Crowd Funding with Dr. Letitia Wright

Getting Our Act Together with John Beaton

  • Building Your Clientele
    • Find Prospects
    • Check to see if they meet the Criteria
    •   Ask the questions
  • Crowdfund their Business
  • Upsell ScaleForce™ Services
  • Earning Income and Equity
    • Dr. Letitia Wright
    • Criteria for candidates
    • Presentation package
    • Onboarding package
    • Compensation plan
    • USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
    • CRAN (Compelling Reason to Act Now)
  • Example: SMARIC plus Buildup Buy-in
    • Saving community hospitals failing due to COVID-19
    • Orderlies purchase of the failing hospital they worked for and how they made it thrive
  • Q & A
Regulation and Red Tape

Getting Government Regulators Off Your Back

Nothing frustrates a business owner more than an inspection by a government regulator, especially where the written report finds significant violations of hard to understand...
Close up of business woman drawing question mark


Every week I receive more than a dozen requests for a personal meeting. Despite my current work week of about 70 hours, it is no...