business Price Calculator; Sales Trends; Sales of Privately Held Businesses; Owner Optimism to Increase Annual Revenues; Business Buyers Today; Written Offer to Buy Your Business; Offer to Hands-on Owner; Companies with Management Team; Multiple of Net Income; Large Business Offer; Younger Owner; Youngest Owner; Company Built to Sell; Mid-range Age Owner; Sale Price High; Sale Price Unrealistically High; Youngest Owner; Lower Multiple of Earnings; Owner Over 20 Years; Most Offers; Highest Multiple; Growth Industry; Geographically Scalable Company; More Standardization; Owner In The Business; Owners On The Business; Personal Customer Relationship; Scalable Company Up 5x; Overview: to Set Your Price; 3.7x Earnings = Rule Of Thumb (2014); High Social Media Opt-ins; Add Earnings with More Social Media; Lower Market Share; High Recurring Sales; Sales Over $3 Million; Multiples Increase with Size (Sales Revenue); Large Company Average 5x Multiple; Tight Record Keeping; Growing Companies; Growth Companies; 30% Growth per Year; Valuations Depend On Earnings; Valuation and Assets; High Assets Better Redeployed As Cash; Assets Have Value as Income Producers; Lease Assets; Make Income; Monopoly; Leverage Products; Monopoly Distribution Network; Offer Likelihood; Varies By Industry; Multiple Varies by Industry; Multiple Trend Down; Price Multiple; Over $3 Million Sales; Q: Define Earnings (Net Profit After All Expenses); Q: Notice to Reader; Unaudited Books; Audited Books; Reviewed Books; APS Update; APS Rollout Process; APS Monetizing; APS Splits; APS Expansion Area; High Level High Prestige High Trust High Respect Populations; APS Expansion Concept; Buying Groups; Associations; Consultants; Accountants; Attorneys; Lawyers; Business Coaches; Life Coaches; APS Expansion: Where the Relationship to Business Owners is Strong; APS: How Fast Can Deals Happen; APS: How Fast can Cash Flow; Q: Originals of the Chart Data.

January 7, 2015 - How the Accountant Partnering System pioneered in Sydney and Chicago is working and how Bizar Pro graduates can participate and benefit - MINOR EDITS

Search Word & Phrases: Finding acquisition candidates; APS Private label services; Target Industry data; Consulting Revenue; Turnkey Services; Marketing & Sales support; Large Accounting Firms; Target Profile; Rollup funding; Internal Financing Method; Zero Cash acquisition; Producing Targeted Seminars; Owners want to grow or want to retire/sell; APS Model; Turn-key consulting; Transformation to full-service firms; Acquisitions boost profits and sale price; Account Fee Structure; Marketing support; Rollout to Metropolitan Areas; Expansion Model; 2015 Focus; How to Join; Rollout ti Your Target Industry; Partnering provides Prestige Introductions; Partnering streamlines Deal Flow; Business Coaching is available; Initial fee rationale; Initial sales approach; Pay Structure; Marketing to clients; Language preference English; Sales Timing; Local vs. Remote; Pro Graduate Fee Structure; Accountants as allies; Attorneys as allies.

December 3, 2014 - Partnering with accounting firms in Sydney and Chicago is successful and there are myriad ways for Bizar Pro graduates to participate - MINOR EDITS

Search Words & Phrases: 2014 Year-end recap & Looking ahead to 2015 – What’s Working Now; Accounting firm partnering projects; Accountant Partnering; Handling leveraged buyouts (LBO's); selling Professional Practices at a premium price; Deal structures and adding value; Successful deals; expanding Deal Flow; Retiring sellers; Fast business valuation growth; Buildup Buyout; Accountant’s business model (paradigm) has changed; Increasing capacity; Business Coaches are essential; Acquisition experience vs. Pro competence; High-level staff attributes and how selected; Roadblocks with professionals; Participating in Bizar Financing growth.

November 19, 2014 - MINOR EDITS: Info on Sydney and Chicago Accounting Firm Project

Search Words & Phrases: Account Partnering System (APS) is revolutionary; Comparing Sydney and Chicago; Sydney; Variation Number 3 with Buildup Buyout; Double Company Profit; Off-balance Sheet transaction; Becoming Millionaires; Chicago; Event with Keynote Speaker; Meet with 10 Clients; Become the In house Private Equity resource; assist with Merger and Acquisitions; Provide Growth Services; Rejuvinate10 clients and Reward Accountants; Value added: new revenue stream; APS differentiation; Private Label Growth Mechanism; APS works with MERIT; Adding a Business Coach; APS rollout and you; Client Meeting Examples; 1- Startup: financing impossible; Solution seek Total Clarity; Buildup Buyout; 2- Manufacturing and Installer hard times; Solution: Hidden Asset provides Cash Flow; Immediate Cash Flow; 3 – Planning Stage Restaurant and Music Venue; Solution: Bridge Capital + Patronage + Crowd Funding; Simultaneous Marketing and Raising of Investor Capital (SMARIC); 4- Invention needs Marketing Support; Solution: Crowd Fund Seed Capital for Pull-Through Promos; Accountant feedback; 5- Protect Early Stage Supplement Company; Solution: Grow Under The Radar via a Niche Market; 6- Finance New Business with Inexperienced Owner; Solution: Proven Operators + Double Escrow; Pre-lease Agreements as Assets; Concierge Expansion Model with Cross Marketing & Cross Sales; Motivated Problem Clients become Home Runs; APS works with local Bizar Pro Graduates; Bizar Pro Graduates have many New Models to Follow; Q: Webinar Recording Availability.

November 5, 2014 - Perfecting Quality Deal Flow required reframing Bizar Financing so that Accountants can see for themselves How to Get What They Want by Giving Clients What They Want in a Risk-Neutral environment. - MINOR EDITS

Search Word & Phrases: Perfecting Quality Deal Flow Model; Sydney, Australia Prototype; Chicago, Illinois Prototype; People Have What You Want; Business Platform Structure; What Do You Want?; Prestige Deal Flow; Who Has What You Want?; What Do They Want?; How Can My Business cause that Transaction?; Have I Structured It So Everyone Wins?; Centers Of Influence; Prestige Deal Flow; Lead Breadth; Trusted Advisor Relationship; Lead Quality; Personal Introduction; Prestige Introduction; Personal Endorsement; Immediate Credibility; Continuing Support; Goodwill growth; Accountants Have It; What They Want; Self-branded Services; Turnkey Services; NationalDiversified.Com; Growth Services; Positioning; Accountants’ Success; Pain Points; Audience Attention; Clarifying the Problem; Credibility; White Label; Self-Branded Turnkey Services; Self-Financed Expansion; Want more income?; Want to leverage your time?; Want in-house Private Equity?; Want in-house Mergers & Acquisitions arm? Want own Business Growth & Development Arm?; Business Coaches; Business Consultants; Key to Quality Deal Flow; Magic Formula = Accountants + Coaches + Growth Advisors; Prototype Review: Sydney; Keynote Speaker; Easy Path; Mutual Success; Prototype Review: Chicago; Featured Speaker; Solving Problems; Getting In Step; Who They Are; Training Seminars; Educate Client; Identify First Adopters; Attract New Clients; Bizar Pro Grad; Learn By Example; Rollout; Q: PIBA; On-line Seminars; Accredited for Accountants; Q: How to be part; Bizar Financing expansion; Q: Trial Period ; Rollout Attributes.

