Business after COVID – Eyes Wide Open

Facing up to reality…  What next?   Die, Survive or Thrive?

Here is what you will learn:

  • To Solve a great challenge…
    • Be willing to face the facts
    • Acknowledge your blind spots
    • Ask the right questions
    • Know your enemy
    • Develop your success plan
    • Take on the good, the bad and the ugly
    • Do not quit short of victory
  • The Legacy of COVID-19
    • Many small businesses have been crushed
    • Continued lock downs will crush more
    • $15 minimum wage will crush more
    • Higher Federal taxes will crush more
    • Higher state taxes will crush more
    • More bureaucracy& regulation will crush more
    • The Green New Deal will crush more
    • Energy Policy will crush more
    • This is likely to go on for at least 2 more years
  • 4 Years of Biden – Harris Administration
    • Government Policies
    • National Movements
    • Economic Trends
    • Demographic Trends
  • At least
  • 2 Years of Democrat Controlled House & Senate
    • What does this mean for my business?
    • What will die, reduce, or disappear?
    • What are the opportunities?
  • Marriage of Big Government & Big Business
    • Power of Big Tech
    • Big Business drive toward cheap labor
    • Big Business embrace of regulation
    • Bureaucracy stifles the little guy
    • Financial markets favor Big Business
    • Government and Big Business Borrowing suck up all the capital to the exclusion of small business
Big Corporations are No Longer US Companies
  • Globalism
    • Where will critical decisions be made?
    • By whom?
    • To what end?

Outsourcing of jobs to China, India, and other low wage, low regulation countries will continue to hollow out middle class jobs, the businesses that employ them and the communities that harbor them.

  • Education
    • Public education will accelerate its failure to adequately train workforce-ready graduates
    • Higher non-education will accelerate its failure to provide business knowledge and skills further undermining US competitiveness
    • School lockdowns may ease but anything less than fully open impairs parents' ability to fully participate in the workforce
  • Labor Policy
    • $15 minimum wage
    • Imported cheap foreign labor (H-B1 Visas)
    • Cheap immigrant labor
    • High health insurance costs
  • Continued Lock Downs
    • Many small businesses cannot survive
    • Unemployment domino effect expands
    • Communities wither, some all but die
  • Energy Policy
    • Reduction in fossil fuels eliminating US energy independence building foreign competition
    • Higher energy costs further undermining US competitiveness
    • Reduced dependability of solar and wind means more disruption of domestic business output
  • Federal Taxes
    • Higher business income taxes
    • Higher personal income taxes
    • Return to high estate taxes
  • Blue State Taxes vs Red State
    • Business and personal income taxes
    • Sales taxes
    • Property taxes
    • Unemployment taxes
    • Inheritance taxes
  • Open Boarders
    • More spread of COVID
    • Flood of low wage workers
    • More unemployed minorities
    • More stress on schools & healthcare
    • More drugs ravaging real people
    • More people dependent on government
  • What does these mean for my business?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • Where you live and work matters
    • Red states more favorable to small business
    • Mass migration from blue to red states
    • Labor follows availability of jobs
    • More welfare required in blue states
    • Lower tax base
    • Higher taxes
    • More movement from blue to red states
    • Blue states decline
    • Red states progress despite federal anchor
  • In this environment…
    • What businesses will die?
    • What businesses will survive?
    • What businesses will thrive?
    • What is your success plan?
  • What is the future of business acquisition?
    • What does this mean for my business?
    • What are the opportunities?
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