The two most important words in the English language for anyone who wants to know more about anything are “Google Everything”. Actually it was a close race where “Google Everything” barely edged out two other two word phrases for the title. The other phrases were; “Google It” and “Think Google.” No matter which phrase you like best, you would be well advised to burn it into your personal lexicon and make Googling a habit.

Googling is simply the easiest and fastest way to put the world of information literally at your finger tips. To be an expert Googler – “Think Key Words.” Just ask yourself; what are the most important and descriptive words that identify the item or issue of concern? Then go to, enter the words in the little box in the center of your screen and voila, the world at your finger tips.

Stop reading this for about 10 seconds. Put a link to Google in the lowest right hand corner of your computer screen (or other place where you can easily click on it no matter what else you are actively working on). Go ahead. Do it, right now!

Now you can be brilliant no matter who calls you, no matter what they ask.

Now you can be in the middle of drafting any document or correspondence and within seconds you can find or confirm any needed fact, quote, source, outlet, name, explanation, authority, instruction, alternative…the list is endless.

Now everyone is coming to you for answers, because answers come to you so easily and so quickly, why should they take the time to work things out. Oops! Not a good thing for a person whose time is valuable. So pass on this Blog item to anyone who asks too many questions.

Is it really that simple, that fast and that accurate? Well, almost. Enough so that it’s worth forming the Googling habit. As you get better at discerning the key words to enter and as Googling becomes second nature, you will appreciate both its value and limitation.

PS If your kid asks you one day; Mommy (Daddy), why is the sky blue? Take them to the computer. Have them click on the Google link. Have them enter the key words – why sky blue. Then ask them to read and react to what comes up on the screen. Just for fun, try it right now and see what comes up. Pretty cool, ha. Empower your kids and everyone else around you. Share the Googling habit.

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