October 15, 2014 - MINOR EDITS

Search Word & Phrases: Ten (10) Most Important Lesson; 50 Years’ Experience; Enable People; Entrepreneurial Continuum; What stops people?; How to overcome paralysis or plateaus; What produces great wealth?; 1. Knowing when to hold’ em; Knowing when to fold ‘em; Tenacity works; Avoid Self-destructive Behaviors; Cut losses short; Ride Winners; Sell to Strategic Buyers; 2. Yes, there is Entrepreneur Heaven (Leverage); Financial Leverage; Acquisition; Multiply Lifetime Wealth; 3. Do What You Love; Let Passion & Purpose Drive Your Life; Money Will Follow; 4. Capital Is King; Business Structure Keeps Capital in the Business; 5. Perception is Reality; Appearance, Framing & Positioning; Motivate People; 7. Win-Win-Win Builds Wealth; Take-Take-Take Weakens ROI; Make Raving Fans; All Stakeholders; All Suppliers; All Customers; All Employees; Everyone the Business Touches; 8. Who Trumps What; Get the Right People; Shed the Wrong People; People make What’s Happen; 9. None of us is as good as all of us; Aggregation; Logarithmic Growth; Exponential Growth; 6. Four (4) Personality Styles; Minimize Resistance; Maximize Cooperation; 10. You are the Master of Your Own Fate; Motivate to Net All Benefits; Ego; Starting Business; Team Building; Build Value; Building Value; Share Proceeds; Big Picture; Major Success Themes; Life Lessons; Business Lessons; Australia trip; Case Study; Differentiation; Differentiate vs. Competition; More Valuable; Accountants Wealth; Accountant Growth Service; Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) Arm; Everybody Wins; No Values Compromised

October 1, 2014 - MINOR EDITS - Review of Engaging the Services of an Investment Banker and the Provisions of the Engagement Letter

Search Word & Phrases: Traditional Funding vs. No Cash; Overview as Buyer; Overview as Seller; Large Deals and Investment Banker (IB); Language of Business; How to Select an Investment Banker; PIBA and IBs; IB thinks How Do We Raise The Cash; IBs & Public Companies; IBs and Private Company Acquisitions; Board of Directors & Fiduciary Responsibility; Doing Things Right; Public Company Buyer; Owner Comfort Zone; Private Company Seller; Unsolicited Interest from Suitor; Private Company Buyers; Raising Capital; Fairness Position; Fairness Opinion; Reasonableness of Deal; Investment Bank Services; Selecting an IB; Industry Experience; Understand Conflicts in advance; Lessons Learned; Engagement Letter Attributes; Your Own Attorney; Reasonable Vocabulary; Scope of Engagement; Services Provided; Sell-side; Buy-side; Fairness Opinion for Stockholder; Covered Transaction for Success Fee; Tail Period; Transaction; IB Fees; Advisor Fees: Retainer; Success Fee; Break-up Fee; Expenses; Enterprise Value; Consideration Received; Success Fee Triggers; Success Fee Calculation; Success Fee Timing of Payment; Indemnification; Contribution; Exculpation; Advisor Liability; IB Liability; Reasonable Terms and Conditions; Key Take-Aways; Typical IB Engagement Letter; Your Responsibility; How to Review Webinar; Key Words; Key Phrases; Key Concepts.

September 17, 2014 - Stakeholders are the Beneficiaries in the Success of a Business and their Potential Benefit can be converted into Capital to make a Deal happen in myriad ways - MINOR EDITS

Search Word & Phrases: Do-Able Deal Analyzer; Source of Funds; Stakeholders; Natural Allies to your Success; People; Companies; Non-profits; Future Customers; Government; Who Else Benefits?; How do they Benefit?; What could it be Worth?; How do you Monetize the Benefits?; Cash; Loans; Guarantees; Prepaid Expenses; Free Products; Free Services; Financeable Contracts; Facilities; Example: Acquisition Stakeholders; Review of Stakeholder Concept; The Necessary Illusion; First Allies; Money Magnets; Credibility.

September 3, 2014 - Review of Merger & Acquisition Legal Structure and Tax Benefits Part 2 - MINOR EDITS

Search Word & Phrases: Acquisitions; Tax Benefits; Disclaimer; Individual Buyer; Individual Seller; Entity Purchase; Assets Purchase; Merger Structure; Merger Magic; See Section M-2; LBO; Mergers; Merger Magic; Acquirer = Survivor; Zero Sales Tax; Transferred Assets; Entity Sale; Income Taxes; Not Deferred Taxes; Same Year End; Surviving Corporation; Hidden Liabilities; No Capital Gains; No Recapture of Income Taxes; Mergers with Tax Dollars as ‘Capital’; Offshore Merger; Burger King Donut Chain is the Survivor; Shareholders Rename the Donut Chain; “Burger King” Profitability = Magic; Tax Savings paid for the Donut Chain; Variation #3; Offshore Surviving Corporation; Profits are Made Offshore; Offshore Corporation; Bill Management Fees; Move Profits; Variation #3 Purchase with Tax Savings; MERIT and Offshore Merger; Trust and Offshore Merger; Regaining Control; Government Money; Existing Leverage; Value Investing;

August 20, 2014 - Review of Merger & Acquisition Legal Structure and Tax Benefits Part 1 - MINOR EDITS

Search Word & Phrases: Merger Structures; Acquisition Structures; M&A; M&A Benefits; Merger Benefits; The Basic Acquisition; Individual Buyer; Individual Seller; Buyer Personal Liability; Buyer Sales Tax; Transferred Assets; Buyer Income Tax; Personal Tax Level; Corporate Tax Level; Buyer Liability; Hidden Liabilities; Assumed Liabilities; Simple Acquisition; Rarely Recommended Acquisition; Seller Capital Gains; Seller Recapture Income Tax; Minimum Recommended Structure; Entity & Individual Seller; Buyer New Corporation; Corporation Owns Business; Buyer Personal Liability; Owner Personal Liability; Debt Liability; Sales Tax on Transferred Assets; No Personal Income Tax; No Hidden Liabilities; Assumed Liabilities; Seller Capital Gains; Seller Recapture Income Tax; Real Benefit; Liability Protection; Form New Corporation; Purchase Structure; Two Basic Structures; Buying Entity; Buying Assets; Entity Purchase; Liabilities; Operation; Structure; No Liability for Debts; No Sales Tax on Assets; Different Yearend; Deferred Taxes; Hidden Liabilities; Seller Capital Gains Tax; No Recapture Income Tax; Asset Purchase; Tangible Assets; Intangible Assets; Empty Shell; Acquired Assets; Assumed Liabilities; Acquired Corporation Debt; Sales Tax on Acquired Assets; One Yearend; Specifically Acquired Liabilities; Seller Capital Gains; Seller Recapture Taxes; Double Taxes; Two Taxes; Opportunity to Negotiate Price; Merger Structure; One Corporation Absorbs the Second; Acquiring Corporation is the Surviving Corporation; Acquire New Name; Place of Incorporation; Survivor Yearend; No Sales Tax; Income Tax; Hidden Liabilities; No Capital Gains; No Recapture Income Tax; Key to Tax Planning; Major Tax Planning Benefits; Variation #3; Merger Structure (M-2 0;23;22); Offshore Corporation; Q: Corporation vs. LLC; LLC Advantage; Income is Not Taxed Twice; S-Corp; Provide More Flexibility; Take LLC Public; Q: Merger and MERIT; Three Corporation Deferral Process; Highest Profit; Top Price to Seller; Q: How To Pay the Lowest Taxes; Big Goal; Use Your Capital For Growth not Taxes; More Taxes over time; Business Grows; More Employment; More Sales; More Property Purchases; Dynamite-Entrepreneur: Best Structures; High Growth; All Benefit

