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Update of Strategies, Tactics & Methods


  1. Broker NDA No-No's
    • Dangerous provisions most business brokers bury in their non-disclosure agreements
    • Provisions that a buyer should add
    • When to sign and when not
  2. Entity Acquisition IRC § 338 Write-off Rules
    • How to deduct the full purchase price of your acquisition from future taxable income
  3. Acquisition vs Restructure
    • Eliminating the lender's 10% or more cash "skin in the game" requirement
  4. Acquisition vs Management Buyout
    • Another way to eliminate the lender's cash "skin in the game" requirement
  5. Found Money by Steve Wilkinghoff
    • Making your new acquisition more profitable... quickly
    • Making your existing business more profitable... quickly as well
  6. Adding Value to Acquisitions (or Existing Businesses)
    • Finding Fast Cash giving you a Bigger Bank Balance
    • Monetize Intellectual Property (IP)
    • Adopting Disruptive 21st Century Business Models
      • Strategic Aggregation
      • Technology  Facilitated Platform
    • Add profit by applying your core competencies, experience and skill sets
      • Sales & Marketing
      • Purchasing
      • Production
      • Research & Development
      • Acquisition
      • Finance
      • Scaling for Growth
      • Rollups
Regulation and Red Tape

Getting Government Regulators Off Your Back

Nothing frustrates a business owner more than an inspection by a government regulator, especially where the written report finds significant violations of hard to understand...
Close up of business woman drawing question mark


Every week I receive more than a dozen requests for a personal meeting. Despite my current work week of about 70 hours, it is no...