Pro Webinar 101 May 6, 2015

Another Way of Thinking About Your Deal Flow Network: APS - Chicago Startup Process with Fabian and Cold Calling Process Review

Time Code
0;00;00 Sign on message
0;00;10 Chicago Results and How You Can Repeat these Successes
0;00;45 Black Rhino Financial (Chicago) Overview and Methodology
0;02;28 Fabian Harris… Cosmic Bond laid the foundation of relationship
0;03;08 Black Rhino (BR): 200 Clients, small to $70M Revenue
0;03;30 1. BR told their Single Income Stream now doesn’t serve clients best
0;03;51 2. Suggestion Made to Grow Internally, Help Clients, via Acquisition
0;04;43 3. BR as Analyticals needed to see information, projections, etc.
0;04;56 4. Client Appreciation Dinner Keynote Speaker created Demand
0;06;02 5. BR scheduled 1:1 meetings with ten Clients and Gordon
0;06;36 ~Clients’ Business Model were enhanced via Acquisition Strategies
0;06;45 ~ 9+ Clients Enthusiasm Galvanized APS in market, at BR, and the 9
0;07;27 ~That Turning Point caused Ernest Negotiations with NDFC
0;08;15 6. Net Net: BR is NDFC Client & they have 3 Clients engaged in APS
0;08;20 Client A – Optometrist w/ 40 locations in upscale $60M business
0;08;48 ~Owner wants to Double in Two Years via Acquisitions in Midwest
0;09;58 Client B – Electrical Contractor with 25 year business & $15M Revenue
0;10;12 ~Owner to Retire in 2-3 Years via Succession Plan and Estate Planning
0;10;50 Client C – High End Printer of Fortune 500 Corporate Documents $65M
0;11;22 ~Owner wants to Acquire and Dominate Supply Chain, Distributors, IT
0;11;41 ~Has Aggressive Goal of being $100M in One Year, possibly too fast
0;13:07 Q – BR targets clients (Grow via Acquisition; Boomers) plus Dream 100
0;18;23 Dream 100 is a New $75M Client to the APS firm, a big win
0;19;35 Q – Fabian Positioned by Grace & Perseverance via Gatekeeper
0;23;06 First seek out an Internal Champion & Help Them Succeed with You
0;24;40 Q – Relationship Formed via 1. Scarcity (of Fabian Personally) &
0;26;35 Q – 2. Clarity that BR and NDFC Complement Each Other vs. Competes
0;28;26 Remember – Accountants believe that they are already M&A experts
0;29;48 APS M&A Experience, History & Infrastructure trumps just Knowledge
0;34;15 Q – How did Internal Relationship get developed? $1T Wealth Transfer
0;36;55 Q – Banks today are tight on Loans & Expansion, APS is a Solution
0;38;09 BR Division Head is taking the lead to bring new business to APS Rep
0;39;51 BR Division Head takes part in APS MasterMind calls – We Partnered!
0;41;40 Fabian appreciated for Great Work and Openness to Grow Personally
0;42;40 Mentoring under Gordon helped Strategy balance Tactical Whims
0;45;00 Fabian’s Closing Remarks – APS Preeminence Strategy is Valid
0;46;54 Q – BR Division/Affiliate/Department brings Fabian to clients
0;48;45 Q – Client pays NDFC as an Affiliate/Contractor to APS Client
0;50;00 Q – Testimonials & Endorsements could possibly replace Big Event
0;52;28 Q – A Newsletter could Nurture Interest in APS Service Benefits
0;53;50 Problem Solving, Proof of Concept Client Meetings Succeed too
0;55;25 Q – Bring Gordon in when the Prospect is Ready yet Not Sure on “Yes”
0;56;20 10 Client’s “w/o a Black Rhino Solution” booked prior to the event
0;58;22 Q – Be Charming and Court Gatekeeper to help Visit Timing and Goals
1;02;12 Q – How to Cold-call to Start Up with a New Accounting Firm
1;05;12 Q – BR Evangelist In-place freed up Fabian to Approach New Markets
1;07;27 Q – Fabian manages BR via Secretary at BR and Travels by Plane
1;09;05 Cold Call with a Strong Value Proposition and make $Millions
1;16;16 Beginning of signoff message