July 16, 2014 - Questions & Answers - Review of Everything Wholesale Manual - MINOR EDITS

Search Word & Phrases: Review Course Tools; August 6, 2014 Webinar; Tools Section; Save Time; Better Positioning; Everything Wholesale Manual Focus; Save $Thousands; Everything Wholesale Table of Contents; Secret to Success; Secret is Cutting Costs; Buy Right you can Sell Right; High Margin Field; No Competition; With Competition; Watch Spending & Keep Quality High; Buying Wholesale Knack; Buying Wholesale Language; Trade Suppliers; Wholesale Advertising; Same Budget = 15-50% More Results; Wholesale Real Estate; Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars; Markup Trades; Test Purchases; Free Stuff; Free Product; Free Service; Starter Business; Coop Business; Buying Group; Buying Association; Everything Wholesale Update; Lowest Level Producers; Everything Wholesale Frame of Mind; Physical Needs to Buy at Wholesale; Desk Name; Mailing Location; Mailing Address; Car Leasing Company Price; Sales Tax; 10-15% Agency Discount; Advertising Agency; Advertising Media Discount; Real Estate Commission; Realtor Commission; Realty Broker Commission; Markup Trade; Test Purchase; Lower Quantity; Get Started Buying Wholesale; Three-word Company Name List; Three Company Name; Company Division Name; Wholesale Hotel Room; Wholesale Meeting Space Pricing; Timing Component To Pricing; “Wise Purchasing”; Lowest Cost; Higher Sales; Internet Shopping Key.

July 2, 2014 - EDITED: Working with CPA's to create deal flow and keeping the seller's CPA from mucking up your deal.

Search Word & Phrases: Partnering System; Accountant Deal Flow; Critical Component; Find a Business; Buy a Business; Australia Test; Accountant Introduction; Introduction; Positioning Accountant; Mergers and Acquisitions; M&A Deal Flow; Unique Selling Proposition (USP); Accountant Differentiation; Private Label M&A Expertise; Motivated Client; Accountant Partnering System (APS); Bizar Financing Graduate; M&A Specialist in APS; Australia specialist; Business Consultant; Business Coach; Job to Sell not Business to Sell; Build Up Buy In; Desirable Business Valuation; Milestone Fee; Success Fee; Win-Win; Win-Win-Win; Self-supporting Revenue; Rapidly Scalable; APS Rep Opportunity and APS Support Team; APS Representative; M&A Business; Key Resources; National Diversified Funding Corporation (NDFC); M&A Partner; Accountant Benefit; M&A Process Role; Seamlessly Articulated; Roles Executed; Member Firm Ownership; APS Fee; NDFC Resources; NDFC Intellectual Property (IP); NDFC Database; Accountant Pain Point; Early Test; Concept Test; Idea Test; Systems and Processes; Key People; Scale Up APS; are Baby Boomer Owners; Growth Help; Deal Flow Source; Deal Frequency; Active Buyer; Buildup Buy In Candidate; Milestone Fee Share; Buyout Equity; Sole Owner; New Partner; Need Partner; Deal Flow Source Cultivation; Deal Flow Consistent Contact; Q – How do you take control of a Deal when the Owner’s team is slow; Meet with Seller about How Your Offer could Change His Life; Change Owner’s Life; Seller Insecurity; 1. Eliminate CPA’s fear; 2. Establish Valuation Basis; 3. Establish billing opportunity for a Deal; Q – at the First Hint the CPA is in that position…get to the Accountant; Q – What if the Accountant’s Valuation is just too high?; 1. Take it on with some authoritative reference; 2. Meet the Owner and CPA together & nail down who has the money; 3. Create Urgency and a Realistic Timeframe for a Decision; Q – Webinars are posted within a few hours in the Webinar Library; Q – Let the CPA know that Monthly or Quarterly Financials are needed = new CPA Revenue; Q – CPA likely needs to change Client Structure to get Maximum Valuation; Maximum Price; Highest Price; Q – Compared to a Business Broker the CPA is Stronger Relationship; Q – Investors need to see deals that build on what they are familiar with; Summary: Extend and Expand your thinking about Deal Flow.

June 18, 2014 - Questions & Answers - plus content on the importance of scale for project success, definition of an entrepreneur and the first law of mutual exchange - MINOR EDITS - Vision – The Key to Attracting the Best Resources, People, and Interest... Truly, the Road to Greatness

Search Word & Phrases: Higher Success; More Likely Success; Vision; “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Pro 29:18); Entrepreneur; Vision in Trouble; Check and Re-check your Vision; Compelling Vision; Magnet; Best Practices; Best Examples; Partner; Top Practitioner; Larger Vision; Bigger Vision; Vision Bigger; Scale is Critical; More Compelling; More Capital; More Participation; Stakeholder; Raising Money; Bids for Rights to Participate; Stakeholder Buy-in; Crowdfunding; Buy Rights; Sell Rights; Non-profits; Donation; The Road to Greatness; First Law of Mutual Exchange; Business Platform; Existing Talent; Credibility; Accelerate Gain; Accelerate Growth; Accelerate Completion; Master Theme of Your Life…Uniquely Yours; My Gifts; Business Key; Win-win-win tool; Business is not a Zero Sum Game; Prospect; Prospecting; Lead Flow; Deal Flow; Multiple Industries; Focus; More Than Enough Opportunity; Owner’s Income; Owner Income, Owner Perk; Financials not mouths; Large $20M deal; RMA study; RMA eStatement Study; Net Profit; Negotiate with Owner; Automated Lead Flow; BPC; Price is automated; DDA Financing is automated; Attorney Fee, Appraiser Fee, Auctioneer Fee, BF Outsider; More Expense; More Time; Definitive Purchase Agreement is binding; Attorney Fee $2-25K; Blog Post “Buy a Business with little or no Attorney Fees”; Appraiser Cost; Seller Cost; Scale Deals & Structure Deals to Attract the Very Best People.

