planning a successful acquisition

get stellar results just like the pro's!

Acquisition Planning

Gordon guides you through the acquisition planning process he uses to get stellar results for Bizar Financing Partners in Business Acquisition. In his celebrated style, he breaks down a sophisticated and complex process into clear understandable steps that Bizar Financing members can follow and implement.

Here are the five main questions that must be answered by the acquiring company to optimize its acquisition results.

  1. Where are we?
  2. Where are we going?
  3. Who is going there?
  4. What acquisition team skill sets and core competencies are we missing?
  5. What are the lines of authority for decision making?

These simple questions are further broken down into dozens of component questions that further clarify the process. All the extraneous and the confusing have been squeezed out enabling Bizar Financing members to focus their efforts only on what matters.

An outline of the entire process is available by download to support your learning and implementation.

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