June 4, 2014 - EDITED: Building Cosmic Bond Interview with Bill Starr on Building Cosmic Bond – The Sale or Purchase of a Business is First and Foremost a Psychological Transaction

Search Word & Phrases: Get Cosmic Bond Right; Like Each Other; Respect Each Other; Trust Each Other; Seller’s Child; Child Grows Up With You; Best For Child; No Argument Overcomes It; Likeability; All Business; Be a Real Person; Bill Starr; Deals Come to Him; Deal Flow; Investment Banker; BF Pro Course; M&A; Likeability; 100% Owner Financed; Rapport Building; 90-95% Do-able Deal; Seller Spectrum; Seller Type; A. Must get a Certain Amount, doesn’t Trust Terms; Z. Seller has all they want already and Could Sell or Not; Let Owner Talk; Listen; Ask Questions; Relax; Deal Structure; Fair for Both Buyer and Seller; Both Parties; Time is a Friend; Building Cosmic Bond; Patience; Cosmic Bond; Build Your Network; Deal Flow Network; Financing Network; Your Expertise; Help People; Zero Compensation; Emotional Separation; Never Fall in Love with a Company; Child; This Company is Their Baby; Legacy; Company Name Legacy; Investor Bonding; Minimum ROI; Risk Management; Cash Back; Cash Out; Management Plan; Due Diligence Plan; Growth Plan; Exit Plan; Look at Everything; Involve Others; Involve Outsider; Be Honest; Be Generous; Understand Owner Need; Owner Want; 10 Questions; Ten Questions; Deal Structure; Practice Cosmic Bond; Free Flowing Manner; Personality Type; Respect People’s Time; We’re Buying; The Price; The Terms; Q – Does a Future Exit disrupt the Original Owner’s Goal for the Child?; Sellers Help Solve Problem; Post-sale Problem; Stay in Touch; Transfer of Ownership; Few Disruptions; Help Stabilize Asset; Reputation Matters; Integrity; Trust; Honesty; Values; Personal Asset; Price Tug-of-War Solution; Price Compromise; 1. Avoid using Business Broker; 2. Use BF Tools; 3. Find the Real Reason the Owner is Selling; 4. 1x EBITDA works; 5. The Numbers Speak for Themselves; Funny Math; Broker Math; Broker Summary; Work the Deal; Do the Work; Avoid Multiple Agendas; Issues; Disputes; Resolve via Cosmic Bond; Attorney Billable Hours; Managed via Specific Requests; Attorney Question; Letter of Intent (LOI); Meeting of Minds; Meeting of the Minds; Artificial Attorney Conflict; Resolve Conflict; Directly with Seller; Your Attorney to Owner Attorney; Bill’s Cosmic Bond Questions – Get Seller talking about His Business; Compliment Seller about Business, Compare Backgrounds; Compare Interests; Q – Long-distance Cosmic Bonding still Requires Communicating Well; Phones Work – Be Authentic; Be Open; Be Courteous; Be Confident; Be Real; Announce Willingness to find the Mutual Best-Deal; Smile when on the Phone; Build Cosmic Bonding Skill Set; Practice; Connection Improves Payoff Grows; Increase Profit; Get Prepared; Get Out There; Meet Owners; Improve Skills; Entrepreneur Financing Fund; Pink Sheet Company; Penny Stock Company; 144 Exchange; NOT 144A Exchange; Cosmic Bond is Essential; Best Deal; Practice Cosmic Bond

May 7, 2014 - MINOR EDITS: Hands-on Review of the Do-able Deal Analyzer (DDA) using Section F Business Price Calculator (BPC) Numbers

Search Word & Phrases: Do-able Deal Analyzer Instruction; Doable Deal Analyzer Instruction; DDA Instruction; DDA Tutorial, Do-able Deal Analyzer Tutorial; Structuring a Deal; Structure a Deal; Business Price Calculator; BPC; BPC Section F – Use a Fresh One!!!; Same Data as in the Section F BPC; DDA Video in Section G is historic today’s Tutorial is up to date; Always Use a Fresh, Newest Version; Data from Financials; Company Info; SIC code link; Company Financial Statement; Book Value; Machinery; Equipment; Transportation; Owners Overprice emotionally; Owner Emotion 50-100% Premium; Entrepreneur Question; Available Techniques; 116 ways; Produce Purchase Cash: Find Purchase Cash; Find Cash; All Filled Out…Very, Completely; Lowest Cost Cash; Money Availability; Pre-close Money; Flexible Money; After Close Money; Pre Close 1; After Close 1; Blue Number; INPUTS; Entry; Lavender Number; COMPUTED; Calculated Number; Entity Purchase; Asset Purchase; Entrepreneur Funding Source; Retirement Fund; Existing Business; Outside Investor; Broker Fee; Deferred Commission; Government Funds; Walmart; Total Available Cash; Swing Loan; Techniques Used; Business Price; Seller’s Asking Price; Overpaying per the Cash Flow Table; Realistic Price; Bad Deal; Realistically-Priced Do-able Deal; Down Payment; Surplus Cash in Techniques Used; Techniques Used Surplus; Negative Cash Flow; Reduce Techniques Used; Acquisition Do-able; Positive Cash Flow is Required; Shop Lower Rates; Keep Surplus Low; Cut Refinancing; Reduced Financing of Equipment; Stars; Investor; Reduce Equipment; Add Value; More Profitable Business; Business Plan; Immediate Plan; First Year Plan; Near Term Plan; Exit Plan; Accelerate Profitability; Balloon Payment Plan; Tax Rate; Support; Closing Advantage; Beat the Banker; Beat the CFO; Beat the CEO; Breaking Formulas is NOT Recommended – Upstream Changes are Lost; Pre-Close Cash; Signed LOI; Subject to Financing; Letter of Intent; Lender Terms; Lender’s Terms; Re-shop Lender; Gain Seller Concession; Seller Concessions; After LOI; Purchase Agreement; Contingency Clearing Date; Things Change...Your Tools will Help; Things Changed; Webinars uploaded Next Day; Edited Webinar; Edited Version in Days to Follow.

April 16, 2014 - Questions & Answers and an Introduction to Summer Series on “How and Where Do I Find the Cash?” - MINOR EDITS

Search Word & Phrases: Raising Cash; Financing Sources; Feedback Request: “What are the items which still need to be covered?”; Q – Factoring is available through the BF Network; Hub Business; Q – Sometimes Keeping a Business as a Platform is better than Selling; Price too High; High Price; Q – How to discuss Price and Down payment with an Overpriced Seller; Bad Deal; Selling Price; Selling Terms; Deal Price; Deal Terms; Down Payment; Company Assets; Discounted Cash Flow; Hard Asset; Higher Multiple; Software Company Multiple; Future Product Flow; Best Deal Justified; Win – Win; Q – Discounted Cash Flow can be worked out per Actual Sales; Q – Transfer a Business Immediately & Payout from Revenue over time; Cash Flow Company; Buy Customer Base; Q – Look to June/July 2014 Series for Case Studies and How To Stories; Q – This Financing Process is straightforward and takes 3-6 Months; Q – Ownership Structure is pretty open as long as there’s Full Disclosure; Q – Factoring, Asset Based Lending, Swing Loans…are available in BF; Q- Use an Assistant for Mechanical sorts of tasks not Creative tasks; NDA; Employee NDA; Assistant NDA; Project Launch with: What is Needed, What’s the Time-line, set Milestones; Q – BF Research Section will show Purchase Order Financing Sources; BF Research Section; Public Research; Member Only Research; Investor Sourcing; Charity Work; Volunteer Fund Raiser; Local Money; Invaluable Expert Credibility; Political party Fund Raiser; Candidate Fund Raiser; Movers & Shakers; Social Media Network; LinkedIn; Angels; Venture Capital; Private Equity Groups; Private Equity Company; Natural Forum; Summer Series; BF Member Forum; Champion; Raise Money; Networking; Client Development; Client Base; Customer Development; Customer Base.

April 2, 2014 - MINOR EDITS: Traditional Leverage Buyout (LBO) as used for Acquiring Large Companies plus Q&A; Introduction to upcoming Webinar Series on Financing Business Acquisitions and Growth.

Search Word & Phrases: Financing; Leveraged Buyout (LBO); Asset Rich Company; Under performing Company; Traditional LBO Structure; Acquiring Large Company; General Partner; GP; Sponsor; Target Company; Limited Liability Partnership; LLP; Investor; Expertise; Acquisition Plan; Preferred Stock; Common Stock; get More Money; High Yield Debt; Mezzanine Debt; GE Capital; Top Return; Bank Debt; Senior Credit Facility; Low Risk and Lower Return; Junk Bond; Escrow Account; Closing; Original Owner; Existing Shareholder; Existing Lender; Existing Bondholder; New Debt; Traditional Structure; BF deal; Future Webinar; Financing Business Acquisition; Financing Growth; 14 Webinar Series; Business Finance Expert; Financing Type; Financing Method; Financing Structure; Financing Source; Financing Innovation; Financing Case Study; Financing Example; Eliminate Financing Roadblock; Acquisition Stopper; Corporation; Liability Firewall; Limited Partners; Big Payoff; Liquid Stock; Public Stock; Large Private Company Public; giant Cash Flow; Retire Debt; Increase Stock Value; Talent Follows Money and Money Follows Talent; Q – Find the Right Company, Find Talent, Present Bio & Plan = Money; Money People; Deal Sheet of Finance Detail; Financing Detail; Talent Share 20-30%; LP Share 30%; Your Share as GP 40%; My Share; Talented Executive; Downsized Executive; Underemployed Executive; Q – Framing and Preparation will put you into New Opportunities

March 19, 2014 - Questions & Answers - MINOR EDITS - Question & Answer Session; Show Me the Money Series now includes Enhancements for Investors; A MERIT Performance Payment discussed

Search Word & Phrases: Show Me The Money; Dan Swanson; Raising Money Key Elements & Key Points; Key to Raising Money; Enticing Investors with Reward vs. Risk; Enhancements Limit Downside Risk; Limit Risk; Enhancements Build Returns; Build Return; Unfinished Project; Unfinished Deal; Institutions; Insurance Company; Bond; Allocate Profit; Bond Premium; Eliminate Investor Objection; Investor Confidence; Cautious Investor; Investor Protection; Investor Protected; Private Party Guarantee; Private Party Asset Lien; Structural Enhancement; Cash Reserve; Interest Prepayment; Principal Prepayment; Investment Offset Accounts; Entrepreneur Cash Focus; Raise Cash; Having Cash makes Choices; Raising Cash from Others; Make Better Deals; Q – Show Me The Money Agenda will be available for the Series; Q – is for unanswered questions; Q – Screen Shot: a Little Camera icon to capture GoToWebinar Screens; Q – Q & A will be at the end of future webinars not a separate webinar; MERIT payment received; MERIT Tax Savings; Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Checklist; Follow-up; Get Referrals

March 5, 2014 - Raising Cash - MINOR EDITS:

February 19, 2014 - Extensive session on raising capital for your business with Dan Swanson; plus Questions & Answers - EDITED

February 5, 2014 - MINOR EDITS:

January 15, 2014 - Questions & Answers plus Picasso Analogy - What would you do if you could buy a $25 million verified Picasso painting for a $1 million (and you don't have the $1 million)? - UNEDITED:

December 4, 2013 - MINOR EDITS:

November 20, 2013 - Questions & Answers - MINOR EDITS:

November 6, 2013 - MINOR EDITS:

October 16, 2013 - Questions & Answers - MINOR EDITS:

September 18, 2013 - Questions & Answers - MINOR EDITS:

September 4, 2013 - MINOR EDITS:

August 21, 2013 - Questions & Answers - MINOR EDITS:

August 7, 2013 - UNEDITED: The Know-how Black Hole - What's stopping you from achieving the ultimate realization of your business vision. And, how to transcend it.

July 17, 2013 - Questions & Answers - Edited: Building your business persona. Creating a sense of urgency in Baby Boomer business owners to sell now before the avalanche. Plus various questions and answers.

July 3, 2013 - Update on combining the Do-able Deal Analyzer and Business Price Calculator Tools plus Questions & Answers on various topics

June 19, 2013 - Questions & Answers - Basic Edits Only:

June 5, 2013 - Basic Edits Only: Solving Individual Challenges - Getting Unstopped - Keeping Your Forward Momentum

Search Words & Phrases: Expanding sources of businesses for sale; Translating your business skills into business ownership; Capitalizing on Business Hot Spots; Identify your strategic advantage; Get in front of the business boom vs. being Johnny Come Lately; Advantage of being the Boots-on-the-Ground in an Economic Hot Spot; Growth in other countries; Brazil, Canada; Selling your expertise or intellectual property (IP) overseas; Exploiting Bizar Financing’s international contacts & connections; Importance of timing; Acquisitions using MERIT System for CPA practices; Use MERIT as an acquisition tool for any type business

May 15, 2013 - Questions & Answers - Basic Edits Only:

May 1, 2013 - UNEDITED: Getting Value from Business Brokers

Search Words & Phrases: Positioning, framing so broker seeks to please vs. qualify us; Be a sophisticated buyer & take control; Size of deals through brokers; Type & quality of information brokers have on a company; Difference between raw numbers, financials, & tax returns; Dress for success; Making acquisitions easy; Educating brokers in Bizar Financing methods; Two extreme types of business brokers

April 17, 2013 - Questions & Answers - UNEDITED:

April 3, 2013 - UNEDITED:

March 20, 2013 - Questions & Answers - UNEDITED:

March 6, 2013 - UNEDITED:

February 20, 2013 - Questions & Answers - UNEDITED:

February 6, 2013 - New Business Price Calculator (BPC) which includes Build-up Buy-in model and handling surplus cash back to seller - UNEDITED:

January 16, 2013 - Questions & Answers - UNEDITED:

January 2, 2013 - UNEDITED:

November 21, 2012 - Questions & Answers - UNEDITED:

November 7, 2012 - UNEDITED: Build-up Buy-in Acquisition Strategy Content plus answers to a variety of great questions.

October 17, 2012 - Questions & Answers.

October 3, 2012 - Content plus answers to a variety of great questions.

September 19, 2012 - Questions & Answers.

September 5, 2012 - Remembering Dr. Rodney Burge, Update on Partners in Business Acquisition and Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool (MEITT) and Multiple Entity Income Transfer System (MEITS), Answers to a variety of great questions.

August 15, 2012 - Introduction to Partners in Business Acquisition (PIBA) plus Questions & Answers.

August 1, 2012 - Financial Institutions - How to Get Traditional Sources of Funding to Back Your Project - Review of Workbook Section J. Sources include: Commercial Bank; Venture Capitalist; SBA including grant, direct loan, guaranteed Bank loan , SBIC and MESBIC; Finance Company (asset-based loan); Savings & Loan; Thrift & Loan; Insurance Company; Pension Fund; Hedge Fund; Investment Banker; Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Banker. Plus the various types of funding provided by each type of institutional source.

July 18, 2012 - Poll on President Barack Obama's statements that others are responsible for an entrepreneur's success and "If you got a business…you didn’t build that. Somebody else built that." Presentation by Chris Webb on building business credit. Update on the readiness and use of the Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool (MEITT).

June 20, 2012 - How to Find the Right Business for You plus various Questions & Answers

Search Words & Phrases: How to find the right business; Doing a Self-Analysis Using the Funnel Approach; Matching Yourself to a Business; Sifting Quickly through the Entire Universe of Businesses; Using Standard Industrial Classification Codes; Using the North American Industrial Classification System; Narrowing the field for the best ownership opportunities; Targeting a specific business to buy; The importance of the Motivated Seller; Developing Your Business Criteria; Using RMA Annual Statement Studies & BizStats; Criteria for Starting and Expanding a business; Getting a Business Broker Enthusiastically Working for you; Finding businesses online; Using insider sources and methods to find businesses to buy; Using Direct Mail to line up business purchases; Tapping the Bankruptcy Court for whole or partial businesses; Qualifying and vetting the business for sale; Building Cosmic Bond using the 10 Questions; Prying out hidden assets & liabilities using the 10 Questions; Building credibility using the 10 Questions; Checklist for Starting a Business from Scratch; Checklist for Expanding an Existing Business; Links for every business research need; Example of use of 10 Questions; Q: How to build up business credit?; Q: Should I become a business broker to get listing for me to buy?; Q: Should I work for a private equity company to get experience?

June 6, 2012 - Getting Venture Capital for Any Business Type; Exploiting the Roll-up Acquisition Strategy; and Getting Incredible Results Using Bizar Financing Resource Center Links and Other Internet Search Tools and Industry Specific Websites

Search Words & Phrases: Rollup, Venture Capital & Research; Tools & resources to help find venture capital; Guide to use of Bizar Financing Resource Center; Profiting from today’s ease of doing research; Guide to 500+ links to venture capital sources; Improving your chances of getting funded; Understanding the nature & realities of VC’s; Getting on the inside track to Venture Capital firms; Importance of the Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR); What Venture Capital will cost you; Early Stage funding alternatives to Venture Capital; Why nothing happens without Access; Access – How to get it; Rollup Acquisition Strategy; What is a Rollup, how it works & how to do one; Rollup vs. Modified Aggregation; Rollup examples; Replication through Franchise Prototype; Starting your Rollup using a Work-in; Q: What if your only skill is seeing opportunities?; Q: How to protect your ideas & make them pay off?; Q: How do I find a computer programmer/coder?; More insights into gaining Access; More insights into profiting from research; Using Centers of Influence

May 16, 2012 - Outsource Everything even Ownership of the Business plus various Questions & Answers

Search Words & Phrases: Intro to Outsource Everything… Even Ownership; Explanation of One hour presentation on MEITT including Link; Link to Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool; Outsource Everything… Even Ownership – Strategy & Structure; Personally Bank Lots of Cash; Puts and Calls – Guaranteeing right to sell or buy; Qualifying for Capital Gains Taxes vs. Taxes on Ordinary Income; Getting paid earnings dollar-for-dollar or a multiple of earnings; Most effective ways to get money out of a business; Getting Royalty income; Definition of “Hollywood Net”; Maintaining Control of Intellectual Property (IP) via Licensing; Advantages of Outsourcing Ownership; Structure of Outsource Everything Business Model; Use of Joint Ventures (JV’s); Using the Internet for Research; Possible Outsourcing Scenarios; Sources of Outsourcing Everything Deals; Developing Your Core Competency & Skill Sets; Adding Value vs. Just Buying and Selling; Using Puts & Calls to Protect Against Minority Ownership Issues; Examples of Outsource Everything Structures & Strategies; Inventors as Key Targets for Outsource Everything Strategies; How & Where to find Inventors; ReCap & Expansion of Outsource Everything Strategy & Structure; Jumping on a Technique that Gets Your Juices Flowing; Handling the Free Time You Have After Outsourcing Everything; Real Business of Every Entrepreneur; Pre-conceived Structure vs. Flexibility with Diverse Techniques; Value of Swagger and Self-confidence; How Special YOU Are as an Entrepreneur ; Evolution as the Process to Procreate the Phenomenal; Examples of Work-Ins to Outsource Everything Business Model; Using a Put to Protect Your Minority Interest in a Work-In; Taking Your Lumps, Learning & Moving On; Building Up Your Entrepreneur’s Tool Kit; Funding Sources; Using the Bizar Financing Ten Questions to Build Cosmic Bond; Risk Elimination Tool Preview to Minimize Risk & Maximize Reward; Risk Taking vs. Risk Mitigation & Risk Management

May 2, 2012 - Building Your Foundation to Support Unstoppable Success - Review of Section A1 The Psychology of Business Success (Part 1) - How to get from where you are now to where you want to go

Search Words & Phrases: Building your foundation for entrepreneurial greatness; Review of Six Business Buyer Stoppers; Poll to determine future webinar content; Intro to psychology of business success; Investing in yourself; Characteristics of an entrepreneur; Reawakening your dream & passion; Greed vs. being of service; Value of repetition; Why 98% fail to achieve financial security; Unlock your dream; Discover what you love most; See how important & special you are; Set goals; Determining where you are now by self-evaluation; How goal setting can change your life; How to write an effective goal; Setting deadlines; Subconscious mind as ally of the goal setter; How the subconscious works through programs & filters; Using your subconscious to create wealth; Your most valuable possession is your self-image; The entrepreneur's self-image; Make plans; The 5 "W's" and 2 "H's"; Take action; Fear can be overcome by knowledge & practice; Sustain commitment; Check alignment; Summary – Points to write on your wall; Think beyond the purchase or start-up; Q&A; Member review of high points; Q: How to use a criteria with a business broker?; Q: Where to get RMA Annual Statement Studies?; Using acquisition in same field as base company; Bizar Financing as a process not an event; Using Bizar Financing to create great wealth

April 18, 2012 - Discussions with Members on their projects and a variety of Questions & Answers

Search Words & Phrases: Feedback on April 4, 2012 webinar; Follow-up mailing to sellers who turned down your offer; Guerrilla Fund Raising Techniques for early stage businesses; Turning whatever resources are available into cash now; Creating info products from what you know & selling on web; Old school hustling for start-up cash; Bootstrapping; Monetize every opportunity; Creating content and getting exposure on the internet; Working towards not working; Owning the rails & letting others worry about trains arriving on time; Delegating as means of leveraging other people; Delegate effectively; Using the Cloud effectively in business; Know where you’re going; Use being wrong to find the right direction; Imagine yourself as already what you want to be; Outsource Everything and Build a Virtual Company; Leaving your job to become and entrepreneur ; Buying a business versus starting from scratch; Transforming your job into a business of your own; Outsource Everything as the ultimate business leverage strategy; Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life; Fix & Flip under-performing businesses; Leverage through licensing & franchising; Going Public, Cash-on-Cash or Revenue Participation financing; Getting in the door to speak directly with sellers; Gaining access through owner’s personal assistant; Getting past the gatekeeper; Sources for finding Investors; Questions to ask lenders & investors to save time & get better results; Getting the Law of Numbers working for you; Using your 401K to start or buy your business… or not; Update on Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool (MEITT);Pro’s & Con’s of MEITT Opportunity

March 21, 2012 - Various Questions & Answers

Search Words & Phrases: Structure & navigation of the Webinar Library; Instructions for April 4, 2012 Webinar Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool Webinar Support Documents; Q: Any updates to the Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool?; Announcement on restructure of webinars for more content, less Q&A; Q: Must you disclose possible future conflicts of interest to investors?; Q: Who are the best investors and how do you find them?; Q: How long does it take to raise investor funding?; Q: How to connect with foreign inventors?; question on chunky cash flow; question on asset protection; Q: Should new businesses be put in separate entities?; Q: How can I provide investors with tax advantages or savings?; Q: Can AdvisorLine provide intros to resources i.e. tax experts?; Q: What kind of expenses are acceptable to investors?; Q: Should you use Executive Summary or Loan Package for investors?; Q: What amount of return (ROI) do you need to show an investor?; Q: How do you find the best talent (employees) for your business?; Reasons to change webinar structure to more content, less Q&A

Mar 7, 2012 - Case study of the acquisition of a product line used to establish a new company. Check out the links underneath the video player on the webinar page for the documentation referred to in this video.

Search Words & Phrases: Case Study – Starting a Company by Purchase of a Product Line; Description of Opportunity; Questions for the Seller; Framing & Positioning the Purchase; Negotiation Strategy; Seller’s Information & Pro Forma; Using the Business Price Calculator to Determine Value; Buyer’s Cover Letter & Term Sheet; Memo of Phone Call with Seller; Revised Term Sheet Showing Response of Seller to Phone Call; Analysis of Seller’s Response & Buyer’s Cash Flow Analysis; Revised Revised Term Sheet from Buyer; Review & Comments on the Transaction; Q: Did complex offer help build Cosmic Bond with Seller?; Key: Partnering & JV to expand your capabilities; Key: Every deal needs an irresistible “Selling Proposition”; Getting the most value from this webinar session; Q: When and where are Webinars available to review?; Q: Where are the documents supporting this webinar?; Q: Where did the questions to ask the sell come from?

February 15, 2012 - Various Questions, Answers and Hot Seat Challenges

Search Words & Phrases: Metaphysics & problem solving; Non-disclosure Agreement - Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool; Updating of Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool and its features; What updated Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool will do; 2 ways Bizar Financing makes you money, consulting & your business; Getting business owners to give up equity using Phantom Stock; Access to all Relight America business growth tools; Hedge fund source of swing loan, asset-based & equity financing; Eliminating need for double escrow; 100% business purchase financing; New Risk Elimination Tool; Where to get 100% business purchase funding; How to overcome broker (or seller) demand for proof of funds; Eliminate proof of credibility before seller will give financials; Explanation of Gordon’s animated style for answering questions; How to acquire service business in bad economy - no money down; Why Terms are sometimes more important than Price; How to build “Cosmic Bond” and why it is important; How to overcome fear & indecision; Caught in the vortex of fear & how to escape; Converting negatives into positives; Partnering or Joint Venturing with your personality opposite; The power of persistence & tenacity; Hot Seat Challenge: Get client ready for Bizar Financing; Upscale your clients for higher income & greater wealth creation; Increasing your credentials & credibility by working jointly with a pro, Leverage today’s communication tech over on location meetings; Meeting your client’s wants and nothing more; When is effort for your client a waste of your time?; The process for ferreting out your client’s real wants; Personality Styles – Minimize resistance, maximize cooperation

Feb 1, 2012 - Entrepreneur Stages of Development and Success Continuum; plus challenge solving sessions with individual members.

Search Words & Phrases: Interview – Bob Garrett – Anatomy of a Business Success; Explanation of the Entrepreneur Success Continuum; How to Use the Continuum to Chart Your Business Growth; Offer to help participants overcome their current challenge; Jeff Hansen - Conquering the Challenge of Leveraging Resources; Overcoming disadvantages of not having entrepreneurial parents; Conquering the Fear Factor; Jim Judson – Using technology to benefit from a bad economy; Hank Sprintz – Tapping into your passion to power growth; Expunging your concern for Failure as a part of the process; Incorporating your business offshore and tax savings; Review of the Entrepreneur Success Continuum

January 18, 2012 - Questions and Answers on Multiple Entity Excel Spreadsheet tool plus answers to other business questions

Search Words & Phrases: Multiple Entity Tool, P&L and Balance Sheet enhancement, Convert sweat equity into its cash equivalent, Satisfying lenders and investors, Tax deferral, reduction & elimination, Earning consulting income, Consulting to acquire equity in a company, Creating cash using tax loss carry-back, Generating cash flow, Q: How to get clients to pay up front?, Business yields to creativity, Saving taxes - top on business owner priority list, Q: How do we generate a tax loss carry-back?, Demonstration using Multiple Entity Tool, Differences in updated version, Demonstration - generating a tax loss carry-back, Benefits of Multiple Entity Tool, Preview of Multiple Entity Tool next version, More Benefits of Multiple Entity Tool, Justifying tax savings by business purpose, Creating a separate webinar just for Multiple Entity Tool, How far this tool has developed in just 40 days, Update on member’s engine manufacturing project, Benefits of members staying connected to Bizar Financing, Q: Does Multiple Entity Tool work internationally? Q: What version(s) of tool are available on website?, Future training for use of Multiple Entity Tool, Q: Which is better for turnarounds, acquisition or internal improvement?

January 4, 2012 - Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool including Conversion of Sweat Equity into Cash Equivalent.

Search Words & Phrases: What’s new for 2012 – Active webinar learning; Consulting using Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool; Webinar participation Best Practices; Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool training; Orientation showing layout of tool sections; Splitting your screen & working along; Revisions, Versions, Disclaimer, Instructions & License for use; Where to download Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool; Opening tool in Excel 2003, 2007, 2010; Intensive training using Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool; Input Master tab; Set Bill Amount tab; Set Income Amount tab; Sweat Equity tab; Demonstration tab; Creating Sweat Equity & deferring tax liability; PowerPoint on turning sweat equity in cash equivalent; Using Sweat Equity tab to follow PowerPoint example; How Excel calculates the values (now found on Detail tab), Earning a high cash income using tool for consulting; What this tool can do for you as a business owner; Bonus session on creating excel spreadsheet with tool as model

December 21, 2011 - Brief 20 minute webinar during Holiday Season to address error in webinar notifications and answer questions for those who logged on

Search Words & Phrases: Explanation of short webinar session for Christmas holiday; Introduction of new Multiple Entity Sweat Equity & Tax Tool; Discussion on buying companies out of bankruptcy and businesses filing Chapter 7 & Chapter 11

December 7, 2011 - Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool.

Search Words & Phrases: Introduction to Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool; Using Excel to create dynamic business tools; IRS Form 4506-T & verification of a tax return; Asking the “10 Questions” & getting financials, building “Cosmic Bond” & credibility; using Excel to build dynamic business tools; Where to email comments & questions; Using Bizar Financing as business buyer, consult, entrepreneur or business broker; Converting real estate investors into business investors; Insights gained from age; Repetition of business cycles; Announcement - frequency of workbook updates; More ways to create wealth with Bizar Financing; Q: Is the bigger opportunity helping buyers of sells?; Q: What’s happening with business brokers in the current economy?; Q: What about sellers who hold out for higher value?; Amassing great wealth as a person in the middle or middleman; Q: Whether to be a deal maker or business operator?; Taking action; Case studies and finding your passion; SMARIC as good strategy for multiple interest entrepreneurs; Planning your success for the New Year; Putting your plan into action

November 16, 2011 - Answers to frequently asked questions on use of Bizar Financing resources and extensive Hot Seat session on Finding the Right Business.

Search Words & Phrases: FAQ on Bizar Financing features including the following: Research Center including searching links to business resources; Blog as short lessons on business success & how to search; Tools including how to search for them and in them; Webinar Library including how organized, how to search & use it; Poll – Should we do a webinar training on creating Excel spreadsheets; Bizar Financing Sections – How organized, how to access & use; Example using Section G Workbook, audios, videos & Excel tools Mastermind Session participation; Q: How can foreign companies do business in US, Q: How do you find small & medium-size companies to acquire; Hot Seat - How to find right business for you thru deal closing; Mastermind & Hot Seat participant commentary; Participating in future Mastermind Sessions; You are brilliant, a trillion-to-one shot, how stress enhances you; How participants see Bizar Financing & how they get value; Q: How to verify a company’s tax return.

November 2, 2011 - Strategy & Structure with Multiple Entities.

Search Words & Phrases: Entrepreneur Paradox – Three Entity Structure for turning sweat capital into cash equity; Example of tax elimination using 2 companies (1 accrual, 1 cash); Q: Do the entities have to be in the same state?; Sample proposal for JV strategy dividing functions over multiple entities; Q: What determines when complexity is justified?; Complexity vs. simplicity; Benefits vs. costs analysis; Q: Do these strategies trigger tax audits? What rules should be followed?; Q: How change in tax law effect strategies (example flat tax)?; How to search the webinar library for content and time codes; How to make learning this into a game

October 19, 2011 - Extensive Question & Answer Session including Business Price Calculator, start-up of a technology manufacturing company, buying baby boomer owned businesses, reducing or elimination taxes for both buyers and sellers, benefits of accrual vs cash accounting for improving cash flow, use of multiple entities to improve competitiveness, protecting IP with provisional patents, licensing as financial leverage, global business opportunities and unique business success tips

October 5, 2011 - Cash Flow Engineering

September 21, 2011 - Extensive Question & Answer Session including promoting your sales, what's working and what's not working in the current marketplace, how to benefit from our mastermind capabilities and solve any business challenge

September 7, 2011 - Use of the Blog, Blog Content, Collection of Accounts Receivable

August 17, 2011 - Extensive Question & Answer Session including success strategies during the bad economy & turning crisis into opportunity

August 3, 2011 - Work-ins, Money Talent Takeovers, Variation #3 Buyouts, Justifying your share of a Money Talent Takeover

July 20, 2011 - Extensive Question & Answer Session including section on overcoming fear and getting, selecting your industry, targeting your your specific company and executing your first purchase.

July 6, 2011 - Recruit, train and use Bird Dogs to generate deal flow for acquiring businesses or consulting clients

June 15, 2011 - Extensive Question & Answer Session

June 1, 2011 - Get Credit for Sweat Equity Capital Using Corporate Structures

May 18, 2011 - Topics Covered - Letters of Intent (LOI's); Minimum return for business purchases, EBITDA; What businesses to go into; Octavio's Aggregation approach; Buying auto dealerships and parts houses; Cash Flow Engineering; Purchase Resort Hotels using SMARIC; Long-Term Bond Rate and Business Price Calculator; and Benefits of reviewing case studies in Section M

May 4, 2011 - Doable Deal Analyzer and Continuation of Dolphin Swallows Whale Example

April 20, 2011 - Extensive Question & Answer Session

April 6, 2011 - Business Price Calculator and Beginning of Dolphin Swallows Whale Example

March 16, 2011 - Extensive Question & Answer Session

March 2, 2011 - Essential Elements of Business Success: Complete Review of Bizar Pro

AdvisorLine Calls & Online Meetings

April 22, 2014 Alfred Angelo - AdvisorLine call between Gordon Bizar and Alfred Angelo showing a great sales/marketing promotional idea and its significance to the type of companies a person should look to acquire

February 15, 2012 Jeff Hansen - AdvisorLine call between Gordon Bizar and Jeff Hansen on Using the Business Price Calculator and Buying Out Your Employer

September 26, 2011 Steve Petty - AdvisorLine call between Gordon Bizar and Steve Petty

September 07, 2011 Members from Australia - AdvisorLine call between Gordon Bizar and Members from Australia

May 16, 2011 Steve Petty - AdvisorLine call between Gordon Bizar and Steve Petty

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Special Projects

Aggregation Interview - Gordon Bizar explains Aggregation in detail during his interview with Chris Howard at conference in Belize

Eleven Most Important Things That I Learned During a Half Century In Business Presented live by Gordon Bizar to 286 of Dale Beaumont's Business Blueprint members in Sydney, Australia

MEITT Overview - Gordon Bizar explains in detail the Multiple Entity Income Transfer Tool (MEITT) for the benefit of Attorneys, Accountants, Business Owners and Affiliates

MEITS Presentation Video - Gordon Bizar presents the Multiple Entity Income Transfer System (MEITS) for the benefit of Business Owner prospective clients

MERIT Presentation February 2013 - Gordon Bizar presents the Multiple Entity Reciprocal Income Transfer (MERIT) System for the benefit of Business of Business Owners and their Professionals

PIBA Introduction Webinar November 2017 - Gordon Bizar presents Partners in Business Acquisition (PIBA) to Executives, Consultants and other Business Professionals

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Regulation and Red Tape

Getting Government Regulators Off Your Back

Nothing frustrates a business owner more than an inspection by a government regulator, especially where the written report finds significant violations of hard to understand...
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Every week I receive more than a dozen requests for a personal meeting. Despite my current work week of about 70 hours, it is no...